My New Dell Duo

In my boredom at work, I often shopped the deals and eyed all the cool new toys out there. One thing I've wanted for a long time is a tablet PC that had a touch screen. I didn't want the Ipad because it didn't support external storage or flash, and the Android tablets out there are basically just big smartphones. I really wanted a tablet that ran on both Android and Windows, but the only one out there I could find was the Viewsonic Viewpad and it didn't have that great of reviews. So, I kept my eye on the Dell Duo which is a laptop with Windows 7 OS, but also has a flipping screen that becomes a tablet touch screen. I saw an extreme couponer on that stupid TV show who had a tablet in the store to modify her spreadsheet based on what products she was finding. That would be handy. But for now I just use my Grocery Tracker app on the android.

Anyway, there was a deal on Slickdeals where I could get a refurbished Dell Duo from the Dell Outlet and apply a $100 coupon, to get it for $299. That was a deal for me, since they go for $599 on Amazon. So, I pushed the button and got it. Just arrived Monday and I've been getting acquainted this week. I have to say, its a nice little machine, very portable and I just might someday bring it with me to the grocery store, if I had a big enough shop. The greatest thing I've realized is, I can now print a bunch of coupons that I've previously printed on all my other computers and they've not reset.
I really like the flipping screen.


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