My Publix Trip - Gas Card Deal

my publix trip 09/06/2013

I'm really struggling with couponing these days, it is so depressing to see the same items on sale as earlier this year, but the coupons just don't get the price to where it used to be. The cat and dog treats are just not going to happen for me this week, or possibly not any time soon. I also hate just getting one or two gas cards when the deal comes along, when I used to get at least a dozen each sale last year. Oh well, time will heal.

I did find both fillers vitamins and toothbrushes this time so I am able to hold off on getting cereal and Mrs. Pauls fish fillets for my next trip. And the rest of the salad fixins we'll need. I used a raincheck for the Purina One dog food since the flavor my dog has decided she loves was out last week when it was on sale. I have one more raincheck but its a big hit to the pocket book ($30) for dog food, plus the $40 for the gas card.

I spent $61 today, and saved $60, so it was about 50% savings.

How To Transfer Your Domain Name From Google Blogger (Enom) To GoDaddy

If you created your blog on Blogger and let them set up your domain, you probably have this same situation. Last month my domain name was due for renewal from Bloggers' chosen registrant ENOM. Enom will only renew for one year at a time, and you have to pay through Google Wallet. There is no account you can access to change any settings for preferences, so it is what it is.
In order to pay my $10 domain registration renewal fee, Google first wanted my social security number and a copy of my Driver License or Passport. WTF. Not. They already had my credit card, but that wasn't good enough, apparently. So, I decided to extricate myself out of the Google sandbox a little bit.

Anyway, here is how to transfer your domain name to another registrar, I picked Godaddy.
  • Once you have determined you have Enom as your registrar by either reading it in your past renewal or the email telling you a renewal is upcoming, you need to go to and enter your domain name. Leave the password field blank (because you don't know yours) and Click Login. Then the screen will refresh and give you the option to have your password emailed to you. It will be emailed to the account where the domain is registered.
  • Once you receive your password in your email, you need to send an email request to unlock your account, and to get an authorization number to transfer to another registrar. Send the email to and include your password as proof you own the account.
  • Later that same day, Enom will email you with an authorization number after they have unlocked your account.
  • Now get a Godaddy promo code to get a discount on your domain transfer, google search to find a code. My domain only cost $2.49 for a year with a code I found for Godaddy.
  • Log into or create a Godaddy account, and under Products one of the choices is domain transfer. Enter your name, and pay the transfer fee and wait for them to send you an email. Make sure to use the same email account you had with Enom.
  • In your email from Godaddy they will send you an ID and security code. You also have your authorization email from Enom. These are needed to take the next step. This probably will happen right away the same day.
  • In your Godaddy account, click "Authorize Transfer" and enter your authorization code from Enom, your ID and security code from Godaddy. Click Launch. Now wait.
  • Wait 7 days for the email that says your domain has been transfered. Your site will continue to be live. When you get the transfer confirmation, you will need to log into Godaddy again and change your DNS nameservers so that your domain is pointed to the blogger host. If you are not comfortable doing this sort of thing, just call Godaddy and their techical support staff will know how and talk you through the whole thing.
  • The new nameservers can be found on google, but they are
  • Wait up to another 48 hours for this change to take effect. Your site may be down or not found during this time. I know that is a scarry thing, but you'll live.
I was kind of a hassle to go through this, but I feel it was worth it to be able to control my domain name and renew for several years too. I'm certainly not experienced in domain stuff, so if I can do it, you can too.


My Publix Trip Saved 90%, Spent $3.30

I'm not really in the groove of grocery shopping and couponing after our trip out of town, but did a partial salad shop today. You'll notice I didn't get any BOGO Publix sale items since the coupons just aren't that great these days. I might buy some feta cheese later this weekend, but I really wanted the Purina One dog food in the large 31 lb bags and my closest store doesn't carry that size. So, I did get some free filler stuff to get my order up to $30 to use a Winn Dixie coupon. I paid $3.30 including tax on all those personal care items, so I saved $35.67 (90%).


The Most Un-Frugal Behavior: Procrastination

Waiting in a long line because you didn't anticipate the large crowd is one thing, but procrastinating purchases is another. If you are unaware that your stockpile is getting low on dog food, or toilet paper - it will cost you more money to get the products you need. If you are planning an overseas trip and need a special cell phone or plan to be able to use your phone in Europe; procrastinating will cost you inconvenience and possibly more money for your International minutes. If you need new glasses before that trip and don't plan your new eye exam and ordering inexpensive glasses online; you'll pay hundreds of dollars more for a pair of eye glasses at the local eye glass store.

All these are examples of how procrastinating can cost you money. It's a smart and frugal behavior to anticipate your needs for replacing or acquiring a product. This way you can watch for a sale, visit online sites and set up alerts for sales, and watch for coupons at vendors you may use.

As for your stockpile inventory at home, never take the last of an item from your shelves without putting that item on your next shopping list. I actually have a threshold level of some things like paper towels (like 10 left) where I'll add it to my grocery tracker app and start looking for deals. Remember, some sales cycles are 12 weeks long, and if an item was just on sale it might not be again for a few months.

Now, I've got to check my stockpile...

10 Frugal Travel Tips

Deep Fried Cheese Curds
We just got back from our annual travel odessey Up North to visit our families and friends. We drove our rental car over 800 miles in ten days and maximized the trip. Between the family get togethers, concerts, State Fair, racing events and time with grandchildren and friends, it was a whirlwind tour. Of course we tried to do it in the most frugal way possible, so here a few tips I would like to share from our travel experience.

1. In the airport and airplane - we packed some granola bars, beef jerky, Diamond almonds and some candy for snacking on the plane and throughout the trip. We also brought along some Starbucks gift cards so we could enjoy a free coffee drink at the airport. Our home airport has free wi-fi so we could have internet while we waited for our plane.

2. Wi-fi - rather than be without Internet on our trip, I opted to pay Sprint a $1 a day to make my smartphone a wifi hotspot for the ten days of our trip. Our relatives who hosted us don't have internet so it was necessary. I also switched domain name registrars this month from Blogger to Godaddy and the switch happened to occur during our trip so I had to have internet to change nameservers. My site was down for a couple days, but I'm glad to say Google doesn't have control over my domain anymore.

3. Pack your favorite foods from your stockpile - Whenever we visit family we have to do our grocery shopping in different stores with different coupon policies. To avoid the frustration of having to pay full price for coffee or peanut butter, we pack it from our stockpile at home. I like to pack a few of the higher priced items that we know we want like coffee, peanut butter, beef jerky, and unique recipe ingredients.

4. Bring hostess gifts from your stockpile - I like to provide personal care items like razors, cleansing wipes, and cosmetics; gift cards, chocolates and candy as hostess gifts for our hosts where we stay. It's always nice to leave a thank you card too with some cash to show your appreciation.

5. Research your rental car discounts - Since we are state employees we can use the Avis rental car state code and get a great deal on rental cars. We paid $19 a day for a new 2014 Toyota Camry, plus taxes. If you don't have a corporate code from your employer, you can find these codes on by searching the forums for "rental car discounts".

6. Rent the cheapest car  - This has never failed us. We rent the subcompact car and when we get to the rental car counter, undoubtedly there are no subcompact cars available so they upgrade the car at no additional charge. Or if they give you a crappy car like a Kia, just say you can't safely see over the hood and want a different car. This works consistently at smaller airports like the ones Southwest Air flys to.

7. Pack Smart - This means pack light. If you can fit your clothes into a carry on bag, you can avoid airline baggage fees. Or you could just fly Southwest where up to 2 bags fly free. But it still makes sense to pack less and just do laundry once on your vacation. Bring your own detergent too. Plan your wardrobe colors to match so each item can be worn more than once. Borrow heavy sweaters and cold weather jackets from your host if the weather turns cold a couple times.

8. Use Local Coupons - Ask your friends and family to buy advance tickets to events if they are significantly cheaper, like the State Fair. Tell them to watch out for coupons for amusement parks and other activities you might be doing with them. Check the internet to find out the deals before hand and if you direct your friends to the deals they might even join you.

9. Bring or Borrow a Cooler - We always pack a small cooler for our trips Up North. It's nice to have water and soda available in your travels, plus if you have food that needs to refrigerated like party dip, beer or restaurant leftovers you can safely carry it around between events.  Use your hosts icemaker ice if you can, but don't be too cheap to buy a bag of ice if you need it. Stay hydrated.

10. Keep Couponing - Ask your hosts for their coupon inserts if you know they don't use them. If you're in a hotel on a Sunday morning, go through the free newspapers in the lobby to get inserts, or if you're stopping at Starbucks theres probably a newspaper there too with inserts.

It's important to remember that you are on vacation, and to take that splurge if you really want. These trips are to make memories and you don't want to have regrets that you were too frugal to spend some money for a wonderful experience.

My Publix Trip $1.06

This week at the grocery store the special is cheap Body Wash. I don't have a picture this time but this is what I got.

8 Dial body wash BOGO $3.95
(4) $2/2 body wash mq 8/4 rp + (1) $5 off $15 pq green adv flyer

4 Sundown vitamin A $3.29
(4) $1/1 mq 8/4 rp + (1) $5/2 pq green adv flyer
$-0.84 MM

4 Brawny paper towels BOGO $1.98
(4) $0.55/1 mq 8-11 rp

2 Tena pads $5.19
(2) $5/1 mq insert

$5/30 Winn Dixie store coupon

Total spent $1.06

Free Hair Cuts for Kids #Tampa

School starts next week and this free offer is available now. Remington College is bringing back their "Cuts for Kids" program in Tampa (and many other cities in the US including Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Nashville, plus more), providing free haircuts for children from August 1 through August 31, 2013.

Ask any parent about getting their kids ready to go back to school and they’ll tell you it can be a costly and time-consuming ordeal. In order to make the process easier, Remington College Cosmetology students, faculty, and staff hold an annual event called "Cuts for Kids" that offers complimentary haircuts for children 17 years of age or younger.

Appointments are recommended, but not necessary. The Remington College located in Tampa is in the Interstate Office Complex at 6302 E. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, near the intersection of I4 (across from McDonalds).

Publix Paid Me to Shop This Week

My Publix trip to the grocery store this week, finds there are a lot of good coupon deals. Some of the good deals are due to stacking coupons (store coupons plus manufacturer coupons) even if the item is regular price, but some of the great store specials also coincide with some coupons available. The store I shopped at today was out of all moneymaker vitamins (Sundown and Nature Made), plus they were out of Almay deodorant, Right Guard Xtreme deodorant and I thought they were out of Tena 14 ct pads because the shelf was empty. But low and behold, way down below a couple shelves, shoved in the back some previous couponer hid some Tena packages. The Tena is not a moneymaker this week, but gets your order up to a coupon threshold for low out of pocket, this week I was trying to reach $50 so I could use the Publix $10 off $50 store coupon that was in the Sunday paper last weekend.

There was plenty of Honey Bunches of Oats because it was just getting unloaded from the delivery truck, I got a few clingwraps and the Lipton Tea moneymaker was fully stocked too. There has been discussion that the cereal $3/2 PQ is not a match for this sale, and I agree the wording is ambiguous. It seems they always forget to add punctuation to coupons, so the coupon does look like it reads This flavor or that flavor or the other flavor 15-18 oz. I read it that only the last flavor needed to be 15-18 oz. Anyway, others have reached out to clarify and Publix has responded online. Publix said the coupon wasn't meant to apply to this weeks BOGO product, but in the interest of good customer service they are accepting the coupon. They just ask coupon users to be respectful and not abuse the deal.

I thought the tax would eat up any overage but my calculations were off in my Grocery Tracker app (my fault) and they ended up paying me $3.63. I saved $94.28.

Frugal Cooking - Make Meal Leftovers

The other day I was at my hair stylist and the patron next to me was telling her stylist how her boyfriend would not eat leftovers. And I thought to myself, never in my house would that fussiness be allowed. But I overhead the gal say that her boyfriend was from a large family of seven kids, and there never were any leftovers, so they never had them. If there were leftovers, it was because the meal wasn't very good.
At my home, since there are only two of us, we usually make meals that will have leftovers. Just this weekend I prepared a double batch of enchiladas. Some meals taste better the second time they are prepared, like enchiladas, lasagna and spaghetti. I guess the tomato based products are what make the best leftovers. And as long as you pack up your leftovers in a clean manner there will be no food safety issues. Use clean containers, clean utensils, no cross contamination of raw and cooked, and wash your hands first.
Preparing meals with leftovers in mind is a frugal way to save even more, on the already frugal habit of cooking meals at home. When you prepare larger quantities it means you can buy larger quantities of the ingredients saving on the big box. You also can save on preparation time since the leftovers will be easy and quickly reheated in the microwave, or on the stovetop rather than turning on the oven again. It also provides home cooked meals for lunches at work rather than going out to a restaurant to eat, saving $7 to $10 a day. And most leftovers can safely be frozen in individual portions for months so you can have that delicious meal again.

Saved 99% At Publix Today, Spent $1.06

The one thing I really wanted to buy today at Publix was the Wisk Laundry Detergent that was BOGO, but they were all out. The $2 coupon and the store sale makes it $1.25 for a 50 oz container which I guess is everyone's stockup price too. I still had a couple Quattro razor rainchecks so I decided to use some of those since other fillers were out too like the FUZE deal from last week, and the TENA pads were wiped out as well. Since I did get the $2/1 Right Guard coupon early in the free Spanish paper I was able to get a couple of those too ( a small MM).

I am shocked at the price increases in produce at Publix. Two weeks ago iceberg lettuce was on sale for $1.49, then it went up to $1.69, and last week it was $1.99. Well, today was the schocker at $2.49 for a head of lettuce. If I can't pay for produce with overage, I think I'm going to start going to ALDI or the farmers market because its just too expensive at Publix.

So, we got all our salad stuff including the free Wishbone dressings and spent $1.06, Saved $77.

Here's to hoping we get a good Publix coupon in the paper on Sunday!