Prime Happenings

This week while trying to order a couple different items on #Amazon, I've noticed a change in Prime Shipping. I was trying to order an auto headlight restoration kit to make our lights nice and shiny for our upcoming 12 hour drive to Bristol, TN. But my online shopping cart wouldn't let me select 2 day shipping - which is free if you have prime, and the item is selected for prime (which this item was). The same thing happened yesterday when I tried to order a new tarp to cover our boat. It qualified for prime shipping, but it won't get here for 3 days. According to Amazon, from Tuesday to Friday is 2 day shipping. Go figure.
I think they probably are getting killed on shipping costs. I know that I use Amazon more since I get #SwagBucks pretty often, and cash them in for the maximum $25 a month for Amazon gift cards. I wonder if more people are using Amazon for that reason too.
Anyway, I think something is going on here and I don't like it.

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