Publix Weekly Ad Sneak Peek 1/17- 1/23/13

Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry Juice Blend or Citrus, 64 oz bottle (excluding 100% Grapefruit Juice, Grapefruit Cocktails and Light Juice 64 oz bottles), save up to 3.13

General Mills Cereal, Cheerios: Original or Honey Nut, 17 or 18 oz box, or Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp or Reese's Puffs, 15.6 to 18 oz box, save up to 5.19

McCormick Chili Seasoning Mix, 1.25 oz pkg, save up to 1.29

Bantry Bay Mussels, 16 oz pkg, save up to 5.99

Phillips Crab Cakes, 6 oz pkg, save up to 8.99

Cumberland Gap Ham Chunks, Regular or Diced, 8 oz pkg, save up to 3.29

Hebrew National Kosher All Beef Franks, or Knockwurst, 11 or 12 oz pkg, save up to 4.99

Fresh Attitude Salad, Spring Mix, Baby Spinach, Arugula, Baby Romaine or Baby Spinach, 5 oz pkg, save up to 2.99

Kellogg's Apple Jacks Cereal, or Froot Loops, 12.2 or 12.6 oz box, or Scooby Doo! 12 oz box, save up to 4.29

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, 6.1 to 7.4 oz box, no price given

Quaker Instant Oatmeal, 10.9 to 16.2 oz box, save up to 2.98

Duncan Hines Decadent Brownie Mix, 16.76 to 18 oz box, save up to 2.79

Pasta Roni or Rice-A-Roni, 3.8 to 7.2 oz box, save up to 1.19

Campbell's 100% Natural Soup, 18.6 to 18.8 oz can, save up to 2.49

Dole Fruit in 100% Fruit Juices, Gel or Light Syrup, or Parfait, 4 pk, 4 or 4.3 oz cup, save up to 2.31

Ocean Spray Craisins Dried Cranberries or Craisins Trail Mix, 5 or 6 oz pkg (excluding Chocolate Covered), save up to 2.45

Hunt's 100% Natural Tomatoes, 28 oz can or Puree or Sauce, 29 oz can, save up to 1.99

Smucker's Preserves, Marmalade, Spread, Jelly or Jam, 12.75 to 18 oz jar (excluding Apple, Grape, Low Sugar Grape and Red Raspberry), save up to 3.41

Pompeian Imported Olive Oil, Extra Light Tasting or Mediterranean, 16 oz bottle, save up to 5.99

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing or Farmhouse Originals, 16 oz bottle, (excluding Organic Ranch), save up to 2.93

Vlasic Pickles, Spears, or Stackers, 16 to 46 oz jar, save up to 2.89

Coca-Cola Products, 6 pk, 16.9 oz bottles, save up to 4.69

Deer Park Natural Spring Water, 12 pk, 16.9 oz bottles, save up to 3.79

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn, Single Serve 6 or 10 ct, 11.64 to 19.8 oz box, or 30 oz jar, save up to 3.89

Doritos Tortilla Chips, 10 or 11 oz bag (excluding Baked), save up to 4.29

Nabisco Munch Packs, or Variety, Single Serve Tray or Kraft Handi-Snacks, 12 or 15 ct, 9.45 to 25.2 oz pkg, save up to 6.49

Thomas' English Muffins, 11 to 13 oz pkg, save up to 4.19

Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Bread, 24 oz loaf, save up to 3.99

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies or Wafers, Sticks or Fudge Strips, E.L. Fudge or Mint Creme Middles, 6.6 to 15 oz pkg, save up to 3.69

Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers, 11 to 16.5 oz box or Soup & Oyster Crackers, 9 oz bag, save up to 3.09

Kit Kat Snack Size Treats, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, Hershey's or Peter Paul Almond Joy, 16.3 to 20.1 oz bag, save up to 6.39

Smart Balance Spread, 13 or 15 oz or 2 pk, 7.5 oz tub, or Spray 8 oz bottle, (excluding Organic), save up to 2.85

Cool Whip Whipped Topping, 8 oz bowl, save up to 1.75

Pepperidge Farm Garlic or Cheese Texas Toast or Premium Roasted Garlic Toast, 9.5 to 12.7 oz box, surprisingly low price

Hungry-Man Dinners, 13.1 to 16 oz box, save up to 3.69

Lightlife Meat Free Entrees, 9.7 to 12 oz pkg, save up to 3.79

Birds Eye Voila! Skillet Meal, 21 oz bag, save up to 4.99

Haagen-Daz Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt or Sorbet, 14 oz carton, save up to 3.95

Van's Natural Foods Waffles or Pancakes, 7.5 to 12.4 oz pkg, save up to 3.15

Rudi's Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread, Multigrain or Original, or Organic Sprouted Multigrain or Organic Harvest Bread: Marvelous Multigrain or Scrumptious Spelt, 18 or 20 oz bag, save up to 3.99

Colgate Toothpaste, 6.4 oz tube, save up to 2.89

Right Guard Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Total Defense 5, 2 to 4 oz pkg, save up to 3.07

Atkins Advantage Shake or Day Break, 4 ct, 11 oz can, save up to 6.99

Publix Extra Strength Pain Relief, 50 ct box (excluding PM, Geltabs and Gelcaps), save up to 4.79

Finish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent, 45 or 60 ct pkg, save up to 11.99

Rubbermaid Filter Fresh Water Filtration Bottle, Blue or Pink, 20 oz each or Filter Refills, each, save up to 9.99

No Nonsense Socks, 3 pair pkg, save up to 4.49

Beech-Nut On-the-Go Fruities, 4 oz pkg, save up to 0.99

Hellmann's Mayonnaise, 30 oz jar, save up to 4.69

Prego Italian Sauce, or Meat Sauce, 23.5 or 24 oz jar, save up to 2.03

Hoagie Rolls, 4 ct, 11 oz pkg, 2.29
Bread Bowls, 8 oz pkg, 1.49
Sourdough Round or Sourdough Five Grain Bread, 16 oz pkg, 2.99
Tuscan Roasted Garlic Loaf, 16 oz, select locations, 3.99
Danish Pecan Ring, 15 oz pkg, 3.99
Bear Claw Pastry, Cheese, Almond or Apricot, 2 ct, 6 oz pkg, 2.99
Key Lime Pie, Original or Mango, or Chocolate Fudge Cream Pie, 32 or 34 oz pkg, 6.99
Mini Cookie Bites, 14 ct, 8 oz pkg, 3.49
Assorted Donuts, 4 ct, 7 to 14 oz, 2.49

Publix Shredded Cheese, 6 or 8 oz pkg, 2/$5
Publix American Singles, 12 oz pkg, 2/$5
Publix Mozzarella String Cheese: Part Skim or Reduced Fat, 12 oz pkg, 2/$7
Smart Balance Milk, 64 oz carton, 2/$5
International Delight Coffee Creamer, 32 oz bottle, 2/$5
Pillsbury Rolls, Breadsticks, Crusty French Loaf, or Pizza Crust, 8 or 13.9 oz can, 3/$6
Claussen Pickles, Spears or Crisp Sauerkraut, 20 to 32 oz jar, 2/$4
Voskos Greek Yogurt, including Voskos Crunch, 4.6 or 5.3 oz cup, 10/$10
Publix Chunk Cheese, 8 oz pkg, 2/$5
Publix Sliced Cheese, 6 or 8 oz pkg, 2/$5

Publix Deli Roast Beef Half Sub Combo, includes chips and drink, 5.49
Publix Family Combo Meal, Rotisserie Chicken or 8 Piece Mixed Fried Chicken, 9.99
Publix Deli Large Turkey Cobb Salad, 12 oz, 5.49
Publix Deli Cooked Top Round Roast Beef, 8.99/lb
Publix Deli Hummus, 8 oz pkg, 1.99
Kangaroo Pita Chips or Crisps, 8 or 9 oz pkg, 1.99
Boar's Head Black Forest Ham, 8/49/lb
Boar's Head Provolone Cheese, 7.69/lb
Publix Deli Couscous Primavera Salad, 10 oz pkg, 2/$6
Publix Deli Garden Vegetable Pasta Salad, 12 oz pkg, 2/$6
Publix Deli Balck Eyed Pea Salad, 12 oz pkg, 2/$6
Publix Deli Three Bean Salsa Salad, 12 oz pkg, 2/$6
Publix Deli Roasted Corn Poblano Salad, 12 oz pkg, 2/$6
Publix Deli Tri Fruit and Grain Salad, 12 oz pkg, 2/$6

Publix Popcorn Chicken, 24 oz pkg, 6.99 (I guessed frozen)
Publix Steam in Bag Vegetables or Brown Rice, 10 or 12 oz pkg, 10/$10
Newman's Own Pizza, Thin & Crispy, 12.1 to 14.3 oz box, 2/$10
Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt, 14 oz carton, 2/$6
Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast or Boneless Skinless Tenderloins, frozen, 32 oz bag, 5.69

Gatorade Perform 02 Thirst Quencher or G2: Thirst Quencher or Low Calorie, 32 oz bottle, 10/$10
Canada Dry, 7-Up, A&W, or Diet Rite, 2L bottles, 10/$10
Del Monte Specialties Vegetables, 14.5 to 15.25 oz can or Crinkle Cut Pickled Beets, (excluding Asparagus), 10/$10
Post Cereal, Selects or Great Grains, 13.5 to 16 oz box, 2/$5
Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Granular, 3.8 oz box, or Packets 100 ct box, or Nectresse 100% Natural No Calorie Sweetener, 40 ct box, 2.99
Swanson Broth, 32 oz carton (excluding organic), 2/$4
Dunkin' Donuts Coffee, 11 or 12 oz bag, or Keurig Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cups, 12 ct box, 6.99
Pepsi Products, 8 or 12 pk, 12 oz cans or bottles, 3/$10
Muscle Milk Protein Shakes, individual bottles, 14 oz, B2G1F
Tostitos or Fritos Dip, 14.75 to 15.75 oz jar or 4 ct, 10 oz pkg, 2/$6
Kashi Cereal, 10.3 to 16.3 oz box, Hot Cereal, 11.28 oz box, Bars or Soft-Baked Squares, 6.7 to 8.4 oz box, or Biscuits, 15.6 oz box, 2.99
Progresso Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs, Plain, Italian or Lemon Pepper, 8 oz box, 2/$4

Health & Beauty/Baby:
Dial Body Wash or Right Guard, 6.8 to 18 oz bottle, 2/$6
Just for Men Hair Color, 1 ct box, 5.99
Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads, 28 to 44 ct, or Maxi Pads, 28 to 48 ct or Advanced Overnight, 28 ct pkg, 3.99
Tresemme Hair Products, 3.3 to 32 oz pkg, 2/$7
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold or Flu Medicine or Sinus, 20 ct box, 4.99
Emergen-C, 10 to 30 ct box, 25% off
Cortizone-10 Ointment, Creme or Gel, 1 oz pkg, 3.99
L'Oreal RevitaLift Moisturizers, 0.5 to 1.7 oz pkg, 2.00 off
Gerber 2nd Foods Baby Food, 2 pk, 3.5 oz container (excluding Organic and DHA Varieties), 10/$10

Publix Facial Tissues, 230 ct box, 10/$10
Purex Laundry Detergent, 83 or 100 oz bottle, or Ultrapacks, 36 ct bag, 4.99
Lysol Disinfectant Spray, 19 oz can, 5.99
Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner + Bleach 32 oz bottle, or Bathroom Cleaner 30 oz bottle, or Anywhere Sanitizing Spray 22 oz bottle, 2/$5
Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 56 oz bottle, 2/$5
Ultra Palmolive Dish Liquid, 25 oz bottle, 2/$5
GE Reveal Sprila LIght Bulb, 13, 20 or 26 watt, 1 ct, 5.99
Publix Super Soft Bathroom Tissue, Double Roll, 4 roll pkg, 2/$4
Publix Tall Kitchen Bags, with Flap Ties or Drawstring Closure, 13 gallons, 55 or 85 ct or Lawn + Leaf, 39 gallon 32 ct box, 5.99
Publix Decorated Paper Plates, 8 1/2" 115 ct, 3.99
Kleenex Viva Paper Towels, 6 roll pkg, 6.99
Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper, Double Rolls, 12 roll pkg, 6.49
Kingsford Match Light Charcoal Briquettes, 12.5 lb bag, 8.99

Boneless Top Sirloin Steaks, 4.99/lb
Top Sirloin Fillets, 6.99/lb
Lean Ground Beef, 4.49/lb
Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokies, Wieners or Beef: Smokies or Franks, 13 or 14 oz pkg, 2/$6
Publix GreenWise New York Strip Steaks, 9.99/lb
Publix GreenWise Ground Chuck, 4.99/lb
Whole Chicken, 1.29/lb
Publix GreenWise Whole Chicken, 1.99/lb
Perdue Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast, Thin Sliced or Tenderloins, 3.99/lb
Pork Sirloin Chops or Pork Loin Country Style Ribs, 2.99/lb
Publix GreenWise Top Round London Broil, or Publix GreenWise Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast, 4.99/lb
Bottom Round Roast, 4.49/lb
Rump Roast, 4.99/lb
Hormel Black Label Bacon, Original, Maple or Thick Sliced, 16 oz pkg, 3.99, Center-Cut, 12 oz pkg, 2/$9
Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunchmeats, Ultra Thin or Deli Carvers, 8 or 9 oz tub, 3/$10
Butterball Turkey Bacon, Sausage or Kielbasa, or Variety Pack Lunchmeat, 3 to 14 oz pkg, 2/$5
Conecuh Sausage, 16 oz pkg, 3.99
Center-Cut Pork Rib Chops, 3.49/lb
Thin-Sliced Pork Loin, 3.79/lb
Pork Spareribs, 2.49/lb, Sliced, 2.79/lb
Oscar Mayer Lunchables, 11.4 to 14.7 oz pkg, 2/$6
Publix Pork Sausage Roll, Mild or Hot, 16 oz pkg, 2/$6
Tyson Chicken Breast Fillets, or Strips: Crispy, Buffalo, or Honey BBQ or Southern Style Tenderloins, 25 oz pkg, 6.99
Bob Evans Oven Bake Macaroni & Cheese, Hash Brown Bake or Scalloped Potatoes, 20 oz pkg, 3.99
Perdue Short Cuts Chicken or Turkey Breast, 9 oz pkg, 2/$6
Ball Park Franks: Meat, Lite, or Bun Size, 14 or 16 oz pkg, 2/$5

Pedigree Food for Dogs or Puppies, 15 to 17 lb bag, 11.99
Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks, 10 oz pkg, 4.99
Pedigree Dog Food, 13.2 oz can, 10/$6.50
Purina Cat Chow Cat Food or Kitten Chow, 3.15 lb bag, 4.49
Newman's Own Organics Dog Treats, Medium or Large-Sized Dogs, Premium or New Zealand Ranch Style, 10 oz bag, 2/$5.50

Russet Potatoes, 5 lb bag, 2.99
Baking Potatoes, 10 lb bag, 5.89
Incredible Fresh Diced Onions, Yellow or Red, or Tri Pepper Mix, 8 oz pkg, 2/$4
Naturally Fresh Dressing, 12 oz container, 2/$4
Publix Baby Cut Carrots, 16 oz bag, 1.29, 32 oz bag, 2.49
Simply 100% Pure Orange Juice, Apple, Grapefruit, Juice Blends, or Cranberry Cocktail, 1.75L bottle, or Minute Maid Orange Juice, 59 oz pkg, 2/$6
Premium Tomatoes, 1.49/lb
Florida Green Bell Peppers, 1.49/lb
Publix White Mushrooms, Whole or Sliced, 8 oz pkg, 1.69
Blueberries, pint, 2.99
Cantaloupe, 2/$4
Mini Red Seedless Watermelon, each, 2/$5
Premium Strawberries, 16 oz pkg, 2/$5
Dessert Shells, 6 ct, 0.99
White or Red Seedless Grapes, 2.79/lb
Clementines, 5 lb box, 4.99
Peaches or Nectarines, 2.99/lb
Large Red Delicious Apples, 1.29/lb

Small Lobster Tails, 3 oz minimum, each, 5.99
Fresh Catfish Fillets, 4.99/lb, Cajun Seasoned, 5.99/lb
Large White Shrimp, 31 to 35 per pound, 6.99/lb
Publix Premium Salmon Fillets, 12 oz box, 6.99
Don's Deluxe Seafood Salad, 4.69/lb
Publix Tuna Teaks, 12 oz pkg, frozen, 5.99
Extra Large Cooked Shrimp, 26 to 30 per pound, 10.99/lb
Stuffed Clams or Scallops, 4 or 5 oz minimum, 10/$10

In Ad Qs:
Enfamil Infant Formula Powder or Enfagrow, 22.2 to 24 oz can, $6/2
Huggies Diapers, GoodNites, Pull-Ups or Little Swimmers, 10 to 156 ct, $2/1
Wish-Bone Dressing, 16 or 24 oz bottle, $1/1
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, Dessert Barn, Muffin or Brownie Mix, $1.50/2
Old El Paso Products (excluding Dinner Kits), $1/3
Campbell's Condensed Soups, 10.5 to 11.5 oz can, $1/4
Knorr Sides, 3.8 to 5.8 oz pouch, $1/2
Breyers Ice Cream or Blasts! Dairy Dessert, 48 oz carton, $1/1
Bisquick Pancake and Baking Mix, 40 or 60 oz box, $1/1
Swanson Broth or Cooking Stock, 26 to 49.5 oz pkg, $1/2
Swanson Premium Chunk Chicken Breast in Water, 12.5 oz can, $1.25/1

Thanks to tn_native of Slickdeals Publix thread

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