How To Earn Whilst You Spend

Shopping From Home
Shopping online is a popular hobby for many people around the world. Without having to leave the comfort of the home, individuals can purchase clothing, home goods, groceries, and just about anything their hearts desire with just a few clicks of a mouse. In recent years, retailers have noticed the increase of online shoppers and are now offering rewards programs for those who participate.
No Strings Attached
This might seem fishy to some who are wary of getting anything for free. However, when you utilize the sites that are legitimate, you can reap the benefits of online shopping while earning cash back. Many of the sites provide links to other popular retailers. Shoppers must go to the store site via the link on the reward website, or the purchase does not count for cash back.
Benefits Everyone Involved
This type of marketing works because retailers attract more business when their names are all over the Internet. In turn, they offer a commission to the reward website, who turns around and passes that reward on to its customers. Any site that requires an enrollment fee should be avoided, since the most popular sites are all free to use. The amount of the earned reward is dependent on how much shopping you do and what the percentage rate is for that retailer. Typically the rate is somewhere between 1-10% of the purchase price.
Gift Card Rewards
Some of the reward sites offer gift cards, which is a great option. Learning more about gift cards is useful, since they are used just like cash at a specific store or restaurant. Equally as worthwhile as cash, earning a gift card reward is a special way to take friends or family out for a good time without having to spend too much hard-earned cash.  
Enter Contests Online
Another great way to earn extra money online is to enter contests and sweepstakes. Companies are always offering giveaways, and winning is an exciting experience. Winning a sweepstakes doesn't have any cost associated with it, so it is a no-risk way to get the thrill of a win. Those who want to get sweepstakes help can log onto popular blogs or other rewards sites, where they will usually list the fine print and entry requirements.
Saving Up for Something Special
Earning a little extra cash while shopping for things that you and your family need is very beneficial. With the cost for food, gas, and rent steadily increasing, every little bit helps for most people. These rewards could go towards a fun family vacation, or towards buying something special for the house. Earning extra reward money is a positive way to splurge a little without breaking the budget.

This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, a freelance writer and mom to three young daughters. Kathryn specializes in money making schemes specific to the internet.

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