Blogging Hurdles

Remember last week when I mentioned I got a virus at work? My PC got totally wiped out and the tech team had to replace it. The next day I go to work, and try to sign on and all my google rss feeds and gmail are blocked. All blogs and social media have always been blocked but not google stuff. So I mention it to my tech guy buddy who works for another company about being blocked and he warned me that I'm probably on the tech team watch list since I got the virus. He said they're lining me up, and/or will continue to block where ever I go online. He said he does that for his company.

Well, I decided to go cold turkey and not even log in online anymore at work, even though we're allowed to for breaks and lunch. I'm so glad I have my smart phone because I can do most of my information gathering with the phone. However, one thing that will have to wait for evenings is blog updates. I have to admit, its difficult to think creatively after a long work day - so I'm not sure how its going to work out. But I just wanted everyone to know the reason for things to slow down. Everything's okay, but I'm taking a blogging sabbatical until I figure out a way to fit this activity into my own personal time and not have it be an imposition.

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