My Publix Trip $-0.99 (over 100% saved)

I'm down to my last two Publix $5/$30 coupons and the stores I frequent are wiped out of the moneymakers. One store even put up signs by the Sundown and GasX limiting 5 per day per customer, and that still didn't help. Anyway, I probably got my share this month and am having a little higher totals than I'm used to. I almost died spending $8 last week for a shop to get more Angel Soft TP. I feel a shift in the market, there are more coupon shoppers out there so its important to plan early and shop early.
In my list you'll see some italicized items that go on sale Saturday with the new Green Advantage Buy flyer. These are the deals I plan to get this month when they are in stock. I suspect my store with limits will have it on sominex and phazyme too, but thats okay because I don't ever get more than four.
Well this shop went pretty well and I didn't feel guilty getting a lot of vitamins since today is the last day of the sale. I did leave some Sundown for another late shopper like me. There was plenty of cereal, dog food, salad dressing and even method dish soap but I didn't have any more coupons for that. I saved  $161.49 and my total was -0.99, but after tax I paid $0.27 with my Publix gift card.
Speaking of gift cards, be sure to check my last post about the $25 Publix Gift Card Giveaway and enter to win it today!
ProductqtypricesubtlBogo-QtotalQ#Q details
Romaine11.991.992.00-0.011$2 1-15 produce PQ
Eat Smart Veg21.673.342.001.342$2 1-15 produce PQ
French Ham Buns 4ct11.501.501.50
Publix Deli Hummus11.991.991.000.991$1 Deli PQ baby club
Emerald Nuts BOGO26.9913.986.992.004.992$1/1 MQ 1-29RP
Purina One Dog Food 5lb27.997.9914.001.994$5/1 MQ + $2/1 WD
cantaloupe12.992.992.000.991$2 1-15 produce PQ
Fiber One Caramel Delite82.5020.0023.00-3.0012$2/1 PQ + $1.75/2 MQ print
Welches Fruit Snack12.002.001.500.501$1/1 PQ + $0.50/1 MQ
Kraft Salad Dressg BOGO83.3927.1213.5611.002.568BOGO (max $2) MQ print + $0.75/2 1-22SS
Vit Nat Bounty CaMg35.1915.5721.00-5.436$5/1 PQ + $2/1 MQ print
Publix Butter22.502.505.00
Qtips 300ct11.991.990.601.391$0.60/1 Recyclebank MQ
Sndwn Vit B6 Folic 63.690.00 27.00-4.86 10$5/2 PQ GAB + $2/1 MQ 1-8ss
Sndwn Vit D22.995.987.00-1.02 3$5/2 PQ + $2/1 MQ
Futuro Wraps 20% off GAB3.030.000.00$3/1 print (
Reach Floss GAB1.000.000.00$1/1 print
Blistex lip balm GAB1.000.000.00$0.55/1 MQ 11-13 ss or 12-11ss
Sominx Phayzyme GAB3.490.000.00$5/2 PQ GAB + $2/1 MQ print
$/$$ coupon0.000.005.00-5.001$5/$30 PQ Take Budgt by horns
$/$$ coupon0.000.005.00-5.001$5/$25 SAL


  1. Anonymous1/29/2012

    Where is the Publix Fiber One q at???

  2. Thank you for linking up at Fun with Friends Friday. Great savings!

  3. The Publix coupon for Fiber One is in the ad, its the one for "General Mills Cereals".

  4. Anonymous1/29/2012

    Oh didn't realize it worked on that also. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous1/30/2012

    where did you find q for the eat smart veggies?

  6. The Publix coupon for eat smart veggies was in the newspaper in Tampa area. It is no longer available and expired last Saturday.