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#Rays 10 Strike Outs - Get Your Free Papa Johns Pizza 2012

Well, the Tampa Bay #Rays are back in town for some summer baseball! They have been playing Baltimore and Toronto, with another game today at 1:10pm. And, they've been getting at least 10 strike outs in several games. You know what that means - Free Pizza!
Last time the Rays were playing in town my DH and I were able to score 14 free pizza coupons in one trip downtown Tampa to the Rays store to get our vouchers for games when the Rays had 10 Strike Outs. It was easy to drive down to Tampa Ave and park right in front of the store and run in. Then we stopped at Kanes on Hillsborough & 56th to exchange for our Papa Johns coupons. I took less than an hour to get our 14 coupons, which expire October 7, 2012.
Click here for the rules of the promotion
We're hoping they get 10 strike outs in today's game, and that will increase the number of vouchers we can pick up Friday. I have heard that THURSDAYS are double voucher days if they get 10 strike outs on a Thursday - at least last time they did, and I intend to ask again. You can pick up vouchers for the qualifying games up to 7 days after the game. So, here's the tally so far:
Friday, 8/3/12 Rays got 11 strike outs
Saturday, 8/4/12 Rays got 12 strike outs
Wednesday, 8/7/12 Rays got 10 strike outs
(Maybe) Thursday 8/8/12 (Double Thursdays?)
So, if you go to the Rays store today you can get 3 vouchers, or maybe if they get 10K today, you can pick up 5 vouchers on Friday.

#Rays 10 Strikeout Promotion - Kane's & FREE Papa Johns Pizza 2012

It's back again in #Tampa area - The Kane's Papa Johns 10 strikeout pizza promotion! Yeah. Again, this year you can get the free pizza (or upgrade to a Large for $5) and you don't even have to attend the game. You can simply go downtown Tampa to the Rays store, or to Tropicana Field in St Petersburg and pick up a voucher if you don't have a game ticket.
If you went today to get your vouchers, you can pick up one for the 7/21 game where they got 15 SO against Seattle, the 7/20 game where they got 17 SO against Seattle and the 7/19 game against Cleveland (which was Double Thursday so you get two vouchers!!). So one trip today would net you 4 pizzas! Bring your i.d.
Here's how it works this year -
Every time the Rays strikeout 10 players from the opposing team during a single home game, fans can get a coupon for a free 10-inch pizza from Papa John's. There are TWO ways to get this coupon.


Within 7 days of the 10-strikeout home game, take your ticket stub to any Kane's showroom location to redeem a coupon for a free Papa John's pizza.


You can pick up one free pizza voucher at either one of the following locations AND then bring that voucher into any one of Kane's showroom locations within 7 days of the 10-strikeout game in order to redeem your free Papa John's pizza coupon. Follow STEPS 1 & 2 below.

STEP 1  Pick up your voucher at one of the following locations:
  • Visit the Rays Pro Shop and Ticket Outlet to pick up one free voucher to redeem at Kane's Furniture within 7 days of the 10-strikeout game. The Rays Pro Shop and Ticket Outlet is located at 400 North Tampa Street, Downtown Tampa, and is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Stop by the Tropicana Field Gate 1 (also known as the Rotunda) Box Office window Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Tropicana Field is located at One Tropicana Drive, St. Petersburg. You can only pick up one free pizza voucher per person to redeem at Kane's within 7 days of the 10-strikeout Rays game.
STEP 2  Take your voucher to a Kane's showroom location to redeem a free pizza coupon. 
  • Take your voucher – from the Rays Pro Shop and Ticket Outlet or Tropicana Field Gate 1 Box Office – to any Kane's showroom location to redeem a coupon for a free Papa John's pizza.
Limit one free pizza coupon per person per ticket stub or voucher. You must be 18 years of age and you must redeem your ticket stub or voucher at Kane's within 7 days of the 10-strikeout home game date. Call 737-342-5717 or 813-228-7157 for more information.
Click here for a list of Kane's Furniture locations.