Nothing Can Stop Me From Shopping

So I've been fighting a head cold for a week now, I got it from this guy at work. He asked me to help him upload a quick pad on his computer, and I'm pointing what icons to click, when he says "Oh by the way, I have a cold". My head is about 6 inches from his infested communicable airspace and apparently I picked it up real quick. It started as a sneezy runny nose and progressed to nasal congestion and then seemed to wain after I called off on Friday. So I go for a nice long motorcycle ride Sat morning and then afterward realize my ear is totally blocked and now pounding with the beginnings of an earache.
As I'm laying there on a heating pad trying to drain some serumun from my ear, DH is googling earache home remedies. Some are quite funny. Like mixing peanut butter with sweet oil and heating it up and putting it in your ear. I actually tried the one where it recommended heating a wet paper towel in the microwave in a coffee cup and hold it under your tilted head so the steam can melt your ear goo. I skipped the few drops of breast milk as we didn't have a lactating mother near by, and I couldn't get myself to allow DH to pee in a cup to gather a few drops of urine to dispense in my blocked ear. I did finally apply a couple drops of expired prescription antibiotics, hydrocortizone drops to my ears and the ear ache went away and I can "pop" my ears again. It is still blocked and ringing and I can hardly hear, but it doesn't hurt. All these ailments have also somehow affected my appetite and I've lost 5 lbs in a week - I have no appetite, no taste buds, and want to sleep all the time.
So a week of this is getting old. I have clipping to do and shopping trips to plan, and actually stores to visit. I've delegated clipping to DH while he watches the Rays try to stay on top of the standings, against the stupid Yankees. We actually scored several of the free pizza's by going to a couple different Kanes on Sunday and Monday to redeem our certificates from Saturdays 10 strikeouts. Anyway, I had to go to Publix yesterday to use up some nearly expiring coupons.
One deal of note that I happened to have 8 copies of coupons is the Scrubbing Bubbles Sprayer starter kit deal. 
Buy Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner or Extend A Clean – $7.99
AND the Refill – $3.94

Use this $5/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter coupon OR 6-13 SS
AND the $3/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Target coupon
AND the (use BoGo: Buy Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Get a Refill FREE coupon
AND the Get a $5 Target Giftcard wyb Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer starter kit 5-23 SS (expires TODAY 6/16)
FREE and MONEYMAKER for both after all coupons!
I saved $133, and my order was negative 0.31, but I paid $2.14 in tax. My order included a $40 Publix gift card, and all my product was free. I had way to many stacking coupons to try to get fillers, so I had to have manager override and that always adds drama. The store I love is undergoing staff changes and all my good buddy staffers are changing or moving to other stores. Cody, my fav manager had to straighten out my receipt after the newbie Charlie couldn't figure out how to apply the $5 gift card coupons to the order. He deactivated my gift card and wanted me to go to customer service. I said I didn't want to do that. DH throws in about how it wouldn't be very pleasurable. Anyway, it worked out fine, but I tell ya, this couponing business is not for the faint of heart.

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