Sweetbay Coupon Seminars in FL

Thanks to KimBob from SD, here is information on upcoming events from Sweetbay (Publix Competitor in FL).
Sweetbay Supermarket is proud to bring back the original Coupon Queen for an eight-store tour from September 29 through October 8 to conduct free seminars showing shoppers "how to spot value at the grocery store."  Nationally recognized Susan Samtur, the Coupon Queen, will conduct a practical seminar on simple ways to spot value, stick to your shopping list and stay within your family budget.
Sweetbay will feature The Coupon Queen at eight stores throughout Florida, all seminars taking place promptly at 10 a.m. The schedule is as follows:

9/29   Clearwater
1861 N. Highland Avenue
10/5    Ft. Myers
5690 Bayshore Road
9/30   New Port Richey
7431 State Road 54
10/6   Sarasota
4230 Bee Ridge Road
10/1   Clermont
1714 U.S. Hwy. 27         
10/7  Bradenton
5802 14th Street W.
10/4   Naples
7550 Mission Hills Drive
10/8  Northdale, Tampa
15692 N. Dale Mabry Hwy.
To attend a seminar, those interested must register by calling (813) 251-4242 x224 or by e-mailing SweetbayCouponQueen@gmail.com - please note which Sweetbay location and number of people attending. All attendees will receive $5 off their grocery bill, a coupon organizer, coupon book and a copy of Refundle Bundle, the magazine by The Coupon Queen, while supplies last.

#Rays Get 10 Strikeouts Against Yankees - Again!

The Tampa Bay #Rays are awesome!
They just got 10 strikeouts against the stupid Yankees! The only way the Yankees win is when they get Derek Cheater to fake an injury to get our head coach thrown out of the game. Drama, Drama, Drama. How can you stand it?
Anyway yeah for more free Papa Johns Pizza. We just had one tonight for dinner and still have 17 free coupons to use up in the next 5 weeks. I think we can do it. We give them out as tips to our favorite bartenders and our handyman fixing up the bedroom.   
On Thursday, you can print your certificate at www.kanesstrikeoutcontest.com. But hurry, you only have one day to print it, but you have 3 days to redeem it at a Kanes store near you. The certificates now are valid until 10/25/2010.
I'm a genius knowing they would get 10K on Wednesday, and held onto my certificate to turn in a couple at once. Just go to your nearest http://www.kanes.com/ within 3 days of the game for a Free 10" cheese pizza at Papa Johns.

#Rays 10 Strikeouts Kanes Free Papa Johns Pizza

Well, they didn't win Tuesday, but the #Tampa Bay #Rays did get 10 strikeouts! The Rays are awesome! Yeah more free Papa Johns Pizza. Today, you can print your certificate at www.kanesstrikeoutcontest.com. But hurry, you only have one day to print it, but you have 3 days to redeem it at a Kanes store near you. The certificates now are valid until 10/25/2010.
I'm hoping they'll get 10 strikeouts again Wednesday, so hold onto your certificate and turn in a couple at once at your nearest http://www.kanes.com/ within 3 days of the game for a Free 10" cheese pizza at Papa Johns.
Keep some beer in your fridge for this weekend when they have home games on Fri, Sat & Sun. This is the beginning of the end of our free pizzas, with only 10 more home games to occur this year.

No Free Pizza Yet

Well, the #Rays won against the #Yankees last night with a late game, 11th inning homerun. But they didn't get 10 Strikeouts, so no free Papa Johns pizza for us #Tampa folks. Yet. There are still two more home games this week to give us a chance for more pizza.
We've been living off the stuff the last two months. We usually get the plain 10" cheese pizza for free, plus the upgrade "The Works" for $5. Last time we got thin crust with the works and it was the best pizza I've had yet from Papa Johns. 

Tangled Up In Blue

I picked that title because Dear likes that song by Bob Dylan, who happens to be touring to Tampa area soon. Plus I've got blue on my mind and its tangling up. There are so many detail and decisions cluttering my thoughts. You know we're in the midst of a mini remodel - just the bedroom. At first we were just going to get a new bed after staying in a nice hotel in Bristol and sleeping like a queen on a fluffy, plush pillow top mattress - I was sold. So we came home and listed the waterbed on CL and it sold pretty quickly. Maybe we should have asked more than $150 for it, but I feel like we got our moneys worth out of it. The waterbed mattress was from 1996 and it cost about $500 back then, so $150 is good in my book.
Anyway, the bed is gone and the room is empty so why not fix it up first before getting another bed? So the last couple nights we've been running errands getting supplies and shopping. We decided we'll probably get our mattress at Sears because its on sale and we get free delivery. After dealing with that waterbed, we're not real excited about moving in a mattress and boxspring. I guess its just a sign we're getting old, when we'd rather pay someone to do a crappy job, than save the money and do it ourselves.
But we're still doing some crappy jobs ourselves. Like doing demolition of the old tile windowsills so our handyman can come install new marble ones. Like ripping out the old carpet in the bedroom and tack strips to prepare for our new flooring. I think I mentioned we were planning on blue carpet. But as we thought about it a little, we've changed our minds and decided to go with blue tile. The tile will be cooler, easier to see dirt and keep clean, better for my allergies and cheaper. About half the cost. Plus it speeds up the process by not waiting to schedule a carpet measure and wait 10 days for delivery and install. So we found some nice azul color tile at Floor & Decor and got a couple hundred tiles to do the bedroom.
This weekend we'll get everything ready, demo the sills, rip up the rug, paint the walls a light blue (rain drop is the color) and our handyman can wrap it all up next week.

Time To Remodel Again

Once again as the summer winds down, its time in our house to consider another remodel project. If you remember, last fall we gutted our two bathrooms and kitchen, replumbed the water pipes and built entirely new bathrooms and new kitchen. Our next project is the bedroom and the dressing room. We're kind of non traditional folks and decided to use our rooms in the house as we see fit which isn't always what other people do.
We made our master bedroom into a dressing room since it had a larger closet and bathroom connected. When we first moved into the house we had different work schedules with one of us getting up earlier to get showered and changed for work. It was more convenient and considerate to do this in a different room than the one the sleeping person was in. Also, I happen to have asthma and try to keep the bedroom allergen free by minimizing surfaces to collect dust, clothing or materials that shed skin cells and attract dust mites. So our bedroom is pretty bare, all it has is a bed and a dresser for the TV.
Anyway, we sold our vintage waterbed (thru craigslist) the other night which was drama in itself, you can read about it here. So now the bedroom is empty. Since its empty we decided to replace the carpet and update the window sills with marble, rather than the mid century tile. We may also replace the ceiling fan and we'll definitely paint it a color (yeah another white room bites the dust!), and get new blinds or window coverings.
The first step is to schedule a measure for the carpet. Home Depot has a deal now for $37 install. plus I signed up for the HD movers club and they emailed me a 10% off coupon the same day. I also redeemed a bunch of AMEX points for HD gift cards that should arrive in a few days. So after the measure it will be another 7-10 days to get the carpet installed. By then the windowsills and painting would done.
Next its bed shopping for us and paint selection.

National Coupon Month

September is National Coupon Month. As Americans embrace frugality, both coupon distribution and use have increased significantly over the past year, further demonstrating this strong desire to spend wisely and save. Seeking coupons, savings and deals remains commonplace as National Coupon Month is recognized throughout September for the 13th consecutive year.
Coupon Facts
  1. Coupon redemption in the first half of 2010 increased by 7.9%, outpacing results in the first half of 2009. Consumers saved nearly $2 billion with coupons during this time frame.1
  2. Coupon distribution in the first half of 2010 increased by 11.4%. Marketers offered 18 billion more consumer packaged goods coupons during this time period.1
  3. 93% of shoppers said they will remain cautious and keep spending at their current level, even if the economy improves.2
  4. 92% of shoppers have changed their grocery shopping behavior in the last two years.2 
  5. 97% of consumers want to know the cost of the item before buying.3
  6. CPG marketers continue to allocate the largest share of coupons — 85% — in the free-standing insert (FSI).1
  7. In 2010, the Internet continues to grow at a much faster pace than all other distribution media, up 79% from a year ago, but it represents 1.2% of all coupon distribution.1
  8. 91% of shoppers would walk away from the "perfect sweater" if it wasn´t on sale. 73% would come back later during a sale with a store coupon; and 19% would go to the sale racks instead.4  
  9. CPG distribution increased by 11% in 2009 (311 billion coupons distributed) — the largest single-year distribution quantity recorded.5
  10. Consumers redeemed nearly 3.2 billion coupons — a 23% increase (second largest increase in coupon redemption ever recorded) in 2009.5
  11. Consumers saved nearly $3.5 billion with coupons in 2009, an increase of $800 million or nearly 30% more than the prior year.5
  12. 51% of consumers indicate they will consider each purchase more carefully over the next five years. (Nearly as many say that they will become more price-conscious when buying clothing/food and that keeping a balanced budget will remain in the forefront).6
  13. 65% of shoppers use cents-off coupons received in the mail or from newspapers/magazines.7
  14. In 2009, 88% of consumers said they used coupons when planning shopping lists; an increase of 10% from 2007.5
  15. 73% (3 out of 4) of shoppers stock up on an item when they find a bargain.7
  16. 42% of shoppers are more likely to buy private label in 2010.8
  17. 77% of consumers use CPG coupons on a regular basis.9
  18. One year ago, 66% of consumers (a record number) were focused on needs over wants; 60% in Jan. 2010 — an indicator that consumer spending — at least on impulses or non-necessities — is likely to remain tight during Q1 of 2010.6
  19. The projected redemption value of U.S. online coupons delivered via the Internet, e-mail and mobile in 2010 is $12.7 billion10
1NCH Marketing Services, Inc., Mid-Year 2010 Coupon Facts Report
2The 2010 American Pantry Study: The New Rules of the Shopping Game by Deloitte and Harrison Group
National Grocers Assoc. 2010 Consumer Panel Survey
4 Redplum.com Savings Style Survey, July 2010
5NCH: U.S. CPG 2009 Coupon Marketplace Facts

6BIGresearch's Consumer Intentions & Actions Survey, Jan. 2010
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10Borell Associates, "What's On Sale? Coupon and Sales Circulars Move Online"

Happy Labor Day

Hope you have the day off, after toiling away all these months. We're enjoying a nice long weekend.


If you're sticking around Tampa Bay this weekend, here's a fun free event. Busch Gardens is hosting a concert on Sunday Sept 5 in Gwazi field at 4pm. The old eighties band Survivor will be playing for FREE (included with park admission).

And The Winner Is...

The winner of the latest giveaway of the General Mills Boxtops and MyBlogSpark gift pack and Target gift card is Dianne (dpoff1961@). The winner has been notified by email and has 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked.
Thanks to everyone who entered!