Publix Weekly Ad Sneak Peek 7/26 - 8/1/12

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I have to say overall, I haven't found much I need these last few weeks. I will be getting the ziplocks from the Yellow Advantage Buy deal, and of course the papermate pens moneymaker with TQ's is great. Don't throw away your Sunday paper until you've clipped both the $2 PQ for Seafood, and the $5 off $30 Sweetbay competitor coupon to use at Publix.
Publix Deli Tea, gallon, save up to 2.59

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars or Dipps Bars, 6.1 to 6.7 oz box, save up to 2.51

Juicy Juice All Natural 100% Juice Blend or Fruitfuls Juice Beverage, 8 pk, 6.75 oz box, save up ot 3.25

Honey Kids Organic Thirst Quenchers, Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness, Appley Ever After, or Tropical Tango Punch, 8 ct, 54 oz box, save up to 3.85

Mama Lucia Italian Meatballs, frozen, 25 oz pkg, save up to 5.99

Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts, 10 oz pkg, save up to 4.99

Fresh Express Salad Kit, 6.4 to 13.8 oz bag, save up to 3.99

Publix Deli Old-Fashioned Deli Beans, 16 oz pkg, save up to 2.39

Flatout Bread, 11.2 oz pkg, save up to 3.19

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal, 13 to 17 oz box, or Vanilla Clusters, 18 oz box, save up to 3.29

Mueller's Pasta, 12 to 16 oz box, (excluding Lasagne, Jumbo Shells and Noodles), save up to 1.59

Pasta Roni or Rice-A-Roni, 3.8 to 7.2 oz box, save up to 1.29

Ghirardelli Brownie Mix, 17 to 20 oz box, save up to 2.99

Gatorade Perform 02 Thirst Quencher, or G2, 64 oz bottle, save up to 2.75

V8 Splash Beverage or Diet V8 Splash, 64 oz bottle, save up to 2.69

Hunt's 100% Natural Tomatoes, 14.5 oz can, save up to 1.27

Nissin Chow Mein Noodles, Ramen or Bowl Noodles, 3.26 to 4 oz bowl, save up to 0.89

Ocean Spray Craisins Dried Cranberries, Sweetened or Cherry or Pomegranate Juice Infused, 10 oz bag, save up to 3.99

Kraft Barbeque Sauce, Original or Honey, 27 oz bottle, save up to 2.79

Old El Paso Dinner Kit, 8.4 to 19.2 oz box, save up to 2.93

Bumble Bee Premium Albacore Tuna in Water, 5 oz pouch, save up to 2.89

Mt. Olive Sweet Relish or Pickles, 16 oz jar, save up to 2.39

Pepsi Products, 8 pk, 12 oz bottle, save up to 4.49

Deer Park Aquapod Natural Spring Water, 8 pk, 11 oz bottle, save up to 2.49

Emerald Almonds, Roast, Smoked, or Simply Natural, 11 oz canister, save up to 5.79

Doritos Tortilla Chips, 10.5 to 11.5 oz bag, (excluding Baked), save up to 4.29

Pepperidge Farm Buns or Rolls, 6 to 12 ct, 12.25 to 16 oz pkg, save up to 3.29

Entenmann's Softees Donuts, Powdered or Frosted, or Cinnamon, 10 oz pkg, save up to 2.99

Starburst Fruit Chews Candy, Skittles, or Lifesavers, 13 or 14 oz bag, save up to 2.99

Thomas' English Muffins or Hearty Muffins, 11 to 13 oz pkg, save up to 3.99

Daisy Sour Cream, 8 oz cup, save up to 1.39

Immaculate Baking Co. Cookie Dough, 14 oz bag, save up to 3.29

Edy's Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Dairy Dessert or Sherbet, 1.5 qt carton, save up to 5.99

Klondike or Slim-A-Bear Ice Cream Treats, 16 to 27 oz box, save up to 3.21

Ore-Ida Potatoes or Onion Rings, 16 to 32 oz pkg, save up to 3.51

Kellogg's Eggo Waffles, 9.8 to 12.6 oa box, save up to 3.21

Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks or Fillets, 18 to 24.6 oz pkg, save up to 5.99

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, 6 or 6.3 oz box, save up to 3.39

Purina Beggin' Strips Dog Snack, or Thick Cut, 25 oz pkg, save up to 12.29

Lysol Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner, 32 oz bottle, save up to 3.99

Playtex HandSaver Gloves, each, save up to 2.49

Seed Soy Candle, 7.5 oz jar, save up to 7.99

Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, 6 months and up, 4 oz jar, (excluding Gourmet Meals), save up to 1.00

Poly 2-Pocket 3 Tang Folder, save up to 0.79

General Mills Cereal, Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp, or Reese's Puffs, 15.6 to 18 oz box, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 20.25 oz box, save up to 4.25

Kraft MilkBite Milk & Granola Bars, Strawberry, Peanut Butter or Chocolate, 6.15 oz box, save up to 2.99

Ragu Pasta Sauce, 16 to 24 oz jar, (excluding Organic), save up to 2.19

Arnold Dutch Country Bread, 100% Whole Wheat, Premium Potato, Double Fiber 100% Whole Wheat or 100% Whole Grain, 22 or 24 oz loaf, save up to 2.99

Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner, or Rotini & Cheese or Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese, 9.4 to 14 oz box, save up to 2.29

100% Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls, Plain, or Potato, 12 ct, 12 to 15 oz pkg, 2.29
Hoagie Rolls, 4 ct, 2.29
Key Lime Pie, Original or Mango or Chocolate Fudge Cream, or Pineapple Passion Fruit, 32 or 24 oz pkg, 6.99
Italian Bread, 16 oz loaf, 2.29
Cranberry Walnut Loaf, 16 oz size (select locations), 4.49
Donuts, 6 ct, 10 oz pkg, 2.99
FREE Crusty White Baguette 8 oz when you buy Bread Dip Seasoning, Original or Parmesan, 3.4 or 4.2 oz pkg
Decorated Cupcakes, 6 ct, 3.99, 12 ct, 6.99
Butter Pound Cake or Sour Cream or Banana Walnut or Cranberry Pecan Loaf, 12 or 16 oz pkg, 3.99
Puff Pastry Bites 15 ct, 10 oz pkg, 4.89

Galaxy Veggie Slices, 7.3 oz pkg, 2.89
Publix Swiss Singles, 12 oz pkg, 2.99
Publix Cottage Cheese, 24 oz cup, 2.09
Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt, 4 pk, 4 oz cup, 2/$7
Egg Beaters, 15 or 16 oz carton, 3/$5
Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, 16.3 or 17.3 oz can, or Simply Buttermilk Biscuits, 12 oz can, 4/$5
Shedd's Spread Country Crock, 50% Vegetable Oil, Light or Plus Calcium, 45 oz tub, 2/$5
Smart Balance Milk, half gallon, 2/$5
Publix Shredded Cheese or Chunk, 16 oz pkg, 4.99
Publix Crumbled Cheese, Feta, Gorgonzola or Blue Cheese, 4 oz pkg, 2/$4
Kraft American Singles, Yellow, White or Sharp Cheddar, 12 oz pkg, 2/$5
Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt, 4 pk, 3.5 oz cup, 2/$5

Publix Turkey Half Sub, 3.99
Publix Mojo Rotisserie Chicken, 5.99
Publix Deli Mojo Pork Dinner, 3.99
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, 7.2 oz pkg, (excluding Chocolate and White Chocolate varieties), 2/$5
Boar's Head London Broil Top Round Roast Beef, 10.49/lb
Boar's Head Domestic Swiss Cheese, 8.69/lb

Publix Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenderloins or Cutlets, frozen, 32 oz pkg, 2/$10
Lean Cuisine Entrees, 5.25 to 12.5 oz pkg, 4/$10
P.F. Chang's Home Menu Meals for 2, 22 oz pkg, 6.99
Marie Callender's Dinner or Meal, 8.5 to 19 oz box, (excluding Pot Pies), 4/$10
Tyson Breaded Chicken, Steak Fingers, Country Fried Steak or Mini Chicken Sandwich, or Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls, 16 to 32 oz pkg, 4.99

Horizon Milk, 8 oz carton (excluding 3 pk), 10/$10
Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, 1.5 to 4.1 oz pkg, or Homestyle Casserole, 3.8 or 3.95 oz box, 10/$10
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts, 8 ct, 13.5 to 15.2 oz pkg, 3/$5
Smucker's Preserves or Marmalade, Jelly or Jam, 18 oz jar, 50% off
Coca-Cola Products, 12 pk, 12 oz can, B2G1F
Snapple Tea or Juice Drink, 6 pk, 16 oz bottles, B2G1F
Tostitos or Fritos Dip, 14.75 to 15.75 oz jar or 4 ct, 10 oz pkg, 2/$6
Keebler Crackers, 8 to 16 oz pkg, 2/$5
Nabisco Oreo Cookies, Fudge Cremes or Cakesters, 10.5 to 15.9 oz pkg, or Oreo Creme Filled Brownies, 15 oz box, 2.99
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops or Froot Loops, 10.5 to 12.6 oz box, or Honey Smacks, 15.3 oz box, or Krave, 11 or 11.4 oz box, 2/$5
Frito-Lay Snacks, Variety Pack, 20 ct, 18 to 20 oz pkg, 5.99
Campbell's Condensed Soup, 10.5 to 11.5 oz can (excluding Won Ton, Cream of Shrimp and Oyster Stew), 10/$10
Nutella Hazelnut Spread, 13 oz jar, 2/$6

Health & Beauty/Baby:
Dove Hair Care Products, 7 oz can or 4 to 12 oz pkg, 2/$6, 25.4 oz bottle, 5.79
Dentek Floss Picks, 75 or 90 ct, 10/$10
Aveeno Facial Products or Body Lotion, 5 to 12 oz pkg, 20% off
Tampax Pearl Tampons 36 ct box, or Radiant Tampons 32 ct box, or Always Pads: Ultra Thin, Infinity, Radiant or Maxi, 24 to 48 ct pkg, 6.99
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, 5.5 or 7.5 oz bottle, 10/$10
Aleve Pain Reliever, 50 ct pkg, or Bayer Aspirin, 60 to 120 ct pkg, 4.99
Atkins Shakes or Bars, 25% off
Flintstones Children's Multivitamins, Gummies or Chewables, 50 to 150 ct bottle, 25% off
Allegra Allergy Medicine, 30 ct box, (excluding D Products), 17.99
Alcon Opti-Free Replenish Solution or Express Lasting Comfort Formula, Multi-Purpose Disinfecting, No Rub Sterile, 10 oz box, 7.49
Publix Diapers, 60 to 96 ct box, 15.99
Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts, Bars, Twists, Snacks or Juice Treats, 1 to 6 oz pkg, or Gerber or Graduates Yogurt Blends Snacks, 4 pk, 2/$5
Publix Baby Wipes Refills, 288 ct pkg, 5.99
Axe Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant or Deodorant Stick, 2.7 or 3 oz pkg, or Body Spray, 4 oz can, 2/$7

Purex Laundry Detergent, 83 or 100 oz bottle or Purex UltraPacks, 36 ct bag, 4.99
Finish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Quantum Powerball Capsules, 45 ct pkg, or All in 1 Powerball Tabs, 60 ct, 9.99
Shout Laundry Stain Remover with Trigger, Concentrated Gel with Built in Brush or Action Gel, 8.7 to 22 oz bottle, 2.49
Soft Scrub Cleanser or Total Cleaner, 23 to 28.6 oz bottle, 2/$5
Febreze Air Effects Air Refresher 9.7 oz can, or Set & Refresh Air Freshener, 5.5 ml pkg, 2/$5
Publix Long Lasting Alkaline Batteries, AA 20 ct, 7.99
Publix Decorated Paper Plates, 7, 8 1/2 or 10 1/4 inch, 24 to 55 ct or Paper Bowls, 20 oz , 25 ct pkg, 2/$4
Kleenex Tissues, 68 to 184 ct box (excluding Cool Touch), 4/$5
Ziploc Sandwich Bags, Pleated or XL, or Snack Bags, 30 or 50 ct pkg, 2/$3
Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue, Double Rolls, 12 roll pkg, 6.49
Brawny Premium Performance Paper Towels, Prints, Pick-A-Size White or White Big Rolls, 6 roll pkg, 6.49
Hefty Tall Kitchen Bags, Trash Bags, or Lawn & Leaf, or Refuse LIner, 18 to 45 ct pkg, 2/$11
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, 35 ct canister, 2/$4

Boneless New York Strip Steaks, 9.99/lb
Applegate Organics Turkey Bacon, 8 oz pkg, 5.99
Publix Mild or Hot Italian Sausage, 3.99/lb
Pork Spareribs, 2.69/lb
Curly's Loin Back Rib with Sauce, 24 oz pkg, 8.99
Publix GreenWise Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks, 10.99/lb
Publix GreenWise Boneless Chuck Roast, 4.99/lb
Whole Chicken, 1.29/lb
Publix GreenWise Whole Chicken, 1.99/lb
Sweet Baby Ray's Shredded Pork, Sliced Pork or Meatballs, with Sauce, 16 to 20 oz pkg, 4.99
Ground Round, 3.99/lb, made into Patties, 4.29/lb
Bottom Round Roast, 3.99/lb
Rump Roast, 4.49/lb
Oscar Mayer Beef Franks or Wieners, 14 or 16 oz pkg (excluding Angus), 3.99
Bar-S Franks, 16 oz pkg, 4/$5
Publix Extra Thin Sliced Lunch Meats, 7or 9 oz tub, 3/$10
Hillshire Farm Lunch Meats, 16 oz pkg, 4.99
Whole Pork Tenderloin, 4.99/lb
Perdue Thin-Sliced Boneless Chicken Breasts or Tenderloins, 3.99/lb
Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, or Polska Kielbasa, 13 or 14 oz pkg, 2/$6
Al Fresco Fully Cooked Chicken Sausage, 12 oz pkg, 3.99
Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage Roll, Regular, Light, Hot, Sage, Maple or Italian, 12 or 16 oz pkg, 2/$6
Hormel Country Crock Elbow Macaroni & Cheese or Mashed Potatoes: Homestyle, Loaded or Garlic, or Cheddar Broccoli Rice, Cinnamon Apples or Four Cheese Pasta with Broccoli, 20 to 24 oz pkg, 2/$5
Hormel Fully Cooked Entrees, 17 oz pkg, 4.99
Hormel Black Label Bacon, Original, Center Cut, Maple or Thick Sliced, 12 or 16 oz pkg, 3.99
Gwaltney Hardwood Smoked or 40% Less Fat Virginia Cured Bacon, 12 oz pkg, 2.79

Purina Beneful Dog Food, 15.5 lb bag, 12.99
Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, 3 oz can, 10/$5.90
Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Dog Food, 10 oz pkg, 3/$5
Purina Tidy Cats Scoop Cat Litter, 27 lb pail, 9.9

Broccoli or Cauliflower, bunch, 2/$4
Publix GreenWise Cranberry Nut Mix, Organic, 7.5 oz pkg, 4.99
Seedless Watermelon Chunks, 2.49/lb
Peaches or Nectarines, 1.99/lb
Red or White Seedless Grapes, 1.99/lb
Cantaloupe, 2/$5
Cantaloupe Chunks, 3.29/lb
Navel Oranges, 1.49/lb
Strawberries or Raspberries, 5.6 or 16 oz pkg, 2/$5
Honeydew Melon, 3.99
Mango, 10/$10
Blueberries, pint, 2.99
Hass Avocado, 10/$10
Cherries, 2.49/lb
Tomatoes on the Vine, 1.69/lb
Sweet Potatoes, 0.79/lb
Simply 100% Orange Juice, Apple, Grapefruit, Cranberry or Juice Blend, 1.75L bottle, 2/$6
Yellow or Zucchini Squash, 1.49/lb

Fresh Sockeye Salmon Fillets, 8.99/lb
Snow Crab Clusters, 8.99/lb
Large White Shrimp, 10.99/lb
Publix Tuna Steaks, 12 oz pkg, 6.59
Extra Large Cooked Shrimp, 11.99/lb
Cedar Plank Salmon, 9.7 oz pkg, 8.99

Back to School:
Crayola Crayons, 24 ct box, 3/$1
Dixon No. 2 Pencils, 10 ct, 3/$1
Elmer's Glue, 4 oz bottle, 3/$1
Top Flight 70 Sheet Notebook, College or Wide Ruled, 3/$1
Paper Mate Profile Pens 2 ct, Ball Point Write Bros. Pens 10 ct, or Top Flight Composition Book, Black or Fluorescent Marble Wide Rule, 2/$1
Bic Mechanical Pencils, #2, 0.7MM, 10 ct pkg, 5/$5
Elmer's School Glue Sticks, 3 ct pkg, 3/$2

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