Happy Birthday Swagbucks

The SWAG madness has begun! I already missed the first opportunity to get some of the 127 swagbucks that will be available today. All this madness is to celebrate the 3rd Birthday of Swagbucks today. Sign up with the code "BirthdayFun," and you'll earn 25 Swag Bucks on top of the 30 you already start out with! This code is ONLY good for people who haven't joined yet – existing members won't be able to use it. If you haven't signed up for swagbucks yet NOW is the time!
One of the great sites I'll be checking today for swagbucks to make sure I don't miss any is HERE. I just redeemed 450 points for another Amazon gift card yesterday, the points just keep rolling in. Try it today.


  1. I love swagbucks! :)
    Thanks for participating in the Good Friends Click Blog Hop! I'm already follow you, just stopping by to say hi.


  2. I love swagbucks too...got lots of points yesterday. Following you from Tuesday Blog hop! Thanks for all you do!

  3. Following from the GF Just Click Tuesday hop!

    Would love a visit back at Mom Always Finds Out.
    Have a great day! Thanks!