Paid $10 on My Publix Trip

Well, I spent a lot more than I wanted to ($10.64) , but I guess I just am not in the mood these days to spread out all my purchases in small frequent trips. It was a big shop over $100 which I should have split up to use more $/$$ coupons, but I did save 91%. Sometimes its nice to just buy what you plan all in one trip and be done with it. That's what I did with the Smart Balance Milk and the potatoes. Now we have enough milk for a couple months since SB has such a long shelf life til Dec 13! I was pleased to find the Olay restocked so I used up my last raincheck. I still have a bunch of the $10/2 MQs but no rainchecks so they'll probably be wasted - unless any of you out there have a a raincheck you don't need.
20-Oct53118.0825.7481.70tax10.6445-90.99% savings
ProductqtypricesubtlB1G1-QtotalQ#Q details
lettuce iceburg11.691.691.69
Fresh Express Salad BOGO43.9915.967.988.00-0.024$2/1 MQ print
DiGiornio Cheese 6ozBOGO44.8919.569.788.001.784$2/1 FB printable
Smart Balance Milk 1/2 gal63.0018.009.009.006$1.50/1 printable
Publix Shred Cheese 8 oz12.502.502.50
Potato inspratns BOGO43.9915.967.982.205.784$0.55/1 MQ print
Voskos yogurt 241.0024.0020.503.5021$1/2 MQ tearpad + $1/3 PQ
Olay Regernst Cleans RC43.9915.9624.00-8.044$10/2 9-25RP $2/2 TQ 9-25RP
$/$$ coupon0.000.005.00-5.001$5/$30 PQ
$/$$ coupon0.000.005.00-5.001$5/$25 SAL
I was bummed to discover my source of early insert coupons is gone because they are tearing down the mall where the free newspaper box was, it got moved and who knows where. Anyway, this will cut my supply of inserts in half and it looks like I'll just be getting less stuff unless I want to buy more papers. Maybe I'll just chill for a while. I was getting quite a stockpile and we got rid of a bunch of it last weekend at a yard sale.
So, gone are the days of every shop being less than a dollar. The prices in the store rising is widespread and significant. They have literally moved my cheese and now I must get used to at least paying 15 or 20 cents for yogurt instead of getting it free. Free milk is a thing of the past too. All these price increases are depressing and its something we just need to work thru in our minds and accept.
Anyway, I got most things I needed, still need melons and broccoli so I'm hoping Airwick candles are in stock soon so I can get a little overage to cover those this weekend. 
Good luck with your shop!


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