Publix Sneak Peek Weekly Ad 9/15/11 - 9/21/11


Simply Potatoes Diner's Choice Mashed Potatoes, assorted varieties, 32 oz pkg, save up to $3.99
Bantry Bay Mussels, assorted varieties, 16 oz pkg, save up to $4.99
Birds Eye Voila! Meal or entree, assorted varieties, 21 to 23 oz bags, save up to $5.49
Dropps Laundry Detergent Pacs, Fresh Scent or Scent + Dye Free, Mono Dose Packages) 20 ct bag, save up to $5.99
Van's Natural Foods Waffles, assorted varieties, 7.5 to 12 oz pkg, save up $2.99
General Mills Cereals, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, or Golden Grahams, 10.7 to 12.8 oz box, save up to $3.49
Al Fresco Chicken Breakfast Sausage, Apple Maple, Country Style, Wild Blueberry, All Natural, Fully-Cooked, 8 oz pkg, save up to $3.49
Thomas' Bagels, assorted varieties, 6-ct, 20 oz bag, save up to $4.49
Old Bay Seafood Seasoning, 6 oz can, Surprisingly low price (showing $4.29 from Atlanta, GA curbside)
Trans Ocean Surimi, assorted varieties, 8 oz bag, save up to $2.99
Gatorade Thirst Quencher or G2 Low-Calorie Electrolyte Beverage, assorted varieties, 64-oz, save up to $2.50
V8 V. Fusion Vegetable & Fruit Juice, or V8 V. Fusion + Tea, or 100% Juice, assorted varieties, 46 oz, save up to $3.99
Progresso Soup, assorted varieties, 18 to 19 oz can, save up to $2.29
Planters Trail Mix, Nut & Chocolate Mix Snack Packs, Energy Mix, or Daybreak Blend Berry Almond, 5 or 6 ct. 7.5 oz bag, save up to $3.29
Kraft Mayo Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip Dressing, assorted varieties, 30 oz jar, save up to $4.73
Ken's Steak House Dressing, assorted varieties, 16 oz bot, save up to $3.25
Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce, assorted varieties, 17/5 to 18 oz bot, save up to $2.17
Krusteaz Pancake or Waffle Mix, assorted varieties, 24 to 32 oz box, save up to $2.49
Krusteaz Muffin or Cake Mix, or Cake & Muffin or Supreme Bar Mix, assorted varieties, 16.5 to 21 oz box, save up to $2.79
Log Cabin Syrup, Original or Lite, 24 oz bot, save up to $3.89
Ronzoni Pasta, selected varieties, 12 or 16 oz box, (excluding: Lasagna, Jumbo Shells, Manicotti, Healthy Harvest, Garden Delight, and Smart Taste), save up to $1.41
Prego 100% Natural Italian Sauce, Traditional, Flavored with Meat, Fresh Mushrooms, or Chunky Garden Combo, 45 oz jar, save up to $3.49
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, or Smashbar Snack Bars, assorted varieties, 6.1 to 6.7 oz box, save up to $2.99
Propel Zero Water Beverage, assorted varieties, Nutrient Enhanced, 6-pk, 500 ml bot, save up to $3.99
Nabisco Snack Crackers, or Triscuit Wheat Crackers, Assorted Varieties, Family Size!, 12 to 16 oz box, save up to $4.49
Doritos Tortilla Chips, assorted varieties, 11 to 12 oz bag (excluding Baked) 11 to 12 oz bag, save up to $4.29
Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats, assorted varieties, 12 oz bag (excluding Goldfish Bread), save up to $2.99
Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams, or Original Grahams, assorted varieties, 12.2 to 14.4 oz box, save up to $4.19
Kettle Brand Potato Chips, assorted varieties, 8 to 8.5 oz bag, save up to $3.69
Demet's Flipz Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate, 10 oz cnstr, save up to $3.99
Pepperidge farm Milano Cookies, assorted varieties, 5.75 to 7.5 oz bag, save up to $3.69
Immaculate Baking Co. Cookie Dough, Better Bakes: Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate, Vanilla Sugar, Peanut Caramel Milk Chocolate, or Gingerbread, 14 oz bag, save up to $3.29
Shedd's Spread Country Crock, Regular or Churn Style, 15 oz tub or Twin Pack, 2 pk, 7.5 oz tub, save up to $2.39
Healthy Choice Premium Bars, assorted varieties, 15 oz box, save up to $3.99
Yoplait Smoothie Mix, assorted varieties, Makes 2 Smoothies, Just Add Milk, 7.6 oz bag, save up to $3.19
Rosetto Ravioli, or Stuffed Shells, or Tortellini, assorted varieties, 19 to 25 oz bag, All-Natural, save up to $4.19
SeaPak Shrimp Co. Shrimp, or Fish, Crab Cakes, or Salmon Burgers, assorted varieties, 8 to 28 oz pkg, save up to $7.59
Pepperidge Farm Garlic or Cheese Texas Toast, assorted varieties, 9.5 to 12.7 oz box, save up to $2.89
Borden American Singles, Individually Wrapped, Fat-Free, Yellow, Prepared Cheese Product, or Grilled Cheese Melt, 12 oz pk, save up to $3.29
Playtex HandSaver Glovers, Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large, each pkg, save up to $1.99
St. Ives Body Wash, assorted varieties, 13.5 oz bot, save up to $2.49
Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dip, French Onion, Bodacious Onion, Bacon Horseradish, or Jalapeno Cheddar, 12 oz tub, save up to $2.09
Water Rolls, 12 ct, $3.29
Breakfast Bread, 20 oz loaf, $3.99
Italian Bread, 16 oz loaf, $2.29
Harvest Grain Loaf, 16 oz loaf, $4.49
Assorted Hoagie Rolls, 4 ct, $2.29
Banana Walnut Loaf Cake, 12 or 16 oz pkg, $3.99
Lemon Meringue Pie, 26 oz, $4.79
Apple or Cherry Turnovers, 4 ct, $4.99
Raspberry Filled Donut Nuggets, 24 ct, $3.39
King's Hawaiian Mini Snacker Rolls, 8.8-oz pkg, 2/$3.00
Dannon Activia Selects Yogurt, Greek, French Style, or Parfait, Assorted Varieties, 6 oz cup, 10/$10.00
Dannon Activia Yogurt, assorted varieties, with Bifidus Regularis, 4-pk, 4-oz pk, 3/$6.00
Nestle Coffee-mate Flavored Creamers, 32 oz bottle, 2/$5.00
Pillsbury Rolls, 8 to 13.9 oz, 3/$6.00
Horizon Organic Milk, half-gal, 2/$7.00
Publix Milk, 1-gal, $2.99
Blue Bell Ice Cream, half-gal, 2/$9.00
Publix Shredded Cheese, or Chunk, assorted varieties, 6 to 8 oz, 2/$5.00
Publix Deli Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Logs, 16 oz, $4.99
Publix Sliced Cheese, assorted varieties, 6 or 8 oz pkg, 2/$5.00
Boar's Head Turkey Half Sub Combo, $5.99
Publix Deli Old Fashioned Lemonade, $1.29
Boar's Head Ovengold Turkey Breast, $8.29/lb
Publix Deli Hummus, 8 oz pkg, $1.99
Publix Deli Mojo Pork Dinner, $3.99
Publix Deli Old Fashioned Beans, 16 oz, 2/$4.00
Publix 8-piece Mixed Fried Chicken, $6.99
Publix Greenwise Market Organic Pizza, assorted varieties, 12 or 12.4 oz box, $3.99
Home Run Inn Chicago's Premium Pizza, 27 to 31 oz box, $5.99
Amy's Organic Burrito, 5.5 to 6 oz, 2/$4.00
Folgers Ground Coffee, assorted varieties, 10.3 to 11.3 oz pkg, (excluding Gourmet Coffee), $3.99
Cascadian Farm Granola, assorted varieties, Cereal: 10.3 to 15 oz box, or Granola Bars: 6.2 to 7.4 oz box, $2.99
Eggland's Best Large Eggs, 12 ct, 2/$4.00
Starbucks Coffee, assorted varieties, 11 or 12 oz bag, $7.49
Publix Fully Cooked Entrees, assorted varieties, 17 to 18 oz pkg, $4.99
Simply 100% Orange Juice, or Apple, Grapefruit, or Juice Blend, assorted varieties, 100% Pure, Not From Concentrate, 1.75-L, 2/$7.00
Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers, 4.5 oz pkg, 2/$5.00
College Inn Broth, 32 oz ctn, 3/$5.00
Juicy Juice All Natural 100% Juice Blend, 64 oz bot, or 8 ct, 6.75 oz box, 2/$5.00
Peter Pan Peanut Butter, assorted varieties, 13 or 16.3 oz jar, 3/$5.00
Bumble Bee Premium Tuna, Solid White Albacore, In Water, 4 pk, $3.99
Coca-Cola Products, 12 oz, 12 pack, 3/$12.00
Dasani Water, 24-pk, 5-L bottle, $3.99
Pepsi Products, 8-pack, 12 oz, 3/$10.00
Keebler Crackers, assorted varieties, 8 to 16 oz pkg, 2/$5.00
Sterilite Food Storage Container, Ultra-Seal, 3.1 to 16 cup pkg, 2.5 to 8.1-qt pkg, or Pitcher, 2.2-qt pkg, 50% off
Publix Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, 18-inch wide, 75-sq ft, $3.49
Sparkle Paper Towels, 2-roll pkg, $2.49
Publix Print Napkins, 400-ct, 2/$5.00
Brawny Premium Performance Paper Towels, 2-ply sheets, 4-roll packs, $6.49
Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue, 12-roll pkg, $6.49
Ziploc Bags, 8 to 30-ct, 2/$5.00
Melitta Coffee Filters, White or Brown, #4, 100 ct, pkg, 2/$5.00
Gain Detergent, 100 oz, $9.99
Frebreze Candles, 5.5 oz, $4.99
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, $2.49
Purex Laundry Detergent, 150 oz, $7.49
Bounce Dryer Sheets, 105 or 120 ct, $4.99
Finish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent, 25 to 32 ct, $4.99
Health & Beauty:
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, sparkle mint, anticavity, fluoride, 4 oz tube, $3.00
Herbal Essences Hair Care Products, assorted, 6.24-12 oz pkg, or Aussie Hair Care Products, 3.5-14 oz pkg, 2 for $5
Maybelline Lip Products, or concealer, pressed powder, or blush, assorted, 25% off
Clearasil Acne Products, assorted, 1-6.78 oz pkg, or 90 ct jar, 20% off
Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners, assorted, 40-64 ct pkg, or Maxi Pads, 14-24 ct pkg, or Tampons, 18 ct pkg (Excld. U by Kotex), 2 for $5
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, assorted, 1 ct pkg, $9.49
Gillette Fusion Shave Gel, assorted, 7 oz can, $2.99
Colgate Toothpaste, 4.6 or 8.2 pkg, or Total Advanced, 4 oz tube or MaxFresh, MaxWhite or MaxClean, 6 oz pkg, or Colgate MAX or 360 Toothbrush, 1 ct pkg, 2 for $5
Excedrin Pain Medicine, assorted, 20-24 ct box, 2 for $5
Vicks NyQuil, DayQuil, or Sinex Products, assorted, 12 oz bot, or 24 ct pkg, $5.99
Prevacid Acid Reducer, capsules, 24 hour, 15 mg, 42 ct box, $24.99
Kellogg's Special K Protein Meal Bar, assorted, 6 ct box, 2 for $10
Gerber 2nd Foods, selected, 2 pk, 3.5 oz cont, (excld. Organic and DHA Varieties), 10 for $10

Boneless Top Sirloin Steaks, $4.99/lb
Boston Butt Roast, $1.99/lb
Publix GreenWise market Bone-In Ribeye Steaks, $9.99/lb
Top Sirloin Beef or Chicken Breast Kabobs, $5.99/lb
Lamb Loin Chops, $8.99/lb
Perdue Short Cuts Turkey or Chicken Breast, 2/$6.00
Ground Beef, $3.99/lb
7-Bone Chuck Roast, $3.49/lb
Top Sirloin Fillets, $6.99/lb
Perdue Chicken Breasts, $3.99/lb
Publix Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon, Thick-Sliced: 16 oz pkg, or Center-Cut, 12-oz pkg, $3.99
Perdue Chicken Breast Chunks, 26 oz pkg, $5.99
Armour Meatballs, 28 to 35 oz pkg, $5.99
Publix Extra Thin Sliced Lunch Meats, 9 oz tub, 3/$10.00
Armour LunchMakers, 2.6 to 3.3 oz pkg, 5/$5.00
Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breast, 10 oz pkg, $3.49

Medium White Shrimp, Easy to Peel, Farm-Raised, Previously Frozen, 41 to 50 per pound, $6.39/lb
Fresh Coho Salmon Fillets, Wild and Sustainably Harvested, Never Frozen, $10.99/lb
Publix Mahi Fillets, Wild Harvested, Frozen, Vacuum-packaged, 12-oz pkg, $6.99
Medium Cooked Shrimp, Farm-Raised, Previously Frozen, 41 to 50 per pound, $8.99/lb

Tomatoes on the Vine, $1.79/lb
Cantaloupe Chunks, $2.49/lb
Western Cantaloupes, 2/$5.00
Kin O' the West Honeydews, $2.99
Bartlett Pears, $.99/lb
Crunch Pak Apple Slices, 14 oz pk, 2/$5.00
Navel Oranges, $1.49/lb
Northwest Peaches, $1.99/lb
Grilling Vegetables, $1.49/lb
Muscadine or Scuppernong Grapes, $2.99/lb
Red or White Seedless Grapes, $1.29/lb
Baking Potatoes, 5 lb, $3.49
Premium Plums, $1.29/lb
Broccoli, 2/$4.00
Fresh Attitude Salad, 5 oz bag, 2/$5.00

Waggin' Train Jerky Tenders Dog Treats, chicken, 16 oz pouch, $8.99
Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, assorted varieties, 3 oz can, 20/$11
Pedigree Adult Dog Food, or Food for Dogs, assorted varieties, 12 pk, $7.99
Publix Cat Litter, Scented or Unscented, 20 or 25 lb bag, $2.49
Publix Crunchy Dog Food, Adult Formula or Bites & Bones, 20 lb bag, $9.99

Gerber 2nd Foods, selected varieties, 2-pk, 10/$10

In-Ad Coupons:
$8.00 off wyb TWO (2) or more Enfamil Infant Powder Formula & Refill, selected varieties, 22.2 to 23.4 oz, or Gentlease Refill, 33.2 oz box

Free Pampers Wipes Refill, selected varieties, 192 or 216 ct pkg, wyb ONE (1) Pampers Cruisers Diapers, selected varieties, 76 to 120 ct box or Swaddlers, 132 ct pkg
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