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New Gasparilla Coupon Calendar at Publix

Stopped by today to get a couple more Contessa meals (yummy and easy)

Buy (2) Contessa Micro Steam frozen meals BOGO $6.99 ea

Use (2) $2/1 HERE or look for $2 peelies on the bags
=$1.50 each!

and got the new green advantage buy flyer, but also found a new calendar with coupons. They are all manufacturer coupons:

$2/4 Healthy Choice frozen entrees
$1/1 Huggies diapers
$1/2 Glory Foods cans
$1/2 Kleenex tissue
$0.75/1 Kotex
$1/2 Zephyrhills water 6pks
$1/2 Pirates Booty snacks
$1/1 Listerine 500ml
$1/1 Simply Smart Milk
BIGI Myoplex bar
$2/1 Tylenol any
$3 off both Bandaid + Neosporin

My First Shop of 2010

Last night we went to Publix for our first grocery shop of the new year. We don't really need much since we're trying to use up our stockpile, as I talked about in the Eat From the Pantry Challenge but we do need to get a few produce and dairy items. You probably didn't notice that I didn't post new year resolutions, but I didn't. I don't really feel ready to do that yet. I have been thinking about goals though, and have decided my frugal shopping goal is to spend less than $1000 this year at the grocery store. This would work out to an average of $19.23 per week, or about $77 a month. This is a huge stretch goal because in the past our groceries were our second highest household expense at about $4000 a year. Basically, we are going to try to cut our grocery budget by 75% using coupons, stockpiling stuff on sale, and shopping the BOGO deals at Publix.
So back to our trip yesterday to Publix. I felt unprepared for the shop, and was printing and cutting out Target coupons to stack with the MQ's on Special K Cereal because I didn't remember that Target had some matches. I was relying too much on the blogs to outline the deals, and they missed some key coupons that I had (like BOGO MQ on the Special K cereal to match with the BOGO sale, so all boxes were free). I need to increase my awareness of what coupons are out there and what I have. I also didn't preplan the purchases on a spreadsheet (which I've never done) but this would have saved me more money. I had extra $5 off $50 coupons but only used one, when I could have thrown the other one in since our total was over $145 before coupons. I had two expired store coupons from last months flyer, and had to tear out two new ones from the Green Advantage Flyer. I also made the mistake of not splitting the order so that I used less than 50 coupons.  Also the last coupons (the stacking Target Q) confused the clerk and she called over the manager to approve. Then at the bottom of the pile finally, they start beeping because I have too many coupons. I also had more coupons than items in my cart which requires manager override too. I don't mind doing this but the store was "alive at five" and the line behind me was getting impatient. I told the girl that I'll use them next time. So these mistakes cost me about $7. At the end of the transaction the total was $27 and the savings were $135, for 84% savings. So, the $27 is more than the budgeted amount per week of $19. If I had planned my shop better I would have come in about $20, only $1 over budget.
I'm not really fond of having grocery shopping become a mathematical worksheet, but I suppose why not. After all, its one of our biggest expenses of the household. Its actually amazing how so many people just don't make the time or effort to use coupons to save hundreds of dollars every month. I can save more money using coupons than I could make in a part time job. Maybe I should just quit my day job and become a professional grocery shopper. I could just split the savings with the people. It would pay me and they would spend less on groceries. Think that would work? Who wants to sign up?

2010 Publix Art Calendar

I'm so excited I received my 2010 Publix Art Calendar in the mail today. Since they won't be distributing them in Tampa, I emailed corporate and they shipped one off in a day. There are great coupons for each month of the year, so if you want one I'd recommend requesting your own copy.
The coupons included are:
January: $2 off a $20 Purchase
February: $1 Off Any Grocery Item of $1 or more
March: $1 Off any Produce Item of $1 or More
April: $1 Off any Bakery Item of $1 or More
May: $1 Off any Meat/Seafood Item of $1 or More
June: $1 Off any Deli Item of $1 or More
July: $3 Off A $30 Purchase
August: $1 Off any Grocery Item of $1 or More
September: $1 Off any Bakery Item of $1 or More
October: $1 Off any Produce Item of $1 or More
November $3 Off of a $30.00 Purchase
December: $5 Off of a $50 Purchase

Publix Deals 10/28, 2 money makers

People have been asking whats coming up at Publix as far as deals.
For the Publix ad sneak peek at Hot Coupon World GO HERE
There are a couple money makers you can do at Publix this week too.
1. In Ad Qs (starts Thursday): $4.00 Off the purchase of four General Mills or Nature Valley Products, 5 oz or larger.
Muir Glen is a General Mills product and the tomato sauce is priced at .89¢ and the tomato paste is $1.09.
Use four $1/1 Muir Glen coupons from the Better At Home Booklet and the in ad Publix coupon for some major overage (if your store allows).  There are also several Muir Glen IP's available: HERE on the left side of the Muir Glen Facebook site 
So the math works like this 0.89x4=$3.56 - 4 ($1/1) = -0.04 minus the in ad coupon $4 = $4.04 overage.
2. Anytime as long as you can get the coupon - quick Go HERE to print a $4/1 any Knox product coupon. The Knox gelatin (usually found in the jello section) is around $1.50 (or less) at Publix so it is possible to get overage (if allowed by your store). Use ZIP code 30187. $2.60 overage