4/7 Sunday Coupon Inserts - SS RP1 RP2

Smartsource 4/7
Alouette $1/1 cheese portions dnd (6/1/13)
Barilla $1/1 pasta sauce jar (6/1/13)
Biz $1.25/1 any size (5/19/13)
Blue Diamond $.25/1 4oz+ almonds (5/31/13)
Blue Diamond $1/1 10oz+ thin-shelled almonds (5/31/13)
Brookside $1/2 7oz pouches Manufacturer Coupon Valid Only At CVS (6/15/13)
Claritin $2/1 4oz or 20ct+ children's (5/5/13)
Claritin $3/1 4oz children's syrup (4/14/13)
Claritin $4/1 15ct+ D product (5/5/13)
Claritin $5/1 20ct+ children's chewables (4/14/13)
Clearasil $.50/1 Daily Clear product (5/19/13)
Clearasil $1/1 Ultra product (5/19/13)
Clif $.50/1 Mojo bar (5/31/13)
Coca Cola/Mission Save $1.50 when you buy 2 Coca Cola 2L products and 2 Mission tortillas (5/5/13)
Colgate $.50/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding Triple Action and Extra Clean (4/27/13)
Colgate $.75/1 4oz+ Total Zx ProShield, Total Advanced, Optic White or Sensitive Pro-Relief (4/27/13)
Dr. Scholl's $3/1 For Her insoles (5/18/12)
Dr. Scholl's $3/1 Massaging Gel insoles (5/18/12)
Dr. Scholl's $3/1 Pain Relief Orthotic inserts (5/18/12)
Dr. Scholl's $4/1 Active Series insoles (5/18/13)
Farmer John $.75/1 bacon product (6/7/13)
Farmer John $1/1 hot dogs product (6/7/13)
Farmer John $1/1 sliced lunch meats product (6/7/13)
Farmer John $1/2 breakfast sausage product (6/7/13)
Farmer John $2/1 smoked sausage product (6/7/13)
Glade $1/2 4oz jar candles (6/1/13)
Golden Grain $.55/1 Hidden Veggie package (5/31/13)
Infusium 23 $2/1 8oz+ shampoo, conditioner or leave in treatment excludes 1.7oz or trial (5/7/13)
Mitchum $1/1 men or women product excludes trial and multipacks (5/2/13)
Nexcare $.55/1 bandages (5/31/13)
Nexcare $.55/1 first aid tape (5/31/13)
Palmolive $.50/1 14oz+ dish liquid (4/27/13)
Peet's Coffee $1.50/1 12oz bag dnd (6/30/13)
Pepperidge Farm $.50/1 3-layer cake (6/16/13)
Pepperidge Farm $1/1 cookie cake (6/16/13)
Pert Plus $1/1 13.5oz+ 2-in-1 product excludes 1.7oz or trial (5/7/13)
Planters $1/1 peanut butter (5/5/13)
Poise $3/1 product ets (5/18/13)
RevitaLens $2/1 10oz+ OcuTec (5/13/13)
Schiff $1/1 vitamin or supplement excludes Move Free and Digestive advantage (7/7/13)
Schiff $3/1 Move Free (7/7/13)
Soft Soap $1/1 12oz+ body wash or bar soap (4/27/13)
Softsoap $.35/1 8oz+ antibacterial or premium liquid handsoap pumps (4/27/13)
Softsoap $.50/1 28oz+ liquid hand soap refills (4/27/13)
Stride $1/2 single packs (5/19/13)
V8 $1/2 64oz Splash (5/12/13)
Zantac $2/1 24ct or 30ct product (5/6/13)
Zantac $5/1 50ct+ product (5/6/13)
Zim's $1/1 Max-Freeze or Maximum Heat (7/7/13)

Red Pum #1 4/7
Crest $10/1 3D White Whitestrips; Intensive Professional Effects, Professional Effects, Advanced Vivid or 2-Hour Express TARGET coupon (5/7/13)
Fiora $.50/1 bath tissue excluding single roll dnd (5/31/13)
Fiora $1/1 12 roll bath tissue or 8 roll paper towel dnd (5/31/13)
Garnier $2/1 skincare product (6/1/13)
Garnier $3/1 Olia Oil Powered Haircolor (6/1/13)
Garnier Fructis $1/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment ets (5/18/13)
Garnier Fructis $1/1 style product ets (6/1/13)
Garnier Nutrisse $2/1 Nourishing color foam (6/1/13)
Gillette $1/2 deodorants ets (5/31/13)
Gillette $2/1 Mach3 razor ets (5/31/13)
Gillette Buy 1 Series or Fusion Shave Prep, get 1 Fusion Shave Prep free ets up to $4.99 (5/31/13)
Gold Bond Ultimate $1/1 Men's Essentials Cream (6/1/13)
Gold Bond Ultimate $2/1 Men's Essentials Lotion (6/1/13)
MET-Rx $1/6 minis singles or 1 value pack (5/25/13)
MET-Rx $2/2 bars (5/25/13)
Oral-B $10/1 rechargeable electric toothbrush excludes heads TARGET coupon (5/7/13)
Oral-B $5/1 3ct+ replacement brush heads TARGET coupon (5/7/13)
Osteo Bi-Flex $3/1 30-60ct (5/22/13)
Osteo Bi-Flex $5/1 70ct (5/22/13)
Prosacea $1/1 gel (6/30/13)
Purina $1.50/10 single ALPO cans (5/20/13)
Purina $1/1 6oz+ Beggin' package (6/7/13)
Purina $1/1 7.5lb+ Tidy Cats litter TARGET coupon (6/15/13)
Purina $2/1 8ct+ ALPO variety pack (5/20/13)
Purina 2 free 3oz Fancy Feast cans up to $1.48 with purchase of 20lb Tidy Cats Spring Breeze litter TARGET coupon (6/15/13)
Rimmel London $1/1 face product (6/30/13)
Rimmel London $1/1 product (6/30/13)
Sensodyne $.50/1 ProNamel toothbrush (6/2/13)
Sensodyne $1/1 fluoride rinse (6/2/13)
Sensodyne $1/1 ProNamel toothpaste ets (6/2/13)
Surf $1/1 laundry detergent (6/2/13)
Venus $3/1 refillable razor ets (5/31/31)
Venus/Satin Care Buy 1 Venus refill, get Satin Care shave gel free ets up to $4.99 (5/31/13)
VetGuard $2/1 VetGuard Plus for dogs or VetGuard for cats (6/30/13)
Welch's $.75/1 Natural Spread dnd (6/30/13)
White Castle $.50/1 6ct microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (5/25/13)
White Castle $1/1 16ct microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (5/25/13)

Red Plum #2
Adams $2/1 product (7/31/13)
Aveeno $1/1 product excludes cleansing bars, trial and 2.5oz body lotion (6/30/13)
Aveeno $2/2 product excludes cleansing bars, trial and 2.5oz body lotion (6/30/13)
Band-Aid $.75/2 products ets (5/24/13)
Benadryl $1/1 adult or children's product ets (6/30/13)
Benadryl $2/1 topical product ets (5/24/13)
Carefree $1/1 36ct+ (6/30/13)
DermaSilk $5/1 full size product (5/4/13)
Hydroxycut $5/1 (7/7/13)
Johnson & Johnson $1/2 Red Cross products excludes trial and first aid kits (5/24/13)
Listerine $1/1 1L+ Antiseptic, Ultraclean Antiseptic, Total Care, Zero or Fluoride Defense Anticavity (6/30/13)
Lubriderm $2/1 8oz+ product ets (6/30/13)
NeilMed $2/1 NasoGel spray or NasaDrops Saline on the Go (4/30/13)
NeilMed $3/1 Sinus Rinse kit or Sinugator Pulsating Nasal Wash (4/30/13)
Neosporin $1/1 first aid product ets (5/24/13)
Neutorgena $1/1 Naturals cleanser product excludes bar soap and trial size (6/30/13)
Neutorgena $2/1 Naturals moisturizer product excludes bar soap and trial size (6/30/13)
Right Guard $1.50/1 Xtreme antiperspirant, deodorant or body wash (5/5/13)
Right Guard $1.50/2 Total Defense 5 antiperspirant, deodorant, body wash or bar soap (5/5/13)
Sensodyne $.50/1 Precision toothbrush (6/2/13)
Sensodyne $1/1 toothpaste ets (6/2/13)
Stayfree/o.b. $1/1 product (6/30/13)
Sudafed PE $1/1 product ets (6/30/13)
Tic Tac $.75/1 200ct Jumbo Pack or multi-pack (6/30/13)
Visine $2/1 Soothing Wipes product (6/30/13)
Visine $2/1 Visine-A or Visine with Hydroblend moisturizer 1/2floz+ ets (6/30/13)
Wet n Wild $1/1 product (4/20/13)
Zyrtec $4/1 24ct+ regular or D product (4/20/13)
Zyrtec $7/1 24ct+ regular or D product (4/14/13)
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Breakfast Savings at Publix

It's time to re-think your breakfast routine! Challenge yourself and discover how much time and money you could save during the week by shopping and eating breakfast at home.
The most important meal you eat is breakfast and the way to make it healthy is to eat at home. We do every day. It's easy to pull out a box of your favorite cereal, with some fresh fruit on top, and just pour on some milk. Just plan an extra 5 minutes into your morning and you'll thank yourself later when you avoid eating snacks from the vending machines or junk food in your cupboard.
April 1st - April 10th during the Publix® Breakfast Savings event, take advantage of great savings on some of your family's favorites like Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and other General Mills breakfast items. For coupon offers on varieties your whole family will love, visit the Publix Breakfast Savings page at http://www.everydaysaver.com/publix.
The information, products and General Mills gift pack were provided by General Mills and Publix® through MyBlogSpark.

Saving At the Store Starts At Home

When looking at the family budget, we usually try to trim down on groceries and household goods.  This is all good in theory, but we've all had moments of grief at the checkout line when the cashier gives the total. There is a vast array of articles and advice columns on smart shopping and couponing, most of which can be very insightful.  However, they glaze over some of the more "obvious" ways to reduce grocery spending.  I tried to find a few simple ways to save that often get overlooked. Not only are these tips fairly easy to do, they can make a dramatic difference on how much you spend on food each month.
Clean out your pantry.  Americans waste about 25% of the food they buy. So if you spend $200 on groceries, chances are you'll end up tossing $50 worth of it, by letting things spoil. It's a cruel cycle.  Before you make your next trip, go through your cupboards and see what can be used up. Create a list of meals you can potentially cook with your findings. This can help you trim down your shopping list, as well as help you clear out your cabinets and fridge.  Be sure to make special note of products your family didn't eat and avoid making the same purchases in the future.

Eating healthy may save you money.  Contrary to popular belief, healthier meal options can actually be less expensive in many cases. For example, people that do eat breakfast usually have a sugary, carb-based one.  Although having a big breakfast is good and can give you more energy in the morning, a bowl full of sugar-frosted cereal in a bowl of whole milk may not be the best way to start your day.  Oatmeal is a great alternative to cold cereal; not only is it much better for you, but it's super inexpensive! High-fiber fruits and vegetables are a filling, healthy alternative to typical snack foods.  I promise you that a bag of baby carrots is much cheaper than a pack of potato chips, and it's much better for your family. 
Shop less frequently.  This one is sort of a no brainer, and yet people rarely mention it.  Sit down and plan your meals for 1-2 weeks; this way you'll have an accurate shopping list.  You definitely need to be realistic about your family's eating habits. I'm definitely a grazer, so I try to factor in small snacks when I create my list. Your personal schedule is also a very important factor. If you always have busy Wednesdays, pick up a couple of for those nights.  Meal planning is a great tool help reduce your grocery trips, just be sure to stick to the list!
Limit your takeout intake.  Ordering out can be super convenient when you're tired, or have guests (extra people at the dining table). But whether you're getting pizza for the kids or Chinese for yourself, avoid it at all costs.  Takeout adds up quickly, so avoid making it a habit.  If you already find that you eat out frequently, try slowly reducing the number of meals you purchase and cooking instead.  I've actually done this, and it makes all the difference.  Not just in your wallet, but your health.  People tend to eat a little healthier when they prepare the foods themselves.  And trust me, a homemade lunch can be just as delicious as a $7 sandwich.
Only buy in bulk when it makes sense! Ten pounds of potatoes for 4 bucks is a sweet deal, but you probably won't get through that bag before the potatoes start sprouting.  Remember, just because something is on sale, doesn't mean that you should purchase it.  Evaluate the need and practicality of bulk purchases.  Is the item even on your grocery list? If so, what's the shelf life? Stocking up is a great way to save money, but you may end up throwing money away if you aren't smart about it.
Author Bio: Brittany writes about frugal living, , and on behalf of Marie Callender's.  For more fun tips and dinner ideas.

The Fun You Can Have For Free

Like you, I used to be under the impression that not many things came for free, except maybe love - and for anyone that has experienced a broken heart, even that can be costly!
However, after having babies I was forced into looking at things from a different perspective; usually through a tired haze of milky drool (the babies, not mine) and discovered there are, in fact, plenty of fun things to do that don't cost a single cent.
This is great news in todays financially challenging world, where every single dollar really does count, and that trip to the cinema may mean sacrificing your chocolate allowance for the week.  As every busy mom knows, chocolate equals sanity…it's really not worth it!
So, here are my top tips for enjoying life for free, and even having a little fun along the way:
Review a new restaurant
is now a $1.6 billion dollar industry, focussed on improving the customer service offered by retail outlets, restaurants and service providers. 
During an assignment you should expect to be asked to eat anywhere, from fine dining restaurants to fast food outlets, for a set budget of anything between $10-$90.
Make a budget
Work out your outgoings every month and set this off against how much you earn. By establishing how much money you should be spending every month, you can then find out how much you can realistically save. This also allows you to see how much free cash you have each month, so if you're personal interest outside of work and home is shopping, eating out or playing online games, such as , you can indulge without the guilt!
Freecycling is the latest craze sweeping the nation.  It is defined as: the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new products of a better quality.  In layman's terms it's a fantastic way to 'bring back to life' products that would have otherwise have sat, unloved, in your garage for the next seventeen years. 
You can have so much fun painting and adorning that dreary mahogany wardrobe in fresh white paint and new handles, and I promise you will be amazed at the results. 
This is a great way to redesign your house without investing hundreds of dollars, or you could sell your items for a premium by selling them at craft fairs or online and listing them as 'vintage' or 'shabby chic'
Free Days out
Believe it or not, there are hundreds of fun, free days out to be taken advantage of that even the most challenging of children will enjoy.  I will list some of my favourites:
·         Get educated and go to a museum or art gallery
·         Blow away the cobwebs at the seaside
·         Find a river and feed the ducks
·         Meet up with friends and take a picnic to the park
·         Start a scrapbook in which to preserve your treasured memories
·         Camp with your kids in the garden.  It's like a holiday only cheaper, and you get to use your own bathroom.
Make Play dough
All kids (and a fair few adults) love play dough.  Even though you'll be picking bits of neon paste from the carpet for several days afterwards, play dough is an easy kids crowd-pleaser that can be whipped up with ingredients from your store cupboard.  I find the following recipe best:
3 cups of flour
1.5 cups of salt
6 tsp cream of tartar
3 tbsp oil
3 cups of water
Food colouring (optional)
Vanilla or peppermint essence (optional)
Put all ingredients into a large, sturdy saucepan.  Stir continuously over a medium heat until dough forms.  Remove from the pan and knead until the consistency is play-dough like.  Leave to cool before giving it to the kids.

Guest Post by Kathryn Thompson (Photo Via:


My Publix Trip - Saved $121, Spent $2.96

No picture today, we had refrigerated products to put away and then jump back in the truck to get some free firewood from the neighbors curb.

It took a long time to shop simply because everything was in different areas of the store and we criss crossed back and forth. I should have been more organized. There were a few things I had no idea what the price was for my GroceryTracker app and had to go back to get the price for my calculations. I was pleasantly surprised the Chinet napkins and the Simply Potatoes were moneymakers because the price was lower than the ad. The Neutragena soap was only $0.99 after the $2 off sale and the MQ in the GAB that expires today Friday makes it a $0.50 moneymaker too.

Anyway, I had just finished up my mayo this week making some Kobe Shrimp Sauce for the stir fried rice. That sauce is so yummy and I just googled to get the recipe which tastes just like the restaurants. So this trip turned into a big enough one that I could stack a competitor $5/$25 with the $5/$40 Publix coupon which would have put me negative, but I had DH run and get his favorite non frugal stuff - peanuts and bottled water. I spent $2.96 and saved $121.23.

21-Mar 47   118.66 46.59 70.50 tax 2.96 45 -97.50%
Product qty price subtl B1G1 -Q 1.39 total Q# Q details
cucumber 1 0.75 0.75       0.75    
Lettuce, iceburg 1 1.69 1.69       1.69    
bananas 2 0.24 0.48       0.48    
green pepper 1 1.31 1.31       1.31    
Alexia Bread BOGO 2 3.69 7.38 3.69 5.00   -1.31 2 $2.50/1 mq print
Frenches Fried Onions BOGO 2 3.45 6.90 3.45 2.00   1.45 2 $1/1 blinkie
Hellmans Mayo 30oz BOGO 8 4.83 38.64 19.32 12.00   7.32 8 $1.50/1 PQ ss bklt
Maybelline eye shadow 4 2.99 11.96   14.00 0.78 -1.26 8 $2/1 PQ + 1.50/1 MQ print
Jennie O turky Bacon BOGO 4 2.99 11.96 5.98 4.00   1.98 4 $1/1 MQ print
Chinet Napkins BOGO 10 1.69 16.90 8.45 10.00 0.55 -1.00 10 $1/1 MQ print
Simply Potatoes hash brwn BOGO 4 1.85 7.40 3.70 4.00   -0.30 4 $1/2 MQ print + $1/2 PQ ssbklt
Roasted Peanuts 2lb bag 1 3.29 3.29       3.29    
Water, 1 gal 1 0.67 0.67       0.67    
Eat Smart Veg broccoli 1 1.00 1.00       1.00    
Neutrogena Soap $2off 1 2.99 2.99 2.00 1.50 0.06 -0.45 1 $1.50/1 MQ GAB
Nature Made Vit D 2 2.67 5.34   8.00   -2.66 4 $2/1 MQ print + $2/1 TQ prt
Publix coupon 1 0.00 0.00   5.00   -5.00 1 $5/$40 PQ 3-3 paper
Save A lot 1 0.00 0.00   5.00 0.00 -5.00 1 $5/25 ad flyer