Pick A Pear, or An Apple

Today, my morning snack was a crunchy green apple. Yesterday, it was a juicy fresh Valencia orange from our orange tree. Most mornings, I try to choose a healthy snack, rather than a serving of homemade chex mix, or baked goods. As a former food scientist, I know the difference between eating healthy calories and how great they make you feel, instead of simple carbohydrates that give you a short burst of energy but then you crash.
Well, it seems like Weight Watchers the popular diet program has finally ditched their archaic points system and revamped it with Points Plus system. Finally, common sense prevails and they are telling their participants that "yes", it does make a difference which calories you eat. But it doesn't take a scientist to tell you that eating fruits and vegetables is always a better choice that a commercially prepared snack or processed food item. Our grandma has been telling us that for years. Now, I am the grandma telling that to anyone who will listen.
There is someone I know who has always had a normal, healthy body weight - while all their siblings have been obese. In fact, all the siblings had stomach stapling or lap band surgeries to help overcome the obesity. It seems to be working for them. By physically limiting what you can eat, your body starts to lose weight. But the surgery doesn't fix the underlying psychological problems. My theory is that obesity is a visual indicator of a lack of self control. It's as simple as that. And if you lack control in your diet and exercise, it seems like this lack of self control ruins everything in your life, like your finances and relationships. If you can manage to resist that cookie, or make yourself exercise daily, or not buy something you don't have money for, you are heading in the right direction. Self discipline to do the right things and develop good habits is the key to maintaining a healthy weight, managing finances and fulfilling relationships.
I have never been on weight watchers and I am not promoting them, but I am glad they are finally sending the message to all the people out there, that it is really better to eat fruits and vegetables, rather than choose potato chips. In the past program, the points were equal - but we have known for decades there is no comparison in the consequences of eating processed snacks versus eating fresh fruit or vegetables.

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