No Coupons Sunday & Expired Coupon Insert Listing

You get a nice little break from gathering your coupons on Sunday since there will be no inserts. I would recommend stopping your paper and it will extend your subscription another week. You may miss out on the Publix store coupon we've been getting in Tampa all year, but if its something you really want you could buy a paper (if anywhere is open on Sunday).
I'm going to take my spare time and organize coupons and toss expired inserts. Here is a list of expired inserts.
Date Insert
1/29/2012 FL pg
1/22/2012 FL rp
1/8/2012 FL GM
1/1/2012 FL pg
1/1/2012 FL rp1 & rp2
12/11/2011 FL SS
12/11/2011 FL RP
12/4/2011 FL RP
11/27/2011 FL P&G
11/20/2011 FL SS
11/13/2011 FL SS
11/13/2011 FL RP
11/13/2011 FL GM
11/6/2011 FL RP
10/30/2011 FL SS
10/30/2011 FL PG
10/30/2011 FL RP
10/23/2011 FL SS
10/23/2011 FL RP
10/16/2011 FL SS
10/16/2011 FL RP
10/16/2011 FL PG
10/9/2011 FL ss
10/9/2011 FL rp
10/2/2011 FL RP
10/2/2011 FL PG
10/2/2011 FL GM
9/25/2011 FL ss
9/25/2011 FL rp
9/18/2011 FL ss
9/18/2011 FL rp
9/11/2011 FL ss1 & ss2
9/11/2011 FL rp
9/11/2011 FL gm
8/28/2011 FL ss
8/28/2011 FL rp
8/28/2011 FL pg
8/21/2011 FL ss
8/14/2011 FL ss
8/14/2011 FL rp
8/7/2011 FL gm
8/7/2011 FL rp
All inserts OLDER THAN 2011-08-07 have expired.

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