#Publix Sneak Peek Weekly Ad 9/22 - 9/27/11

Publix Deli Pre-Sliced Sweet Ham, 96% fat-free, 12-oz pkg, save up to $5.99
Perdue Chicken Breast Nuggets, Regular, Fun Shapes, or Whole Grain, or Whole Grain Cars Chicken Sticks, Breaded, Fully-Cooked, 11.2, or 12-oz pkg, $4.39
Fresh Express Salad Blends, assorted varieties, 5 to 14.4 oz bag, save up to $4.49
Toufayan Wraps, Plain, Wheat, Garlic Pesto, or Tomato Basil, 10-oz pkg (excluding Low Carb Wraps), save up to $1.99
Pompeian Imported Olive Oil, Classic Mediterranean or Extra Light Tasting, 32 oz bot, save up to $10.99
Wish-Bone Dressing, assorted varieties, 16-oz bot, save up to $2.65
Vlasic Stackers Dills, or Pickles, or Spears, selected varieties, 16- to 46-oz jar, save up to $2.89
A.1. Steak Sauce, assorted varieties, 10-oz bot, save up to $3.31
Swanson Broth, assorted varieties, 32-oz ctn, (excluding Organic), save up to $2.69
Post Cereal, assorted varieties, Pebbles, Alpha-Bits, Honey-Comb, Golden Crisp, or Churros, 11 to 14.75-oz box, save up to $3.25
Bertolli Pasta Sauce or Sauce or Vineyard Premium Collections Pasta Sauce, assorted varieties, 15 or 25-oz jar (Excluding Organics), save up to $2.75
Duncan Hines Decadent Brownie Mix, assorted varieties, 16, 76 to 18-oz box, save up to $2.79
Deer Park Spring Water, 12-pk, 8-oz bot, save up to $2.99
Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn, assorted varieties, 6 or 10-ct, 10 to 19.8 oz box, or 32 oz jar, save up to $4.89
Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Bread, assorted varieties, 24-oz loaf, save up to $3.99
Nabisco Ritz Cracker, or Ritz Bits Sandwiches or Munchables Pretzel Crisps or thins, assorted varieties, 9.5 to 16-oz box, save up to $3.09
Thomas's English Muffins or Hearty Muffins, assorted varieties, 11 to 13-oz pkg, save up to $3.89
Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies or Sandies Shortbread, assorted varieties, 12.8 to 14.8-oz bag, save up to $3.49
Emerald Mixed Nuts or Almonds or Cashews, assorted varieties, 10 to 11.5-oz cnstr, save up $5.79
Hershey's Bliss Dark Chocolate, Rich & Creamy Milk Chocolate Smooth & Creamy or White Chocolate With a Creamy Meltaway Center, 8.6 or 9.6 oz bag, $3.99
Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwich or Fat Boy Jr., assorted varieties, 4 to 9 ct, 22 to 30-oz box, save up to $4.89
Vitalicious VitaMuffin VitaTops, assorted varieties, 4-ct, 8-oz box, or VitaSandwich, 2-ct, 9.1-oz box, save up to $4.49
Lender's Bagel's, assorted varieties, Pre-Sliced, Located in the Dairy Section, 6-ct. bag, save up to $1.95
Pictsweet Family Size Frozen Vegetables, assorted varieties, Deluxe, 24- to 28-oz bag, (excluding Cob Corn Varieties), save up to $3.39
Morey's Fish Creations, assorted varieties, 10-oz box, save up to $6.99
Seed Soy Candle, assorted varieties, 7.5-oz jar, save up to $7.99
Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits or Snacks, assorted varieties, 22 to 26-oz bag, save up to 3.99
Whiskas Food for Adult Cats, Complete and Balanced: Meaty Selections Chicken & Turkey Flavors or Indoor Cat Chicken Flavor, 3-lb bag, save up to $4.49
Lysol Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner, Removes Soap Scum: Island Breeze or Mildew Remover with Bleach, 32-oz bot, save up to $3.99
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, assorted varieties, 56 to 80-ct cnstr., save up to $4.99
Windex Glass Cleaner Refill, with Ammonia-D, 67.6-oz bot, save up to $5.19
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, Mint: Peroxi Care, Dental Care, or Complete Care, 6 or 6.3-oz tube (excluding Advance White Varieties), save up to $2.99
Right Guard Sport Antiperspirant & Deodorant, assorted varieties, 2.8 to 3-oz pkg, save up to $2.79
Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, assorted varieties, 6 months and up, 4-oz jar (excluding Gourmet Meals), save up to $.83

Italian Five Grain Bread, 16-oz loaf, $2.89
Breakfast Bread, made with Raisins, Apples, Apricots, Cranberries, and Walnuts, 20-oz loaf, $3.99
Chicago Hard Rolls, 6-ct, $2.29

Publix Deli Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, $5.99/lb
Publix Deli 20-piece Hot & Spicy Wings, Fresh Chilled or HOt, Hand Breaded, Fried in Trans Fat Free Oil, $6.99
Boar's Head Black Forest Ham, $8.49/lb
Publix Deli Turkey and Swiss Sandwich, located in the Deli Grab & Go section, $3.29
Publix Deli Jalapeno Jack Cheese, $3.99/lb

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, assorted varieties, 8-oz tub, 2/$3.00
Pubilx Shredded Cheese or Chunk, assorted varieties, 16-oz pkg, $4.99
Publix American Singles, Regular, Sharp, or Extra-Thick, 12-oz pkg, 2/$5.00
Daisy Sour Cream, Regular or Light, 16-oz cup, 2/$4.00
Breakstone's Temp Tee Cream Cheese, Whipped, 8-oz tub, 2/$3.00
Pubilx Crumble Blue Cheese, 4-oz pkg, 2/$4.00

Pubilx Premium Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt or Sherbet, assorted varieties, half-gal ctn, 2/$7.00
Stouffer's Entrees, assorted varieties, 28 to 40 oz box, Limit Four, $3.99
Del Monte Tomatoes, assorted varieties, 14.5 oz can, $.89
General Mills Cereal, Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 11.5 to 12.8-oz box. Limit Four, $1.99
Maxwell House Ground Coffee, assorted varieties, 11 or 11.5 oz bag, $2.99
HOrmel Meat Entrees, assorted varieties, fully-cooked, 17-oz pkg, $4.99
Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice or Ruby Red Grapefruit, assorted varieties, 100% Pure, 59-oz cont. 2/$6.00
Chock full o'Nuts Ground Coffee, All-Method Grind, 11.3-oz bag, or 100% Arabica New York Roast, 10.5 oz bag, 2/$6.00
StarKist Solid White Albacore Tuna, In Water, 4-pk, 5-oz can, $4.99
Gatorade Thirst Quencher or G2 Low-Calorie Electrolyte Beverage, assorted varieties, 8-pk, 20-oz bot, 2/$10.00
Mott's 100% Apple Juice or Mott's for Tots or Mott's Plus Juice, assorted varieties, from concentration, 64-oz bot., 3/$6.00
Publix Juice Cocktail, assorted varieties, 64-oz bot, $1.99
Del Monte Canned Fruits, assorted varieties, 14.5 to 15.25-oz can (excluding Lite Apricot Halves), 4/$5.00
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice, assorted varieties, Microwaveable, 8.5 or 8.8-oz pouch, 3/$4.00
Kashi Cereal or Instant Oatmeal, assorted varieties, 10.4 to 17.5 oz box, or Granola Bars, 6.7 to 8.4-oz box, $2.99
Selected Coca-Cola Products, 2-L bottle, Buy 2 Get 1 Free (save up to $1.89 on 3)
Pepsi Products, 12-oz can, 12-pkg, 3/$11.00
Arizona Tea, assorted varieties, 12-pk, 11.5-oz can, Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Frito-Lay Snacks, Natural or Baked! or SunChips, assorted varieties, 8 to 11.5-oz bag, 2/$6.00
Voskos Greek Yogurt, assorted varieties, Including Voskos Crunch, 4.6 or 5.3-oz cup, 10/$10
Smart Balance Milk, assorted varieties, half-gal, 2/$6.00
Healthy Choice or Marie Callender's Entrees, assorted varieties, 8.5 to 19 oz box, 4/$10.00
Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough or Brownie Dough, assorted varieties, 16 or 16.5 oz pkg, 2/$5.00
P.F. Chang's Home Menu Meals for 2, assorted varieties, 22-oz pkg, $6.99
Publix Coleslaw, 16-oz bag, $1.29
Pubilx Barbecue Sauce, assorted varieties, 18-oz bot, $1.09
Bush's Best Baked Beans or Grillin', assorted varieties, 21 to 28-oz can, 3/$5.00
Golen Blossom Honey, Genuine Natural, Pure Honey, $3.39
Sun-Maid Natural California Raisins, 2/$6.00
Kedem Concord Grape Juice, no sugar added, 22-oz bot, 2/$5.00
Manischewitz Egg Noodles, assorted varieties, 12-oz bag, 2/$4.00
Manischewitz Whitefish & Pike or Whitefish or Gefilte Fish, assorted varieties, 24-oz jar, $6.99
Silver Spring Horseradish, Cream Style, Beet, or Prepared, 5-oz jar, 4/$5.00
Streit's Matzo Ball Mix or Matzo Ball & Soup Mix, assorted varieties, 4.5 oz box, 3/$5.00
Kedem Tea Biscuits, Chocolate Flavor, Vanilla, or Plain, 4.2 oz pkg, 3/$5.00
Fox's U-Bet Syrup, Original Chocolate or Strawberry Flavor, 20 or 22-oz bot, 2/$6.00
Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars or Ice Cream Sandwiches, Sundae Cones, or Frozen Yogurt Bars, assorted varieties, 12 to 24-oz pkg, 2/$7.00
Matlaw's Stuffed Appetizers, assorted varieties, 4 or 5-oz minimum, 10/$10

Publix Super Soft Bathroom Tissue, Unscented Double Rolls, 2-ply sheets, 4-roll pkg, $1.99
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, assorted varieties, 6 to 7.5-oz bot, 10/$10
Blue Moon Bouquet, $8.99
Angel Soft Unscented Bathroom Tissue, Septic Safe, 2-Ply: Double, 12-roll pkg, Regular, 24-roll pkg, or Mega, 9-roll pkg, $5.49
Sparkle Paper Towels with Thirst Pockets: Pick-A-Size White or Prints, 2-Ply, Big Rolls, 6-roll pkg, $5.49
Kingsford Match Light Charcoal Briquettes, 12.5 lb bag, $7.99
Publix Tall Kitchen Bags, 13-gal: with Drawstring Closure System, 55-ct box or Flap-Ties Closure System, 85-ct pkg, $5.99
Glad Zipper Freezer or Storage Bags, Value Pack: Gallon or Quart Size 30 to 50-ct pkg, 2/$5.00
Dixie Value Pack Plates, Soak Proof Shield Plates: 8 1/2 inch or Ultra 10 1/16 inch, 40 or 100-ct pkg, or 16-oz Plastic Party Cups, 68-ct pkg, $3.59
Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaner, assorted varieties, 42.2 oz bot, or Small Swiffer Cloths Refills, 12 or 16-ct box, or Disposable Dusters, 3 or 5 ct box, 2/$8.00
Publix Instant Light Charcoal Briquets, $3.99
Wisk 2X Ultra Laundry Detergent, assorted varieties, 2X Concentrated, 100-oz bot, $8.99
Snuggle Exhilirations Fabric Softener or Snuggle Fabric Softener Concentrated, assorted varieties, 32-oz bot, $2.99
Mr. Clean Multi-Surface with Febreze Cleaner or Multi-Purpose, assorted varieties, 40-oz bot, 2/$5.00

Health & Beauty:
Tresemme Hair Products, 4.25 to 32-oz pkg, 3/$10
Dove Bar Soap, assorted varieties, 2-ct, 4.2 or 4.25 oz box, $2.49
Vaseline Skin Care Lotion, assorted varieties, 24.5 oz bot, $4.99
Nivea Body Wash or Lip, assorted varieties, 16.9-oz bot, or .17-oz tube, 30% off
Depend Protective Underwear, 14 to 20-ct, pkg or Depend Pads, 48-ct, pkg, or Poise Pads, 27 to 72-ct, pkg, $10.99
Allegra Allergy Medicine, Indoor and Outdoor Allergies, Non-Drowsy, 24-Hour, 30-ct, box (excluding D Products), $17.99
Rexall Osteo Bi-Flex Dietary Supplement, assorted varieties, 30 to 120-ct pkg, 25% off
EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Shake, assorted varieties, Ready-to-Drink, 4-pk, 11-oz bot, 2/$10
Icy Hot Medicated Patch or Sleeve, assorted varieties, 3 or 5-ct pkg, 2/$10

Top Round London Broil, $4.49/lb
Ground Chuck, $3.29/lb
Center-Cut Pork Rib Chops, $3.49/lb
Flat-Cut Beef Brisket, $4.99/lb
Boneless New York Strip Steaks, $7.99/lb
Publix Extra Thin-Sliced Ham, 9-oz tub, 3/$10.00
Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Pork Sausage, 9.6-oz pkg, 2/$6.00
Publix Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon, Original, Lower Sodium, or Lower Sodium Thick-Sliced, 16-oz pkg, or Center-Cut, 12-oz pkg, $3.99
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Cutlets, $3.99/lb
Flat-Cut Beef Brisket, $4.99/lb
Empire Frozen Turkey, 10 to 24 lb, $2.29/lb
Publix Chicken Breasts, or Chicken Breast Cutlets or Tenderloins, Boneless, Skinless, Individually Frozen, 32-oz bag, $5.79

Fresh Salmon Fillets, Farm-Raised, Never Frozen, $7.99/lb
Fresh Swordfish Steaks, 5.6 oz, $7.99
Medium Florida Pink Shrimp, 41 to 50 per pound, $7.99/lb

California Seedless Grapes, White or Red, $1.69/lb
Peaches or Nectarines, $1.99/lb
Cantaloupes, 2/$5.00
Bartlett Pears, $.99/lb
Del Monte Gold Pineapple, Whole or Peeled and Cored, $3.49
Florida Greenskin Avocados, 4/$5.00
Tomatoes on the Vine, $1.79/lb
HoneyDews, $2.99
Asparagus, $2.99/lb
Cucumbers, 2/$1.00
Publix Baby Cut Carrots, 16-oz bag, $1.29

Pedigree Food for Dogs or Puppies, assorted varieties, 15 to 20 lb bag, $12.99

In-Ad Coupons:
Enfamil Infant Formula Powder, $6 off Two (2) or more, for 0-12 Months Milk-Based: Gentleease, A.R., or Premium or Premium Newborn, Selected Varieties, 22.2 or 23.4-oz pkg
Huggies Diapers, Pull-Ups, GoodNites, $2.00 off One (1), assorted varieties, Diapers 27-ct pkg, Pull-Ups 19 to 58-ct pkg, GoodNites 12 to 35-ct pkg, or Supreme 36 to 76-ct pkg
Disclaimer: Ad from Atlanta, GA area. Regional differences in items and prices are likely.Showing on the front page of the ad: Every Wednesday is Senior Discount Day. Take 5% off if you're 60+. Some restriction apply.