Spaces In My Stockpile

Even though I've shopped twenty eight times already this month, there are some items I need and use often that I'm running out of. I have a decent stockpile, but now I'm getting nervous I might actually have to buy something when its not on sale. Granted, some items like my hubby's 2.5 gallon water jugs are never on sale and I get them with overage, or his roasted peanuts in the shell. But other items that sometimes are on sale and free are running low, like I mean I'm down to a couple. Here are the things I need and am anxiously waiting for a sale and coupon matchup to happen (maybe Publix or GM will see this)
  1. Yogurt - I was only able to get two of the Yo-plus last week since the IP coupon has not reset for me, and the insert coupons have only been for $0.50. I've been stocking up the Voskos yogurt this week since its free with coupons, but the expiration date is only out to the end of May so I can't buy more than I'll eat in a month. So, I'm on the hunt for those processed products with a bit of preservative or ultra pasteurized dairy to last a bit longer than a month.
  2. Croutons - I was down to the last bag for our daily lunch salads so I broke down and spent some overage on the Chatham croutons that are on sale for $0.99 each with no coupon! The last time I got croutons last fall they were free and I stocked up and they are just running out. Hopefully, something will come up in the next month for croutons.
  3. Coffee creamer - I was down to the last creamer before caving to buy a couple that were BOGO with a 0.50 coupon, meaning I spent about a dollar on them. In the last year or more I have been able to be fully stocked and the creamer was free or less than a quarter. The matchups have just not happened recently, or I missed out on the blinkies to make it a deal.
  4. Ziploc bags - Actually, I have a ton of all the sizes except the size I use 10 of every week, the snack size. We use it to make our salad dressing packets. I've had to buy them at regular price with a $0.50 coupon so they actually cost me money, from my overage of course. But still, I like to feel like I got a good deal and I don't think I did.
On the other hand there are some things I have way too much of because we've changed our diet some and just don't think to eat these foods too much anymore
  • Morningstar burgers - we have about 20 boxes of these things we used to eat all the time, especially for breakfast with eggs on the weekend. But then DH bought the Morningstar sausages one time and decided no more burgers for breakfast. Plus I think the black bean burgers make him need gas-x or phazyme so he didn't want to eat them anymore.
  • Starbucks ice cream - we still have about 8 pints of this stuff. Its just not as good as Ben & Jerry's so when there was a choice, I go for the B&J.
Anyway, I'm sure that a bunch of you have stuff you got and its just not moving either. So, the solution is it donate it before its expired, sell it at a garage sale if you can, or change your menus and make a conscious effort to include the food in your diet until the quantities are manageable. One thing I do now when buying for a stockpile is check expiration dates and do some quick mental math to determine if we can consume all the product before the date, based on how much of the stuff we eat now. Its kind of hard to do with stuff like mustard or relish, but that stuff lasts forever and it goes on sale a lot.
How's your stockpile holding up?

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