Publix Sneak Peek 8/19 -08/25

Lots of cereal and finally some coffee is BOGO. Here's the Publix Sneak Peek posted on Hot Coupon World. Also if you're in Tampa Bay area, I found the Toss 4 Cash booklets at the Plant City Publix just off I4. That stores also accepts Target coupons.

Friday Follow

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Enter To Win Tampa Bay BUCS Tickets

This contest is my only chance this year to attend a home Tampa Bay #BUCS football game, unless I want to work security for $10/hr and stand on the gates touching fat bellies of sweaty football fans, pretending I'm trying to prevent them from sneaking in suicide bombs at RayJay Stadium. But I can't ask them to empty their pockets (wink wink - if you want to sneak in a beer!)
You too, can win tickets Click HERE to enter to win 4 FREE BUCS Tickets!

Cover Girl At Publix

None of the coupon sites, forums or blogs have this matchup and its probably because they haven't updated the Green Advantage Buy Flyer with new coupons. I think its a moneymaker at #Publix for a few days from Thursday 8/12 thru Sat 8/14. So unless I'm really confused (which sometimes I am) here's the deal with Cover Girl makeup. Remember last month when they had the sale for $2 off on CG makeup - nail polish and lip products? Well, that sale stacked with both a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon to be a good moneymaker. I got a bunch of nail polish for $1.29 and used the $1/1 TQ + $1/1 MQ to make $0.61 on each item. I happened to have the $2/1 Cover Girl MQ home mailer coupons that made even more.
So here's the deal now, but I don't have a price on the concealer, powder or blush - I'm hoping they can be had for less than $2.50 during the sale, so its a moneymaker. Its possible the sale may include CG Beauty Tools (file, tweezer, etc) and I know those are cheaper than $2.50, and there is a $1/1 PQ in the GAB that could stack with the MQ. 
 CoverGirl Foundation or concealer, pressed powder, or blush, .04 to 1 oz pkg or each, $2 off
-$1/1 CoverGirl Cosmetic Item, excludes trial size TARGET Coupon 6/27/2010 P&G Insert (exp 8/30/2010)
-$1.50/1 CoverGirl or Queen item, PUBLIX Coupon - Green Advantage Flyer (exp 8/14/2010)-$1/1 Covergirl product, any 8/1/2010 P&G Insert (exp 8/31/2010)

Prime Happenings

This week while trying to order a couple different items on #Amazon, I've noticed a change in Prime Shipping. I was trying to order an auto headlight restoration kit to make our lights nice and shiny for our upcoming 12 hour drive to Bristol, TN. But my online shopping cart wouldn't let me select 2 day shipping - which is free if you have prime, and the item is selected for prime (which this item was). The same thing happened yesterday when I tried to order a new tarp to cover our boat. It qualified for prime shipping, but it won't get here for 3 days. According to Amazon, from Tuesday to Friday is 2 day shipping. Go figure.
I think they probably are getting killed on shipping costs. I know that I use Amazon more since I get #SwagBucks pretty often, and cash them in for the maximum $25 a month for Amazon gift cards. I wonder if more people are using Amazon for that reason too.
Anyway, I think something is going on here and I don't like it.

Publix Sneak Peek 8/12-18

The Publix Sneak Peek for 8/12-8/18 is posted at HCW, so check it out now for next weeks deals.

You Still Haven't Signed Up??

I just cashed in 450 points for another $5 Amazon gift card.
Have you cashed in lately?
What the! - you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet?
What in the world are you waiting for?
A special offer?
Well, here it is!
Right now they are are offering an extra 40 Swag Bucks when you enter the code BackToSchool while signing up which means you get 70 bucks just for signing up! Valid all week until 8/15.
Bonus Features of the Week:
  • There will be five one-of-a-kind Back-To-School themed Swag Buck bills in varying amounts – collect them all throughout the week and you'll earn yourself a 50 Swag Buck bonus!
  • As part of their Back to School promo, you can win five different limited edition back-to-school themed Swag Bucks adding up to 50 more swagbucks! If you follow on Twitter and "Like" them on Facebook, you'll find even more rewarding opportunities.
  • On Thursday they are having a Swag Code Extravaganza, no less than 5 Swag Codes!
Click HERE and register for a new account. Then enter BackToSchool (case sensitive) and you will get 70 bucks.
If you want to know how to earn lots of points on a regular basis, check out a previous post HERE.

Evil Scale After 3 Weeks

This is getting really old. Talking to my friends they ask why are you denying yourself food you like when you don't lose the weight when you diet. Why not just eat what you want and still not lose the weight? That's a very good question, one I ask myself everytime I drool over chicken wings or when DH is eating Ben and Jerry''s ice cream - half baked. So, I had that extra beer on Saturday night, and the chicken wings using the excuse that I did lawn work, rode my bike 10 miles, walked for an hour and other sweaty outdoor things in Florida. And I paid the price. I was up 1.6 pounds from my lowpoint of week on Sunday morning weighin.
More determined than ever on Sunday, I rode my bike more, walked faster, ate less and then it turns out this morning that the evil scale was going to just show me I'm down 1 pound this week, for a total of 4.6 lbs in 3 weeks.
I'm not looking forward to many more weeks of this to lose 10 more pounds. I'm thinking it might be worth it to just stop the madness, quit eating ANYTHING fattening, and lose 5 lbs a week. Then in two weeks it would be over and I could do maintenance eating.

Rays 10 Strikouts Coupon Double Day

I don't what the criteria is, but the Kanes Strike Out Contest certificate for last nights game is worth 2 Pizzas!

Thermacare At Publix

For all you Publix shoppers frustrated at not finding Thermacare Wraps (the moneymaker this month), supplies have been limited at the warehouse. As luck would have it, the same $5/2 coupon will be running in the next Green Advantage Flyer valid Aug 14.