4/21 Sunday Coupon Inserts - SS

Air Wick $1.50/2 Freshmatic Ultra refills (5/19/13)
Air Wick $1/1 Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit or Gadget Only pack excludes free item packs (5/19/13)
Air Wick Buy 1 Scented Oil twin refill, get a free Scented Oil warmer gadget free up to $1.19 (5/19/13)
Arm & Hammer $1/1 Spinbrush Kid's or Tooth Tunes product (6/30/13)
Arm & Hammer $1/1 Spinbrush product (6/30/13)
Banana Boat $1/1 product 4oz+ excludes lip balm (6/2/13)
Bausch+Lomb $5/1 Preservision 120ct+ (6/30/13)
Bird's Eye $1/1 Viola! variety (7/31/13)
Brookside $1/1 smooth dark chocolate covered real fruit juice pieces 7oz+ (6/16/13)
Capri Sun B1G1 free big pouch juice drinks up to $1 (6/30/13)
Country Time $1/2 drink mixes (6/30/13)
Crystal Light $1/2 drink mixes (6/30/13)
Depend $1.50/1 Real Fit or Silhouette products (6/1/13)
Depend $1.50/1 Shields or Guards for Men (6/1/13)
Depend $1/1 product (6/1/13)
DiGiorno $1.50/1 Pizzeria! pizza (5/31/13)
Dreyer's $1/1 multi-pack fruit bars, Outshine fruit bars or Outshine Coconut Waters bars 6ct+ (6/16/13)
Durex $1/1 personal massage or vibrating ring (6/2/13)
Durex $2/1 Massage and Play (6/2/13)
Edge/Skintimate $.55/1 shave gel excludes 2.75oz cans (6/2/13)
Efferdent $1/1 product 48ct+ (7/31/13)
El Monterey B1G1 free individually wrapped supreme or all natural burritos & chimis up to $1 (5/5/13)
Energizer $.50/1 batteries, flashlight or USB wall or car charger (5/18/13)
Fiber Smart $2/1 product (7/31/13)
Filtrete $2/1 odor reduction filter (6/30/13)
Finesse $1/1 shampoo, conditioner or styling product (6/2/13)
Florida's Natural $1/1 natural citrus smoothies (7/30/13)
General Mills $1/3 Big G cereals (6/1/13)
Hamburger Helper $.75/3 (6/15/13)
Hawaiian Tropic $1/1 product 4oz+ excludes lip balm (6/2/13)
Hershey's $1.50/1 Simple Pleasures chocolates 5.6oz (6/1/13)
Hidden Valley $.75/1 sandwich spread or dip (7/21/13)
Huggies $1.50/1 diapers (5/18/13)
Huggies $2/1 Little Movers, Little Snugglers diapers or Overnites diapers (5/18/13)
Huggies Free $20 gift card when you buy TWO value boxes of diapers 104ct+ BABIES R US & TOYS R US (4/28/13)
InkJoy $1/1 300RT, 500RT, 55Rt or 700RT 4ct+ dnd (5/31/13)
Jergens $1/1 Natural Glow face daily moisturizer sunscreen (5/12/13)
Jergens $3/2 Natural Glow moisturizers (5/12/13)
Kool-Aid B10G3 free unsweetened envelopes up to $.75 (6/30/13)
Mattel Buy 1 game, get 1 50% off TARGET coupon (5/4/13)
Ortega $.50/2 products (6/30/13)
Palmolive $.25/1 dish liquid 14oz+ (5/11/13)
Palmolive $.50/1 Soft Touch dish liquid 25oz+ (5/11/13)
People Magazine $1/1 issue (5/19/13)
Philadelphia $.75/1 snack delights cream cheese spread (5/25/13)
Playtex $1/1 Gentle Glide 360 tampons or Sport tampons (6/2/13)
Purina $1/1 3.15lb+ Cat Chow (7/21/13)
Revlon $1/2 hair color products (5/26/13)
SC Johnson/Kleenex $5 Target gift card wyb 6pk+ Kleenex facial tissue and 2 cleaning items; Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex or Pledge (5/12/13)
SC Johnson/Scott $5 Target gift card wyb 15pk+ Scott bath tissue and 2 cleaning items; Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex or Pledge (5/12/13)
SC Johnson/Viva $5 Target gift card wyb 8pk+ Viva paper towels and 2 cleaning items; Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex or Pledge (5/12/13)
Schick $.75/1 Hydro shave gel (6/2/13)
Schick $1/1 razor, refill or disposable excludes 2ct (6/2/13)
Schick $1/1 shave gel ets (6/3/13 TARGET coupon (6/3/13)
Schick $2/1 Hydro Power Select, Hydro 5 or Hydro 3 razor (6/2/13)
Schick $2/1 Hydro refill (6/2/13)
Schick $4/1 Hydro 5 disposables (6/2/13)
Schick $4/1 Hydro silk disposable razor (6/2/13)
Schick $5/2 3ct Hydro disposable razors TARGET coupon (6/3/13)
Schick $5/both Hydro 5 razor and cartridge and refill excludes disposable TARGET coupon (6/3/13)
Schick $5/both Hydro Silk razor and cartridge refill excludes disposables TARGET coupon (6/13/13)
Schick $6/both Hydro Silk razor and Hydro silk refill (6/2/13)
Scotch-Brite $.75/2 Heavy Duty, Non-Scratch, Delicate Care or Greener Clean scrub sponge and scour pad multi-packs or dishwands (5/31/13)
Sharpie $1/1 gel highlighter 2ct+ dnd (5/31/13)
Sunsweet $1/2 dried fruits dnd (7/31/13)
Tom's of Maine $2/2 antiperspirant or deodorant (6/15/13)
Tom's of Maine $2/2 toothpaste or mouthwash excluding trial size and under 4oz (6/15/13)
Werther's Original $1/2 caramels dnd (6/30/13)
Wet Ones $.75/1 wipes product, canister or singles excludes 15ct or 20ct travel packs (6/2/13)
Zegerid OTC $2/1 (6/9/13)
Zegerid OTC $8/1 42ct (5/5/13)
Zyrtec $4/1 regular or D product 24ct+ (5/18/13)
Zyrtec $7/1 regular or D product 24ct+ (4/28/13)
thanks to couponpreviews.info for sneak peek.

The Frugal Millionaire Next Door

A lady at work was teasing me the other day because I didn't want to spend eight dollars on a group lunch. She was telling a coworker that I'm "loaded" but can't bring myself to spend any money, ever. This of course is not true, but she is one of the most unfrugal persons I know - frivolous and also generous, but not frugal. Anyway, I am not loaded despite her impression (i'ts not from my frayed shirt sleeves and my scuffed old Rockports), but I hope to be loaded someday by following these simple guidelines to becoming the unassuming rich neighbor someday.
1. Spend less than you make.
This is simple math, doesn't require a college degree so even 4th graders should be able to figure out they can't buy that new $30 video game if they only got $20 in birthday money. Apply this principle throughout your life and money will amass almost by itself. This is non a negotiable factor, in fact if this is the only thing you do, you will do okay. The millionaire next door will decline those invitations to go on an expensive dinner party and suggest instead that everyone have a BBQ at their place or the local park.
2. Maintain what you have - repair rather than replace.
I  have a favorite pair of khaki shorts that has patches all over and the material is so fragile and thin with strangling threads on the seams. They are over fifteen years old and get worn about 200 days a year. They are top quality materials and they just last forever. The older an item is generally the better quality it was when it was manufactured. Stuff made in the 1980s is rock solid. Our best appliances were made in the 80's and its a shame to pass them on. New stuff is cheap and uses cheap components that do not last, its built into the design so you have to replace the item. The millionaire next door likely wears tattered but clean clothing, that may be a little out of style but they don't really care what you think. They're comfortable and practical.
3. Drive your cars until they aren't reliable.
Cars over ten years old are cheap to own. If you get a good quality vehicle (i.e., not Chevrolet) it should last a couple decades with minimal maintenance - brakes, tires, oil changes. We just replaced the brakes on our 15 year old Ford truck for the first time. This truck still has another fifteen years in it. Older vehicles are cheaper to insure and own. The unassuming millionaire next door likely has a couple of old, well maintained vehicles in their driveway or garage.
4. Spend less than 2.5x of your annual salary on a house.
This is where a lot of people have screwed up their chances of ever becoming millionaires on an ordinary middle class income. These days you can't plan on your income increasing throughout your career. When you buy a house you need to just use your income NOW. If you make $40K per year, you should only be looking at houses that cost less than $100K. If you spend more, you will be house poor and all the extra income you should be investing and saving will be used up in housing expenses. Don't concern yourself with the amount bankers will tell you you're approved for, they don't have to live with that expense for the next 15-30 years. The millionaire next door likely has a modest, ordinary home that brings no illusions of grandeur that you might think a millionaire would display.
5. Don't move.
This goes along with the point above, get an affordable home and don't move. Ever - if you can help it. Struggle through those years with the kids growing up and having to share rooms, and in the end you will not have to downsize when the kids all move out (and they will move out...). If you make a good decision on your home purchase, in a friendly, safe location near lots of job opportunities you can stay there your whole life. Moving is expensive and a waste of money paid to all the providers who make it happen. And of course, if you move you need new drapes and furniture. So, a few thousand dollars for a move turns into several times that by the time you are settled in. The millionaire next door likely has lived in their same home for twenty or thirty years and has no plans to move.
6. Invest regularly and don't touch it.
Every small amount adds up. A regular weekly contribution to stocks, IRA's or company 401Ks will slowly amass to a considerable amount over time. People who make this part of their budget early in life may simply be millionaires with some lucky investments in time tested stocks growing over the years. Sure there will be some mistakes and some losses but over time the stock market is a solid investment vehicle. The millionaire next door is the guy who made a middle class income all his life, who lived below their means but invested regularly and didn't cash it in during an emergency - probably since he had an emergency fund too. 
7. Don't divorce.
This goes without saying that the millionaire next door is content in their life enjoying simple pleasures like sitting outside on a beautiful day, the warmth of a fire on a cool night, and the conversation of friends and family, and the companionship of their spouse. All these things are free. Sure money can make things easier, but it is the emotional support and love of a healthy relationship that can ensure that a partnership is permanent. A divorce is a senseless way to waste lots of assets and money. If you're not committed for marriage then don't do it because a divorce is one of the worst things that you could do to screw up your chances of financial success. Having kids as part of that divorce makes it even worse. The millionaire next door has likely been happily married for several decades.
8. If you have kids teach them your frugal ways so they are self sufficient adults.
One of the greatest gifts a parent can bestow on a child is financial savvyness. Starting at a young age children can learn the value of saving, coupons, deals, and investing. As they grow they can see how frugal ways increase the life of items so they don't need replacing, and that taking care of something is important to longevity. Then as they near adulthood and make independent spending decisions they learn the consequences of poor decisions and also how smart their parents really are. Your children will learn to manage money the way you manage money. The millionaire next door does not have any adult children he is providing for, they are self sufficient.
9. Choose quality over quantity.
One important factor that comes into every purchase decision is quality. The better quality item will cost more than the poorer quality item. But it should have a better performance, longer life, less maintenance and ease of use. We cut a lot of fire wood for fires and over the years we have owned a half dozen chain saws. We always got the cheap ones at Home Depot and they only ever lasted a year or two before performance issues became the problem. Our last one we bought was a Stihl and we've had it many years now and it operates like brand new every time we use it. It was three times the cost of a cheaper one, but it is a pleasure to use. We also do a lot of kitchen preparation of salads and meals. A constant dissatisfier is crappy, dull knives. I finally bought a $400 chefs knife for DH and it has transformed meal prep. Now he is always looking for something he can cut up. It is a joy to use. I wish we would have had it years ago. The millionaire next door will have top quality tools, electronics or functional items even though they are expensive. The millionaire next door does not tolerate cheap shit that doesn't work as designed.
10. Ignore the Jones' and all their new stuff.
Be tough and don't give into peer pressure to  buy new stuff when the stuff you have functions as designed. So what if its not all shiny and full of bells and whistles, if yours still functions it is all you need. Once you advance to fancy stuff, it's really hard to go  back to frugal. But then again, because you are frugal you can enjoy the occasional splurge in a high quality item that seems to be frivolous. But the trick is that not all you have is frivolous, only a couple things.
So there is my recipe for success to becoming the millionaire next door. Do you have anything to add?

National Pet Day

Of course there has to be a National Pet Day. So here's our pet. She's the one with black hair, you can ignore the one with glasses, although he is my pet too.

4/14 Sunday Coupon Inserts - SS RP

Smartsource 4/14
Alberto V05 $1/1 Salon Series shampoo or conditioner 14.2oz (5/31/13)
Alberto V05 $1/1 Salon Series styling, treatment or hot oil product (5/31/31)
Alberto V05 $1/4 shampoo or conditioner 15oz+ (5/31/13)
Arm & Hammer $.75/2 liquid or powder detergent or fabric softener sheets (6/30/13)
Arm & Hammer $1/1 4X concentrated detergent 45oz+ (6/30/13)
Arm & Hammer $1/1 Power Paks single-use detergent (6/30/13)
Baileys $1/2 non-alcoholic coffee creamers dnd (5/31/13)
ban $.40/1 product 1.5oz+ (5/26/13)
ban $.75/1 solid (5/26/13)
BIC $3/1 Flex4, Flex3, Comfort 3 Advance, Hybrid Advance 3 or Hybrid Advance 4 (5/12/13)
BIC $3/1 Soleil disposable razor ets (5/12/13)
Birds Eye $.50/1 Steamfresh Chef's Favorites variety (5/31/13)
Campbell's $1/1 skillet sauces (6/30/13)
Clairol $2/1 Natural Instincts hair color ets (5/31/13)
Clairol $5/2 Nice 'n Easy boxes ets (5/31/13)
Claritin $2/1 10ct+ (5/12/13)
Claritin $5/1 24ct+ (5/12/13)
Claritin $7/1 24ct+ (4/21/13)
Colgate $1/1 Optic White, Total Advanced or Sensitive Pro-Relief 4oz+ (5/4/13)
El Monterey $1/1 product minimum $2.99 purchase (5/15/13)
Excedrin $1.50/1 product 100ct+ (6/2/13)
Excedrin $1/1 product 24ct+ (6/2/13)
Gas-X $1.50/1 product 48ct+ (7/6/13)
Gas-X $1/1 product (7/6/13)
GE $1/1 energy smart CLF, LED, reveal, energy-efficient soft white or halogen lighting product (5/25/13)
GenTeal $1.50/1 lubricant, eye drop, gel or ointment (6/30/13)
Gillette/Satin $.55/1 Gillette Series shave gel or Satin Care shave gel ets (5/31/13)
Hartz $1/1 dog treat (5/31/13)
Hartz $2/1 dog pads (5/31/13)
Hartz $3/1 First Defense (5/31/13)
Hawaiian Punch $1/1 Aloha Morning gallon bottle or 6pk 10oz bottles (5/26/13)
Hershey's $1/2 chocolates bags 10oz+ (6/2/13)
IHOP At Home $1.50/1 frozen breakfast item family pack (8/14/13)
IHOP At Home $1/1 frozen breakfast item (8/14/13)
Kauai Coffee $1/1 10oz bag (5/31/13)
Keri $2/1 lotion (6/30/13)
Lysol $.50/2 disinfecting or Power & Free wipes (5/14/13)
Lysol $.50/2 toilet bowl cleaners (5/14/13)
Lysol $.75/1 Touch of Foam antibacterial hand wash (6/4/13)
Lysol $2/1 No-Touch hand wash soap system starter kit (5/14/13)
Lysol Buy disinfectant spray 12.5oz+ get wipes free up to $3 (5/14/13)
OPTI-FREE $1.50/1 product 10oz+ (5/19/13)
OxiClean $.50/1 pre-treater (6/30/13)
OxiClean $.75/1 dishwashing booster (6/30/13)
OxiClean $1/1 liquid or power paks (6/30/13)
OxiClean $1/1 versatile stain remover 3lb+ (6/30/13)
Phillips $10/1 1-handle Sonicare AirFloss model HX8111 (5/31/13)
PUR $.50/1 faucet mount refill or pitcher refill any size (7/31/31)
PUR $5/1 faucet mount, pitcher or dispenser (7/31/13)
Purina $1/1 ONE dry cat food (7/14/13)
Purina $1/3 ONE wet cat food cans (7/14/13)
Rachael Ray $4/1 Nutrish Zero Grain Super Premium Food for Dogs (7/14/13)
Scott Naturals $.50/1 flushable cleansing cloths tub or refill (5/26/13)
Scott Naturals $.75/1 bath tissue package 4 rolls+ (5/26/13)
Scott Naturals $.75/1 paper towels 6 rolls+ (5/26/13)
Sea Breeze $1/1 skin care product (6/30/13)
Smart Balance $1/2 buttery spreads (5/29/13)
Tena $1/1 product (7/31/13)
Triscuit $1/2 brown rice and wheat crackers 9os dnd (5/24/13)
Trojan $2/1 Lubricants product (6/16/13)
Zadiator $2.50/1 eye drops 5mL+ (6/30/13)
Zest $.50/1 3bar+ (5/22/13)
Zest $1/1 body wash (5/22/13)

Redplum 4/14
Adams $5/2 Spot On product (5/31/13)
Allegra $10/1 Allergy 70ct excludes D (4/21/13)
Allegra $2/1 Children's Allergy (5/4/13)
Allegra $3/1 Allergy 24HR 5/15ct, Allergy 12HR 12ct or any D excludes 2ct trial (5/4/13)
Allegra $7/1 Allergy 30ct or 45ct excludes D (4/21/13)
Aqaufresh $.75/1 Kids or Infant toothpaste (6/14/13)
Aquafresh $1/1 Extreme Clean 5.6oz+ (6/14/13)
Arrowhead $1.50/1 100% Mountain Spring Water 700mL multipack (5/26/13)
Centrum $3/1 Centrum, Silver Multivitamin or Specialist Multivitamin 80ct+ (5/12/13)
Centrum $3/1 Flavor Burst chews (5/12/13)
Cheer $1/1 detergent ets (5/31/13)
Downy/Gain $2/1 Unstopables or Fireworks ets (5/31/13)
Gain/Era $.40/1 Gain detergent or fabric enhance or Era detergent ets (5/31/13)
Gain/Era $1/2 Gain detergent or fabric enhance or Era detergent ets (5/31/13)
Gillette $2/1 disposable ets (5/31/13)
Kerasal Nail $3/1 Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment 10ml tube (5/31/13)
L'Oreal $1/1 EverCurl, EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure or EverStrong shampoo or conditioner (6/8/13)
L'Oreal $1/1 EverCurl, EverCreme, EverSleek, EverPure or EverStrong treatment (6/8/13)
L'Oreal $1/1 EverStyle product (6/8/13)
L'Oreal $1/1 Paris skincare product ets (6/8/13)
L'Oreal $2/1 Paris cosmetic face product excludes Magic Perfecting Base .17oz (6/8/13)
L'Oreal $2/1 Preference shade (6/8/13)
L'Oreal $2/1 Revitalift product ets (6/8/13)
L'Oreal $3/1 11oz standard size Elnett hairspray excludes 2.2oz trial size (6/8/13)
Maybelline New York $1/1 lip product (6/8/13)
Morton $1/2 40, 50 or 80lb System Saver 2 pellets bags or 3 25lb System Saver 2 pellets bags or 2 40 or 80lb Rust Remover pellets bags (9/30/13)
Newman's Own $.50/1 pasta sauce (5/25/13)
Newman's Own $.50/1 salad dressing (5/25/13)
Newman's Own $.50/1 salsa (5/25/13)
Newman's Own $1/1 Complete Skillet Meal (5/25/13)
Newman's Own $1/1 Thin & Crispy pizza (5/25/13)
Newman's Own $1/1 wine (5/31/13)
Nivea $1/1 lip care product .17oz stick-.3oz tube or .59oz tin (4/28/13)
Nivea $2/1 for Men face care product or 2 shave gels or foams .3oz08.7oz (4/28/13)
Nivea $3/2 body washes, shower gels or lathering body scrubs 12-16.9oz (4/28/13)
Nivea $3/2 for Men body washes 16.9oz (4/28/13)
Nutella $1/1 jar 13oz+ (7/31/13)
Nutro $2/1 Natural Choice dry cat food 3lb+ (6/16/13)
Prilosec OTC $2/1 Wildberry product (5/31/13)
Pringles $.50/1 Snack Stacks or Stix 70ct or 8pk ets (5/26/13)
Pringles $1/2 fat free/light cans 150g+ (5/26/13)
Pringles $1/4 full size cans 160g+ (5/26/13)
Superpretzel $.50/1 soft pretzel (5/10/13)
Tide $1/1 washing machine cleaner 3ct+ or to go stain eraser pads 4ct+ TARGET coupon (5/11/31)
Tide/Downy/Bounce $.50/1 laundry care items; Tide detergent, Tide Boost Duo Pacs, Downy softener, Downy Unstopables, Bounce sheets or Bounce dryer bar excludes PODS and trial TARGET coupon (5/11/13)
Tide/Downy/Bounce $1.50/2 laundry care items; Tide detergent, Tide Boost Duo Pacs, Downy softener, Downy Unstopables, Bounce sheets or Bounce dryer bar excludes PODS and trial TARGET coupon (5/11/13)
Tide/Downy/Bounce $3/3 laundry care items; Tide detergent, Tide Boost Duo Pacs, Downy softener, Downy Unstopables, Bounce sheets or Bounce dryer bar excludes PODS and trial TARGET coupon (5/11/13)
Venus/Daisy B1G1 free disposable razor ets up to $11.99 (5/31/13)
Windex $1/1 Touch-Up Cleaner product (5/25/13)
thanks to www.couponpreviews.info for sneak peek

My Publix Trip - Spent $2.50, Saved $55

I'm not too excited for this long ad, and I will probably only go shopping to use up my 2off2 Publix coupons. I hope it's Deli this upcoming weekend. I have lots of rainchecks to use up with overage but I'm waiting for some better deals and products. One store near me tried to tell me that the $2 PQ can only be used once per transaction but I stood my ground and told them they can't make up rules that aren't stipulated on the coupon. It says one per customer and both me and DH are customers so I planned to use two PQs for the GG steamers BOGO deal. They did it, but I feel like sometimes I have to be such a bitch to get the stores to redeem coupons to should glady take. I can see why timid or newbies get discouraged and quit couponing. Its not for the weak at heart or committed savers.
Anyway, I spent $2.50 and saved $55.
4-Apr 21   55.66 11.97 41.19 tax 2.50 16 -95.51%
Product qty price subtl B1G1 -Q 0.00 total Q# Q details
bananas 2 0.35 0.70       0.70    
Lettuce, romaine 1 1.99 1.99       1.99    
mushrooms 1 2.00 2.00       2.00    
Visine 4 4.35 17.40   16.00   1.40 8 $2/1 PQ + $2/1 MQ 3-20ss
Tostitos cheese salsa 1 3.69 3.69   3.69   0.00 1 free wyb 2 chips YAB PQ
Tostitos chips party size 2 4.99 9.98 4.99     4.99    
Velveeta 2 4.39 8.78 4.39 1.50   2.89 2 $0.75/1 TQ
GG Steamers vegetables 2 2.59 5.18 2.59 5.00   -2.41 2 $2/1 froz foods PQ + 0.50/1MQ
Neutragena Soap Raincheck 6 0.99 5.94   15.00   -9.06 3 $5/2 MQ
    0.00 0.00     0.00 0.00    

4/7 Sunday Coupon Inserts - SS RP1 RP2

Smartsource 4/7
Alouette $1/1 cheese portions dnd (6/1/13)
Barilla $1/1 pasta sauce jar (6/1/13)
Biz $1.25/1 any size (5/19/13)
Blue Diamond $.25/1 4oz+ almonds (5/31/13)
Blue Diamond $1/1 10oz+ thin-shelled almonds (5/31/13)
Brookside $1/2 7oz pouches Manufacturer Coupon Valid Only At CVS (6/15/13)
Claritin $2/1 4oz or 20ct+ children's (5/5/13)
Claritin $3/1 4oz children's syrup (4/14/13)
Claritin $4/1 15ct+ D product (5/5/13)
Claritin $5/1 20ct+ children's chewables (4/14/13)
Clearasil $.50/1 Daily Clear product (5/19/13)
Clearasil $1/1 Ultra product (5/19/13)
Clif $.50/1 Mojo bar (5/31/13)
Coca Cola/Mission Save $1.50 when you buy 2 Coca Cola 2L products and 2 Mission tortillas (5/5/13)
Colgate $.50/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding Triple Action and Extra Clean (4/27/13)
Colgate $.75/1 4oz+ Total Zx ProShield, Total Advanced, Optic White or Sensitive Pro-Relief (4/27/13)
Dr. Scholl's $3/1 For Her insoles (5/18/12)
Dr. Scholl's $3/1 Massaging Gel insoles (5/18/12)
Dr. Scholl's $3/1 Pain Relief Orthotic inserts (5/18/12)
Dr. Scholl's $4/1 Active Series insoles (5/18/13)
Farmer John $.75/1 bacon product (6/7/13)
Farmer John $1/1 hot dogs product (6/7/13)
Farmer John $1/1 sliced lunch meats product (6/7/13)
Farmer John $1/2 breakfast sausage product (6/7/13)
Farmer John $2/1 smoked sausage product (6/7/13)
Glade $1/2 4oz jar candles (6/1/13)
Golden Grain $.55/1 Hidden Veggie package (5/31/13)
Infusium 23 $2/1 8oz+ shampoo, conditioner or leave in treatment excludes 1.7oz or trial (5/7/13)
Mitchum $1/1 men or women product excludes trial and multipacks (5/2/13)
Nexcare $.55/1 bandages (5/31/13)
Nexcare $.55/1 first aid tape (5/31/13)
Palmolive $.50/1 14oz+ dish liquid (4/27/13)
Peet's Coffee $1.50/1 12oz bag dnd (6/30/13)
Pepperidge Farm $.50/1 3-layer cake (6/16/13)
Pepperidge Farm $1/1 cookie cake (6/16/13)
Pert Plus $1/1 13.5oz+ 2-in-1 product excludes 1.7oz or trial (5/7/13)
Planters $1/1 peanut butter (5/5/13)
Poise $3/1 product ets (5/18/13)
RevitaLens $2/1 10oz+ OcuTec (5/13/13)
Schiff $1/1 vitamin or supplement excludes Move Free and Digestive advantage (7/7/13)
Schiff $3/1 Move Free (7/7/13)
Soft Soap $1/1 12oz+ body wash or bar soap (4/27/13)
Softsoap $.35/1 8oz+ antibacterial or premium liquid handsoap pumps (4/27/13)
Softsoap $.50/1 28oz+ liquid hand soap refills (4/27/13)
Stride $1/2 single packs (5/19/13)
V8 $1/2 64oz Splash (5/12/13)
Zantac $2/1 24ct or 30ct product (5/6/13)
Zantac $5/1 50ct+ product (5/6/13)
Zim's $1/1 Max-Freeze or Maximum Heat (7/7/13)

Red Pum #1 4/7
Crest $10/1 3D White Whitestrips; Intensive Professional Effects, Professional Effects, Advanced Vivid or 2-Hour Express TARGET coupon (5/7/13)
Fiora $.50/1 bath tissue excluding single roll dnd (5/31/13)
Fiora $1/1 12 roll bath tissue or 8 roll paper towel dnd (5/31/13)
Garnier $2/1 skincare product (6/1/13)
Garnier $3/1 Olia Oil Powered Haircolor (6/1/13)
Garnier Fructis $1/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment ets (5/18/13)
Garnier Fructis $1/1 style product ets (6/1/13)
Garnier Nutrisse $2/1 Nourishing color foam (6/1/13)
Gillette $1/2 deodorants ets (5/31/13)
Gillette $2/1 Mach3 razor ets (5/31/13)
Gillette Buy 1 Series or Fusion Shave Prep, get 1 Fusion Shave Prep free ets up to $4.99 (5/31/13)
Gold Bond Ultimate $1/1 Men's Essentials Cream (6/1/13)
Gold Bond Ultimate $2/1 Men's Essentials Lotion (6/1/13)
MET-Rx $1/6 minis singles or 1 value pack (5/25/13)
MET-Rx $2/2 bars (5/25/13)
Oral-B $10/1 rechargeable electric toothbrush excludes heads TARGET coupon (5/7/13)
Oral-B $5/1 3ct+ replacement brush heads TARGET coupon (5/7/13)
Osteo Bi-Flex $3/1 30-60ct (5/22/13)
Osteo Bi-Flex $5/1 70ct (5/22/13)
Prosacea $1/1 gel (6/30/13)
Purina $1.50/10 single ALPO cans (5/20/13)
Purina $1/1 6oz+ Beggin' package (6/7/13)
Purina $1/1 7.5lb+ Tidy Cats litter TARGET coupon (6/15/13)
Purina $2/1 8ct+ ALPO variety pack (5/20/13)
Purina 2 free 3oz Fancy Feast cans up to $1.48 with purchase of 20lb Tidy Cats Spring Breeze litter TARGET coupon (6/15/13)
Rimmel London $1/1 face product (6/30/13)
Rimmel London $1/1 product (6/30/13)
Sensodyne $.50/1 ProNamel toothbrush (6/2/13)
Sensodyne $1/1 fluoride rinse (6/2/13)
Sensodyne $1/1 ProNamel toothpaste ets (6/2/13)
Surf $1/1 laundry detergent (6/2/13)
Venus $3/1 refillable razor ets (5/31/31)
Venus/Satin Care Buy 1 Venus refill, get Satin Care shave gel free ets up to $4.99 (5/31/13)
VetGuard $2/1 VetGuard Plus for dogs or VetGuard for cats (6/30/13)
Welch's $.75/1 Natural Spread dnd (6/30/13)
White Castle $.50/1 6ct microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (5/25/13)
White Castle $1/1 16ct microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (5/25/13)

Red Plum #2
Adams $2/1 product (7/31/13)
Aveeno $1/1 product excludes cleansing bars, trial and 2.5oz body lotion (6/30/13)
Aveeno $2/2 product excludes cleansing bars, trial and 2.5oz body lotion (6/30/13)
Band-Aid $.75/2 products ets (5/24/13)
Benadryl $1/1 adult or children's product ets (6/30/13)
Benadryl $2/1 topical product ets (5/24/13)
Carefree $1/1 36ct+ (6/30/13)
DermaSilk $5/1 full size product (5/4/13)
Hydroxycut $5/1 (7/7/13)
Johnson & Johnson $1/2 Red Cross products excludes trial and first aid kits (5/24/13)
Listerine $1/1 1L+ Antiseptic, Ultraclean Antiseptic, Total Care, Zero or Fluoride Defense Anticavity (6/30/13)
Lubriderm $2/1 8oz+ product ets (6/30/13)
NeilMed $2/1 NasoGel spray or NasaDrops Saline on the Go (4/30/13)
NeilMed $3/1 Sinus Rinse kit or Sinugator Pulsating Nasal Wash (4/30/13)
Neosporin $1/1 first aid product ets (5/24/13)
Neutorgena $1/1 Naturals cleanser product excludes bar soap and trial size (6/30/13)
Neutorgena $2/1 Naturals moisturizer product excludes bar soap and trial size (6/30/13)
Right Guard $1.50/1 Xtreme antiperspirant, deodorant or body wash (5/5/13)
Right Guard $1.50/2 Total Defense 5 antiperspirant, deodorant, body wash or bar soap (5/5/13)
Sensodyne $.50/1 Precision toothbrush (6/2/13)
Sensodyne $1/1 toothpaste ets (6/2/13)
Stayfree/o.b. $1/1 product (6/30/13)
Sudafed PE $1/1 product ets (6/30/13)
Tic Tac $.75/1 200ct Jumbo Pack or multi-pack (6/30/13)
Visine $2/1 Soothing Wipes product (6/30/13)
Visine $2/1 Visine-A or Visine with Hydroblend moisturizer 1/2floz+ ets (6/30/13)
Wet n Wild $1/1 product (4/20/13)
Zyrtec $4/1 24ct+ regular or D product (4/20/13)
Zyrtec $7/1 24ct+ regular or D product (4/14/13)
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Breakfast Savings at Publix

It's time to re-think your breakfast routine! Challenge yourself and discover how much time and money you could save during the week by shopping and eating breakfast at home.
The most important meal you eat is breakfast and the way to make it healthy is to eat at home. We do every day. It's easy to pull out a box of your favorite cereal, with some fresh fruit on top, and just pour on some milk. Just plan an extra 5 minutes into your morning and you'll thank yourself later when you avoid eating snacks from the vending machines or junk food in your cupboard.
April 1st - April 10th during the Publix® Breakfast Savings event, take advantage of great savings on some of your family's favorites like Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and other General Mills breakfast items. For coupon offers on varieties your whole family will love, visit the Publix Breakfast Savings page at http://www.everydaysaver.com/publix.
The information, products and General Mills gift pack were provided by General Mills and Publix® through MyBlogSpark.