How to Save Money on Hostels While Travelling

If you have been researching into how to save money on your travels, then you are probably already aware of the fact that hostels will cost you a fraction of the cost of a hotel or even a rented flat. But sometimes if you’re not careful you could end up paying a lot more for a hostel, especially if you haven’t done the proper research and calculations beforehand.
If you have heard horror stories about sleeping in hostels then do not let them scare you, because believe it or not some hostels are actually a lot nicer than hotels, especially when you start travelling outside of the major touristy cities.
If you’re hoping to go on a vacation and stretch your dollar as far as you can, here are five ways you can save money by staying in hostels while travelling:

1.       Use sites like, and
All of these hostel database sites are effective in organizing all of the hostels available in your desired destination, and you can order each of them by price as well. By booking a reservation online using one of these sites you will be required to pay a deposit, however, it actually ends up being a lot cheaper than if you were to book it in person. 

But be sure to research into the type of facilities they have otherwise you could be tricked into paying more than the price listed on the site. Just because a hostel is $10 cheaper each night does not necessarily mean you will save a lot of money because you could be charged for towels, internet access and much more. So search around the different hostels that are listed and see how you can get the most bang for your buck.

2.       Bring your own supplies
Some hostels charge and arm and a leg for internet use, laundry, towels and so much more. So one of the best ways to avoid this is to pack a towel and laptop with you so you can avoid these charges altogether.

3.       Avoid weekend costs
Weekend costs in hostels are sometimes double or even triple the amount of weekday costs, so if you’re going to be paying $60 a night to stay in a hostel over the weekend, then it may be a wise idea to find a cheap hotel instead. You could also try couchsurfing over the weekend, or if you plan on having a short vacation just avoid travelling on the weekends altogether.

4.       Look for specials
Some hostels offer weekly or even monthly rates to travellers so you can end up saving up to $20 or more if you book more than seven nights. However, keep in mind this is quite rare for a hostel so don’t expect it unless it is mentioned on their website.

5.       Stay for longer periods of time
If you plan on staying for more than a few weeks at the same hostel, then you might get a discount for being such a valued customer. After spending longer periods of time at a hostel you will get to bond with the employees or even the hostel owner who might be convinced to let you use the washer and dryer for free, or they may even upgrade you to a nicer room for no cost at all! When it comes to hostels, it’s all about connections.

Bio: Tracy Sitchen is a veteran coupon clipper, stay at home, and aspiring writer. While she loves shopping, she loves the chase of the deal even more!

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