Stockpile Overstock

Last night we made our weekly grocery trip to Publix and did pretty good on savings (78%) considering we didn't need much except produce and milk. It was our last shopping of the month and we came in a little over budget. We spent $219, but saved $766 so our overall savings was 78% for the month. But you know if you're a couponer that to get these type of savings you need to buy lots of stuff that is free or a moneymaker, and this stuff may or may not be something you want or need.

We have come to the point where we have enough. We got a shelf to finally store our stockpile off the floor, and it is already full. The secondary freezer we got on craigslist at the beginning of the month is also full. So for the next month or so we're going to live off our stockpile. We've been giving away cereal, Shout, Pop tarts, toilet bowl cleaner, Ajax and A1 sauce to friends and neighbors but we still have a bunch. The box of stuff to go to the food shelf is full, and we gave away a backpack full of school supplies to a local elementary.

This couponing stuff is addicting and I'm struggling to control my urges to get the best deal. I read on blogs about super shops where others spend pennies to get over $100 worth of stuff. But who really needs 20 bottles of steak sauce? Not me. I try to be considerate of others who may want to buy that product, and not clear out the inventory just because I have coupons. What about the hard to find, or seldom restocked stuff that someone may really need? In my opinion, some of the couponers out there need therapy - they go way overboard. I admit I get more stuff than I need or have room for, but I like to think its giveaway stuff that makes others happy. But what about the stuff that I still have after I've given it away to everyone we know?

So here are my new rules to buy something with a coupon:
1. Its something we use regularly and we're out of supply, or less than one months usage.
2. Its a moneymaker with coupons, at least $0.50.
3. If its free w coupon, we will use the product and our current supply is not excessive.
4. Only one shop per week for groceries, no repeat trips.
5. Avoid walgreens, CVS purchases w/RR or ECB's rebates, these really aren't free. Also stick to maximum one trip per week.

My goal is to spend less than $200 next month, but I expect we could spend less than $100. We'll see, check back then.
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