Publix Watching For Coupon Fraud

I just saw this video on how Publix is training their cashiers on how to spot fraudulent coupons and to scrutinize all coupons more carefully. Just a heads up to Publix shoppers, its not you its them. Your trips are going to take a little longer as the cashier spreads your booty all over the scanner belt and looks for the UPC codes and fine print. And YIKES! Those internet printables! They will be looking at those with the eagle eye.
I didn't like how they insinuated that all internet printables are fraudulent coupons, especially when the coupon value is high, or exceeds purchase prices. Goodbye, Schick razor overage! Hello manager override, which will become a much more regular thing. Oh well, its still worth it, but the pleasure is decreasing.

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  1. Anonymous6/30/2010

    You should get your information straight. The fact is there are thousands of $$$$ lost because Publix takes care of the customer first. These coupons you are talking about have come back fraudulant and Publix took the loss in order to find this out. So, you should consider it a pleasure.