My Publix Trip - Scenario for $10 GC wyb $100

I know I recommended against trying to get the $10 GC wyb $100 at Publix, but it is a good challenge for you advanced couponers. It definitely was something we could plan for with using rainchecks on GM cereal or salad dressing, saving Method dish soap coupons, using overage items like sominex and phazyme, saving the Speed stick and Kotex liner Kimberly Clark PQs from the recent booklet or a few other scenarios.

The problem is we're all looking for the same items and its more than likely that unless the truck just got unloaded, you're going to find your planned shop may not happen. I recommend saving the gift card scan for the end of your order to make sure you have $100 and then let the cashier do the card. If you're not close, then just don't get the gift card. Remember tax is your friend here. There are a lot of items this week that are very cheap after coupons which can help bring up your total - if you saved your coupons. I used Reach floss, Rondele, Steamfresh veggies, Purina One, Beechnut baby food. You could also use Kikkoman sauce mix, Samboazan juice (starting Sat).

On my shop, I asked at CS if I could use a Wags RR. I mentioned it was a MQ and that it scanned. They brought it to the manager and he approved it. Either answer would have been okay, but it was a yes - so I used it. This is very YMMV. Always get approval on unknown coupons before you get to the register.

This is my regular shop day where I get all our salad stuff and fruit. There were only 2 lonely sominex on the shelf, and no phazyme. Everything else was well stocked so for freebies and slight overage I got some of the unadvertised Rondele  Pub Cheese using coupons I printed a while ago (not sure if they're still available - check a coupon database), I got steamfresh veggies and some baby food to donate. I had not planned on using as many speedstick coupons but needed the overage, so I got six. Using the RR was a bonus to help me get the total down, plus a sweetbay $5/$50 and a Publix $5/$30 from the papers this week. So my savings were $135, and I paid $5.32 with a gift card, plus I received the $10 gift card for spending $100.81 - so it was a profit of almost $5.

In case you're wondering how I calculate my cart while I'm shopping when your list goes out the window, I use the Grocery Tracker app on my smartphone. Its a free app from Android market. I enter my list in it before I shop but its easy to add or subtract items or change quantities and coupon amounts so you know how close to zero you are (Isn't that the goal of shopping - to get to zero all the time??). Anyway, I would never shop without it.

2-Feb57 127.3519.40104.85tax5.3243-95.82%
ProductqtypricesubtlB1G1-Q2.86totalQ#Q details
Romaine11.991.99   1.99  
iceburg lettuce11.491.49   1.49  
bananas10.720.72   0.72  
green onions10.600.60   0.60  
Hass avocado BOGO21.292.581.29  1.29  
mushrooms11.991.99   1.99  
French Hambrg Buns11.501.50   1.50  
cucumber10.700.70   0.70  
drinking water 2.5 gal21.993.98   3.98  
cucumber10.750.75   0.75  
strawberries12.502.50   2.50  
canteloupe13.293.29   3.29  
Rondele Pub Cheese BOGO24.498.984.495.00 -0.512$2.50/1 MQ print
Purina One Dog Food 5lb27.9915.98$5/1 MQ + $2/1 WD
Stmfresh froz veg 50% off80.977.76 8.00 -0.248$1/1 PQ gd health bklt + $0.50/1 1-8ss
Lady Speed Stick deo62.6515.90 23.851.19-6.769free wyb kotex PQ + BOGO mq 1-29ss
Kotex Liners 16ct61.498.94 6.000.673.616$1/1 PQ KC bklt
Beechnut baby food BOGO60.573.421.652.00 -0.232$1/3 MQ print
TGIF Snacks BOGO63.9923.9411.975.00 6.971$5/6 TQ print
Reach Floss GAB40.993.96 4.000.300.264$1/1 print
Sominx GAB23.196.38 9.00 -2.623$5/2 PQ GAB + $2/1 MQ print
$10 Publix Gift Card110.0010.00 10.00 0.001Get $10 Pblx GC wyb $100 PQ in ad
Walgreens RR 0.000.00 8.00 -8.001$8 Walgreens Register Reward MQ
$/$$ coupon 0.000.00 5.00 -5.001$5/$30 PQ 1-29 newspaper
$/$$ coupon 0.000.00 5.00 -5.001$5/$50 Sweetbay 2-1 newspaper
total excluding BOGOs-->


Good Luck!
Remember to check back next week for another $25 Publix GC Giveaway....


  1. You did awesome. Just getting into couponing myself. Found you thru Posh linky and following u on GFC now.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for Linking-up and sharing!

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