Checkout Is A Breeze?

I have to smirk when I see the new bags they have at #Publix. They say in big letters, I LOVE IT WHEN CHECKOUT IS A BREEZE. I normally don't notice what gets printed on the bags, but the long check out when they inspect all my coupons gives me plenty of time to ponder. Lately, I've been especially conscious to notify the person stepping into line behind me that "I have a lot of coupons (waving them wildly) so it may take a few extra minutes to checkout". They ALL leave. A while ago when I would warn people about the extended checkout behind me, they would say - Oh, that's okay I'm not in a hurry. Or, that's fine I don't mind.  But not anymore, they all look at my pile of paper and beat it out of there.

I know the cashier appreciates it too because they aren't allowed to shoo people away from their lines, but then they don't have to listen to the person complain about the wait after I've walked away with my stuff. Sometimes I even suggest they turn off their light (if they won't get in trouble - some managers won't let them) so people don't come into our line. And just a couple weekends ago, I asked a manager to open a line for me since I had so many coupons and would need manager override too for numbers (too many coupons compared to items - due to stacking). Anyway, I do try to limit the inconvenience for other shoppers just because I choose to  pay with coupons. It does take a lot of time and focused attention at the register to make sure they are all handled correctly, and I certainly don't want to rush the cashier.

So, I look at that brown paper bag and dream for the day, I too can have checkout be a breeze.

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