Mean Extreme Couponers Suck

I probably shouldn't be writing my rant now, but I'm frustrated. This morning I had an ugly encounter at the free newspaper box with a Smash & Grabber (S&G). I got up early for work today to get some of the free papers with inserts, before I get going on my bicycle. In the past, I've stopped at the box on the way to work but its too heavy to carry a bunch of extra newspapers or inserts in my panniers. So I drive down to the corner, get some papers and come back home and get ready.
Well, today at 5:55am I pull into the empty parking lot behind some car that just pulled in. And, I'm thinking uh oh, where is that car going - there's nothing open yet in this place. Sure enough we both pull up to the box and the bitch jumps out and starts wrapping her arms around the whole pile of papers. I approached as she's grabbing them all and asked her if I could have some. She says, "no you don't want these they're old ones." I said no they're not, they're today's and I'd like to get some. No, get away from me, she says. Now, I'm not really that threatening of a person, I'm short and petite - compared to this youngster. I said, if I had them I'd share with you, plus I wouldn't take them all anyway. She just kept saying get away from me and threw the whole pile through her open car window and jumped in her car. I was so pissed and really rattled, and now I don't know what to do next time. How damn early do I need to go there?
I went home and told my DH what happened and he couldn't believe it, and was concerned for my safety. Actually, he could believe it because the whole couponing world is spinning insanely on its axis these days.That stupid TLC Extreme couponing show, and now the local Tampa news is hopping on the bandwagon. Too many unethical, cheating and desperate people are starting to tarnish the name of couponing. As I drove away from the encounter, I wondered what the bitch was going to do with twenty sets of inserts, was she a reseller? Could be since she didn't strike me as being bright enough to know how to actually use that many coupons. Maybe she was just a runner for a reseller, driving around to multiple news boxes in the dark hours of the morning to clear all the boxes. Anyway, I think whatever her motivation she looked like she probably needs the money more than me.
Whatever the reason, people are getting desperate to get coupons. They raid the flyers from stores - when I went to Winn Dixie this week to get some of the $5 off $30 coupons in the flyer, the rack was empty on the first day of the sale. They raid the inserts from the newspapers, they take all the tear pads from stores, and peel all the peelies off the products and take all the blinkies. Its getting to be way too competitive, and mean. Its a mean business I guess for some of these people.
So, I'm glad for the news that Publix is going to be issuing a new, stricter coupon policy in a few weeks. I'm hoping it will cut the problems due to smash and grabbers. The store manager at my neighborhood Publix said it would be online May 14 for everyone to read. I hope he's right, I'll be checking.
Meanwhile, I'd like to ask everyone to just chill out about coupons. There's always going to be more deals, if you miss this one. Don't be mean. Don't clear shelves of all the product. Use the coupon correctly for the proper product and size. Follow the store rules. Be nice to your cashier. Try to resolve any issues with honey and sweetness, rather than being mean. Be nice to your fellow couponers you see in the stores and don't fight over a deal - it's not worth it. And to avoid coupon S&G'ers, try to find other sources of coupons rather than buying them from a clipping service or Ebay.


  1. Anonymous4/30/2011

    Like your post. I refuse to buy coupons from clipping services for the same reasons. I always try to follow the rules, but know others that don't and it bothers me. Be safe in your early morning coupon runs. I wish I had access to free ones like that.

  2. Roxanne5/02/2011

    Wow! This sounds familiar to me! The only difference is that I don't even go near these people!! I live in Town and Country and have many of those machines around the area. What really peeves me is that they remove the inserts and leave the papers! Really?? I think that I am just going to pay for extra subscriptions to my house. I can't handle stress over coupons. I agree--the world of couponing has gotten out of hand. I remember the days of sharing coupons with others.

  3. Anonymous5/06/2011

    I am a white woman and I take issue with your need to mention her race. The lady was a bitch, it had nothing to do with her being black- and calling her a black bitch just makes you look like a racist. FYI. Taking this blog off my favorites and hope others do the same.

  4. Anonymous5/07/2011

    Wow...ummm... just wow

  5. Anonymous5/08/2011

    You know that if someone complains to Google, your blog will be shut down right? Google does not play when it comes to hateful material.

  6. Anonymous5/14/2011

    I often wonder how most people have 1 or 2 coupons but some have like 60 . I just assumed the were the paper carriers stealing them. My bad.

  7. Anonymous5/22/2011

    Can u tell me how to find the free newspaper in Tanpa? Please email me