Un-Frugal Boobs

Saturday night we went out for a pitcher of beer and chicken wings at our favorite little pub, and our favorite bartender was telling us about her upcoming surgery. Mind you that she is about 36 years old and normal weight with maybe a little muffin top above her jeans. She used to weigh over 300 lbs many years ago, and lost all the weight and has kept it off. As a treat to herself years ago, she bought some boobies. She saved her hard earned tips and has paid $10,000 for a nice pair of C or D cups, and she shows them off in the halter tops, and clothes that I would consider underwear. I would wear the tops she wears under another shirt, certainly not alone for fear of attracting too much unwanted attention. Granted DH would love it if I wore clothes like that, but I don't mind if he looks around at the other girls instead - just so its only looking.

Anyway, she was telling us that she is having surgery this week to get bigger implants. My jaw almost dropped because in my opinion her implants are plenty big already. Then she went on to tell us how this will be her third surgery, and that the first doctor was pretty conservative and only would put in the 320 cc size. Then the next doctor put in 360 cc size, and now she's going to get 390 cc implants. The kicker is she went to the bank to get a loan to get financing for her new boobs. We're not sure of the new price tag yet, but I'm sure we'll hear all about it when she gets back in a couple weeks. The bartending is her second job that she works on Saturday to help with the bills, since she is divorced with 2 young kids.

The funny thing is that DH is excited to see the new boobs. Its like if you get a new car and you want to show your friends. He expects her to practically flash him to show off the new improved implants. Personally, I think its dysfunctional to replace perfectly good boobs with new bigger ones. Granted there may be a leakage problem or something she didn't share with us, that requires more surgery - and maybe she is just getting more boobs while they're in there operating anyway.
I just shake my head, I don't understand it.

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Frugal Fun - Friday Extra Concert Series 2010

Its the time of year when lots of free outdoor activities take place that are family friendly and fun. One of my favorite things to do in Tampa every Friday evening in April and May is to attend the Friday Extra Concert Series. Here is the concert schedule for 2010. This year, the concerts will take place in two locations - the Lowry Park Bandshell and the new Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. The concerts are free and open to the public. Arrive early to spread out a blanket, set up your chairs, enjoy a picnic, and visit your friends and neighbors before the concert starts! Park rules must be observed.

The "opening acts" starts at 7:00 p.m. and perform until 7:25 p.m. The "main acts" starts at 7:30 p.m. On April 23rd, there will be an extra "act" - the Eth-Noh-Tec storytellers at 6:30 p.m.

Concerts in the Lowry Park Bandshell:
April 9, 2010
1. Juniper Trio
2. The Definitive Tribute to the Eagles - Alter Eagles

April 16, 2010
1. The Third Band
2. Coo Coo Ca Choo

April 23, 2010
6:30 Eth-Noh0Tec Storytellers
1. Will Erickson
2. Thomas Wynn and the Believers

April 30, 2010
1. Emily Turnage
2. Monday, Monday

Concerts at the Curtis Hixon Waterfront ParkMay 7, 2010
1. Bride Of Chaotica http://www.brideofchaotica.com/
2. Stolen Idols

May 14, 2010
1. Brandon Shepherd
2. Don Juceam Orchestra

May 21, 2010
1. Thick as Thieves Trio
2. Stacey Knights

May 28, 2010
1. One Mounted Tom
2. Johnny G. Lyon Band

Lawn Mower Class Action Settlement

You can receive Cash:· Up to $35.00 for each walk-behind lawnmower
· Up to $75.00 for each riding lawnmower
You can receive an extended Warranty:

You can receive these benefits if:

1.       You purchased a lawnmower, for your own use, containing an engine with up to 30 horsepower in the United States or Puerto Rico and between January 1, 1994 and April 12, 2010.
2.      Either the lawnmower or the engine of the lawnmower was manufactured or sold by a Company listed below.
3.       You submit a claim, either by mail or online.
Get more information HERE

Your lawnmower is included if your engine was manufactured by:
Briggs & Stratton
Or, your lawnmower is included if your lawnmower was manufactured by:
Brands manufactured by these companies include, but are not limited to:
Yard-Man, Cub Cadet, Honda, Bolens, Exmark, Deere, Sabre, Scotts, Toro, Yard Machines, Craftsman, Troy Bilt, Husqvarna, Poulan, Poulan PRO, Lawn-Boy, Weed Eater, White Outdoor, Snapper, Simplicity, Brute, Murray, and other brands.
The lawsuit does not concern the safety of these lawnmowers.
For a more detailed description of the Settlement see the links below for the Notice of Class Action and Proposed Settlement.  You can view or download a copy.
English Notice of Class Action and Proposed Settlement,
Spanish Notice of Class Action and Proposed Settlement
Important Settlement Dates: Last updated - Friday, April 02, 2010
June 4, 2010
June 22, 2010
August 31, 2010
1 Year After Final Approval

April Coupon Inserts

It looks like all remaining weekends in April we'll receive 2 inserts in the Sunday papers, one Redplum (RP) and one Smartsource (SS).

Frugal Sports Attire

As I was gathering my clothes this morning to go for my bike ride to work, I was thinking how great it was to have exactly the right thing - like padded lycra shorts, polypropylene tights, keen commuting sandals, padded fingerless gloves, etc. None of these items are cheap to buy, but once you get them they last forever. And I really mean forever. My bicycle shorts are over 20 years old, so are my tights - I wore them when I was in my twenties. They are top quality and will probably last the rest of my biking days. The Keen commuter sandals were expensive too - $115, but they too will last forever and in my opinion worth the cost avoidance in preventing numbness and pain from absorbing too much road shock while riding.
My point is that just because something costs a lot, doesn't mean its not a frugal purchase. To have proper athletic gear is critical to enjoying the activity, and therefore doing it as much as you can. It also will help prevent injuries and irritants that you may get from wearing inappropriate clothing or cheap clothing that doesn't offer the protection you need.
However, there are areas where its not critical to have all the fancy apparel. I always wear plain $5 hi vis tshirt when I'm riding, I skip the colorful biking jerseys. I also just wear regular socks, or when it gets warmer I won't wear any.
But you may ask, what if I want to get active and wear the proper apparel but I can't afford $40 shorts, and $100 shoes. Well, here are some tips.
1. Search Craigslist for used running shorts, bicycle attire or other sport gear you need.
2. Go to garage sales that list clothing, although sporting attire may be rare to find.
3. Go to 2nd hand consignment stores and ask where the sporting attire is, they'll have good quality gently used stuff.
4. Google "used sports clothing and your city name" to come up with retailers that sell used sport equipment, like Play It Again Sports.
5. Ask your buddies if they have any old clothing that doesn't fit but is in good shape. I use lots of my husbands old biking stuff, like gloves, shorts and panniers.
6. Use inexpensive garden gloves over your fingerless gloves during cold weather.
7. Cut the arms off old long underwear or turtle necks and use them for arm warmers when its cold.
There are lots of ways to be creative with your clothing, but you might look like a nerd. But who cares. Not me.

Publix Yellow Advantage Flyer April 10-May 7

Yellow Advantage Flyer: Spring Savings April 10-May 7NOTE: several of the matchups expire EARLY in the sale, so you may want to shop earlier this time.

In ad specials:
Hunt's Tomato Paste, 12 oz, 4/$5
$1/3 Play the game and print [recessionpayback.com]

4C Homestyle Grated Cheese, 6 oz, $2.99

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta, 14.5 oz, 4/$5
$1/2 01-10-10 SS exp 4/11/10
75/1 Print [smarttastechallenge.com]
$1/1 Every Day with Rachel Ray, March 2010, Parents, April 2010, Better Homes & Gardens, April 2010, Family Circle April 2010

Home Market Foods Cooked Perfect Angus Beef Meatballs, 24 oz, 2/$10

Old Bay Seasoning, 6 oz, 2/$7

Allen's Cut Italian Green Beans, 28 oz, 3/$5

Chicken of the Sea Solid White Tuna, 12 oz, 2.99

Canoe Wild Rice, 6-12 oz, 2/$7

Mission Flour Taco Tortilla 10 ct/17.5 oz or Burrito, 20 oz, 2/$3
75/1 OR $1/1 03-07-10 SS Exp 4/18/2010

House Autry Seafood or Chicken Breader, 8 oz, 1.89
75/1 IE print [coupons.com]

Veg-All Mixed Vegetables, 15 oz, 5/$5

Alexia Gourmet Quality Oven Reds, Fries, Onion Rings, Waffle Fries or Spicy Sweet Potato Fries, 13.5-24 oz, 2/$6
55/1 OR $1/2 03-21-10 SS

Tabasco Pepper Chipotle or Green Sauce, 5 oz, 2/$5
50/1 Print [tabasco.com]

Marzetti Croutons, 5 oz, 99¢

Crisco Cooking Spray, 5-6 oz, 2/$5

4C Seasoned or Plain Breadcrumbs, 15 oz, 1.19

Breakstone's Cottage Cheese 4 pk, 2/$4

Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Whole Cashews, Select Mix or NUT-rition, 9-10.24 oz, 3.99
$1/2 03-07-10 SS
$3/3 Coca-Cola Product, Any (1) Bottle Multipack And (1) Planters Nuts, Any 5.75 Oz. - 21.25 Oz. And (1) Nabisco Ritz Crackers, Any 12.5 Oz. - 16 Oz. (Must Buy All Three) Tearpad, exp 4/30/10
$1/2 peelie

South Beach Living Cereal and Snack Bars, 5.88-6.15 oz, 2/$5
$1/1 Auto-Prints [coupons.com]

Cool Whip Dips, 5.5 oz, 99¢

V8 Vegetable Juices, 64 oz, 2/$6

Pepperidge Farm Natural Whole Grain Bread, 18 oz, 2/$5
55/1 Print [pepperidgefarm.com]
55/1 blinkie exp 4/30/10
$2/2 Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Snack or Whole Grain Breads - exp 4-15 Live WholeHeartedly Now

Swanson stock, 26 oz, 2/$5

Swanson canned poultry, 4.5 oz, 2/$3
35/2 OR 50/2 OR 75/2 OR $1/2 02-07-10 SS exp 4/30/10
$1/2 Swanson Premium Chicken Cans exp 4/30/10 Live WholeHeartedly Now

V8 V-Fusion fruit juices, 6 pack, 2$6
$1/1 03-14-10 SS exp 4/25/10
$1/1 Slim pack 6 pk cans [campbellskitchen.com]

Campbell's V8 soups, 18.3 oz, 2/$5
50/1 OR 75/1 OR $1/2 02-07-10 SS exp 4/30/10
$1/2, All You Magazine, February 2010, exp 4/15/10

Kellogg's Corn Flakes, 18 oz, 2.99
$1.50/2 03-21-10 RP

Kellogg's FiberPlus Bars, 5 ct, 2/$5

Keebler Cones, assorted varieties, 10-24 ct, 2/$5

Kashi Cookies and Crackers, 6 oz or larger, 2/$5
B2G1 Kashi cracker or cereal Target Printable [target.com]

Wheatables 9-10 oz or Special K Snack Crackers, 8 oz, 2.99
$1/1 Wheatable Nut Crisp Parade, March 2010 if included
$1/1 Print, must register [snackpicks.com]

Tetley Tea 100 ct, Decaf, 24 ct or British Blend, 80 ct, 2.49
60/1 03-14-10 SS
50/1 Print, must register [tetleyusa.com]

Martha White Muffin Mix, 7-7.6 oz, 5/$5
55/2 Blinkie

Don Francisco's Coffee, 12 oz, 3.99

Kettle Brand Chips, 9 oz, 2.99
$1/1 03-07-10 SS exp 4/17/10

Sweet Leaf Sweetener All Natural SteviaPlus Packets, 50 ct/1.75 oz, 4.99

Old Orchard Healthy Balance Reduced Sugar Juice Cocktail, 64 oz, 2/$4
$1/2 Print [coupons.com]
55/1 blinkie

Emerald Trail Mix, 5.5 oz, 2/$3
$1/1 OR $1.50/2 03-14-10 RP

Smucker's Uncrustables, 4 pk, 3/$6

Phillips Crab Cakes Minis or 2 Pack, 5.99
75/1 02-28-10 SS exp 4/25/10

LaCroix Sparkling Water, 12 pk, 2/$7

Red Bull, 4 pk, 8.4 oz, 5.99

Del Monte Jar Fruit, 20-24 oz, 2/$5
$1/1 Orchard Select or SunFresh Print, must register [fruitundressed.com]

Stonyfield Farm Organic Yobaby 6 pk/4 oz, YoKids, 6 pk/4 oz or O'Soy, 6 pk/4 oz, 2.99
50/1 O'Soy E-centive print, must register [stonyfield.com]

Fage Authentic Greek Yogurt 5.3-7 oz, 4/$5

Dannon Danimals CrushCup, 4pk/4 oz, 3/$6
$1/1 03-28-10 SS exp 5/2/10
55/1 Print using zip 76109 [redplum.com]

Naturally Fresh Salad Dressing, 12 oz, 2/$4

Chatham Village Croutons, 5 oz, 99¢

Fab Liquid Laundry Detergent, 50 oz, or Powder, 3.4 lb, 2.99

Oxi Clean Versatile Stain Remover, 3.5 lb, 5.99
$1/1 Print [oxiclean.com]

Arm & Hammer Essentials Fabric Softener Sheets, 144 ct or Total 2-in-1 Dryer Cloths, 40 ct, 2.99
$1/1 03-28-10 RP exp 4/30/10
$1/2 softener sheets and $1/1 2-in-1 dryer cloths Print, must register [armandhammer.com]

Biz 2X Concentrated Stain Fighter, 25 oz, 4.99
$2/1 OR $3/1 OR B1G1 03-28-10 SS
$2/1 Print [smartsource.com]

Weiman Wipes, 30 ct, 2/$7

Oxi Clean Max Force Power Paks, 10 ct, 2.99
$1.50/1 Print [oxiclean.com]

Scotch-Brite Dishwand or Refill, 2/$3
75/2 OR $1/2 03-07-10 SS

Scotch-Brite Cook Top Cleaner Starter Kit, 3.99
$1/1 03-28-10 SS
Try Me Free MIR [3m.com]

Comet Bathroom Spray Cleaner, 17 oz, 1.99

Orange Glo Hardwood Clean & Shine System, 9.99

Spic and Span Multi-Surface and Floor Cleaner, 40 oz, 2.29

Disposer Care, 4.9 oz or Dishwasher Magic, 12 oz, 2/$5
55/1 OR $1/1 Disposer Care 03-07-10 SS
55/1 OR $1/1 Dishwasher Magic 03-07-10 SS

Woolite by Dry Cleaner's Secret, 6 ct, 7.99
$1/1 03-14-10 SS exp 4/30/10
$1/1 Print, must register [homesolutionsnews.us]

Dixie Napkins Rain 320 ct, or Dixie Paper Cup 3 oz/200 ct, 2.69
55/1 OR $1/2 01-24-10 RP exp 4/24/10
Free Napkins wyb 2 Dixie or Dixie Ultra Plates or Bowls 01-24-10 RP exp 4/24/10
35/1 OR $1/2 Cups 03-14-10 RP
$1 wyb Dixie Plate and Napkin Print [target.com]

Vanity Fair Box Napkin, 40 ct, Dinner Napkin, 40 ct, Everyday Napkin, 100 ct, or Mardi Gras Napkin, 250 ct, or Dixie PerfectTouch Cups, 12 oz, 1.97
50/1 OR $1/2 Vanity Fair Napkins 03-14-10 RP
35/1 OR $1/2 PerfectTouch Cups 03-14-10 RP

55/1 Vanity Fair Napkins Taste Of Home, April/May 2010

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue or Ultra Plush Bath Tissue 6 Roll Double Roll, 3.99
Qualifies for Mail In Rebate [gp.com]
50/1 OR $1/2 03-14-10 RP

Woolite Cleaners, 14-22 oz, 3.89
$1/1 Oxi Deep or Pet Trigger 03-14-10 SS

Scotch Fur Fighter Kit, 7.99

Arm & Hammer Multi Cat or Super Scoop Cat Litter, 20 lb, 7.49
$1/1 Print, must register [armandhammer.com] NOTE: Q I printed today 4/4/10 expired on 4/1/10!

Feline Pine Scoop Cat LItter, 4.1 lb, 4.99
$1.50/1 IE print [coupons.com]

Pedigree Dentastix Treats for Dogs, 5.5-6.2 oz, 2/$6
$1/1 OR $2/1 02-14-10 RP exp 4/11/10
$2/1 03-07-10 SS exp 4/11/10
$1/1 03-21-10 RP
$2/1 All You Magazine, March 2010
$1/1 Blinkies

Pedigree + Food for Dogs, 13.2 oz can, 79¢

Pedigree Dry 4.4 lb bag, 3.99

Pedigree Good Bites Treats for Dogs, 2/$6
$1/1 02-14-10 RP exp 4/11/10
$1/1 03-28-10 RP
$1/1 All You Magazine, March 2010

Pedigree Jumbone Treats for Dogs, 2/$6
$1/1 03-07-10 RP exp 5/2/10
$1/1 All You Magazine, March 2010

Cesar Canine Cuisine Multipack, 7.99

In Ad Publix Qs (all expire 5/7/10):
Save $1/1 Polly-O Ricotta 15 oz

Save $1/1 Millstone Coffee 12 oz bag, or 1 lb Brothers Whole Bean Bulk

Save 75/1 Nature's Own Multi-Grain or Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds, 12-16 oz, or 100 Calorie Multi-Grain Muffins, 12 oz.

Save $1/1 Kraft Parmesan Cheese, 16 oz.

Save 55/1 Cool Whip Aerosol, 7 oz.

Save $1/1 Sambazon Antioxidant Elixir, 11 oz.

Save $1/1 Jell-O Sugar Free Gelatin or Pudding, 12 pk.

Save $1/2 Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn

Save $2/4 Healthy Choice Frozen Meals

Save $1/2 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers or Marie Callender's Home-Style Creations

Buy any Two Kashi items, get Publix reusable bag free

Save $1.50/2 Kashi Frozen Pizzas

Save $1/2 Naturally Fresh Salad Toppings, 3.5 oz.

Buy one Centrum Cardio Vitaman, 60 ct, get one Kellogg's Smart Start Free

Save $4/1 The Fragrance Collection by Glade Multi-Wick Candles, 10 oz, or Reed Diffusers

In Ad Manufacturer Qs (all expire 5/7/10):
Save $1/2 on Louisiana Fish Fry 10 oz.

Save $1/1 any Scotch Lint Roller, 30-70 count

credit: tn_native and Slickdeals.net

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Frugal Car Insurance

I think I mentioned earlier this month how our Progressive car insurance renews next month and they sent the billing notice. I was surprised to see the premium for 6 months to insure our Camry and Explorer was over a hundred dollars more at $742. We've been with Progressive for all our mobile insurance since they have the best rates for motorcycles and boats, we decided to give them our car business too.
But not this time. When we called for an explanation, they didn't have one. We hadn't had any claims, and didn't move or anything so there was no justification for it. So we shopped around and found out that State Farm actually had the same level of insurance for the same rate we currently pay $637 for 6 months. In the past we have boycotted State Farm even though they have had our homeowners insurance for 15 years, because they raised rates so much and threatened to leave Florida. We never got dumped by them, even though our neighbors did.
So we sign up the cars with State Farm and paid for 1/2 the premium and have the start date of the policy for the middle of next month. Imagine our surprise when we got the billing notice for the 2nd 1/2 to be due 11 days after the policy starts. WTH! So when we had the vehicles inspected, we asked them what the deal is with the billing. Well it turns out they want the 2nd half just 30 days after the first payment. It doesn't matter if the first payment is way earlier than the policy starts. We asked to talk to corporate and it was very easy to change the billing so that its due 30 days after the policy starts, rather than 11 days after. It wasn't a big deal to us, but we questioned why offer to let the customer make 1/2 due now, 1/2 due later when there really wasn't a "later". It was the principle of the thing. Of course they have already charged the credit card for the first half of premium, even though the policy doesn't start for over 20 days. We suggested them give us our money back and we would pay them next month when it was due, but they didn't like that, they would rather change the second 1/2 payment due date.
Anyway, lesson learned. Don't pay your car insurance early, they take your money right away even though they don't give you services right away. Needless to say, it was not a very good first impression.

April Fool's

Apparently the mayor of Topeka, KA changed the cities name to Google, so today Google honors them with changing their name to Topeka. Cute.