Nazi Cashier

So last night we went for a nice motorycle ride to Publix to do a short coupon run. We went to the one in Cross Creek neighborhood in hopes that there would be some Shick Hyrdo Edge 3 razors, Nivea Body Wash, Fisher Fushion Snacks and some Sorrento Cheese Sticksters. You know, all the free, cheap or moneymakers. I was disappointed to see they were out of the usual razors and body wash, but was able to score some Fisher snacks and a few packs of cheese sticks. I had to pull out my reserve Purina Dog snack coupons and get a couple Tbonz (2/$4) snacks as a moneymaker to help pay for the bread and produce. We finally found enough stuff to bring the total over $25 so I could use my $5 off $25 competitor coupon too.
So we have a choice of 2 lines open, the express lane or the Nazi Katherine cashier. Guess who we had to go to? Yup. So, we're checking out and DH gets rid of the bagger so he can bag himself. He likes to use the excuse "I'm on a motorcycle and have to pack it so it fits". It works. Anyway, I'm watching the screen, its all cool and I hand over my Q's and first off she's saying the Save-A-Lot coupon is not a coupon, so I have to point out the bar code. duh. She sets it aside, even though she's verified my order exceeds the minimum needed. Then she gets to the end and has the two store PQ's for $2.50 off Purina snacks and she starts beeping her way back through my screen to look at the price. Then she says, "I can only give you $2 off since that's all you paid". She didn't realize I already used the MQ that stacks with it for $1.50/2, and I'm not about to point that out. I said "Publix gets reimbursed the full amount from the manufacturer so you need to credit me the full value of the coupon". She objected. I said get the manager. We wave one over. She explains her side to him. DH nudges my arm and tells me to cool off. Be nice.
So the manager is getting ready to tell me no, but one look at me and my determination, and he waves it off and tells the nazi to take the coupon. She objects and he tells her "Kathy, stop with the explanations, just take care of the customer". So she enters my coupons and my total is $3.43 which I pay with my free gift card. As she is printing my duplicate receipt for the cheese rebates, I told her she should lighten up, its not like the money is coming out of her pocket. She glared at me and told me to have a nice evening. I did. Saved a total of $43.86 (92%). That brought my savings over $1000 for the last 30 days and it cost me $0 since I've been using gift cards I get from overage.


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  2. I hate when I have a nazi cashier! Today I was at Walgreens and one of my least favorite cashiers was there. I had four items (contact solution, toothpaste, 2 ramen noodles). I handed over a coupon for the toothpaste and the contact solution. I then handed over 2 register rewards. She informed me very snottily that Walgreens register rewards count as coupons and I need to have as many items as I have coupons. That's when I informed her that's why I purchased the 2 ramen noodles. She said "oh, I forgot about those" and then continued checking me out.

    Why do cashiers care that we save money at their store? It's not like we take the money out of their pocket or paycheck!

  3. Way to go! I hate cashiers like that - I think they are jealous because they aren't getting the deals we are :)

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    Happy Tuesday!