NO Coupons: Stop Your Paper This Weekend

Just a quick reminder that due to the Memorial Day holiday this weekend, there will be NO coupons in the Sunday papers on May 29. So, go ahead and stop delivery of your Sunday paper now before you forget. If you get the Tampa Tribune, you can stop delivery HERE.
This is a great opportunity to spend your coupon time organizing your inserts. I just went through mine and threw away all my old inserts prior to 3/27/2011. There were only two SS inserts from 1/9/11 and 1/30/11 that had Listerine coupons and some Wacky Mac noodles that expire later this year that I might use. There were a couple other weird coupons that I've never used in my years of couponing so I don't consider those exp dates in my tossing.

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