My Publix Trip - Paid $1.79, Saved 97%

I don't really need much as we are fully stocked and with the healthy diet we don't eat much processed food. We spent a half day in the kitchen on Sundays and make salads, fruit snacks and meals for the week.

I split up this shop into two transactions so I could use an extra $5 off $30 WD coupon. Basically, the Snausages dog treats overage and the WD coupon paid for the Mountain Dew, with some vitamins thrown in to pay the tax. Many new couponers just don't seem to grasp the concept of having to buy stuff you don't use just to gain overage, but it is essential to having low grocery bills. In addition to overage, you need to buy items to bring up your totals to the threshold needed to use a $ off $$ coupon on top of your order. I did my worksheet before my shop and can't modify it at home so it doesn't show the Prevacid which is on sale for $9.79 (w/ $6 MQ print + $3 TQ print), this is what I used to get to my threshold of $30 instead of a gallon of water.

So on both orders I spent $1.79 and saved about 97%.

On Sunday you can expect to get a $ off $2 seafood coupon for Publix, but no other inserts will be in the paper.

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