My Publix Plan 4/2010

I hope all of you are taking advantage of the moneymakers at Publix these days, I know I am. At least I'm trying to when they have the item in stock, it seems there must be a lurking coupon queen in Temple Terrace cleaning out the stores, even the one I call the ghetto publix due to the clientele. Anyway, we're taking a ride on the motorcycles tonight to make a coupon run to Bealls to use our $10 off $10 coupon, and to hit a far away Publix for some scrubbing bubbles deals.
I asked at my local Publixs' and they have absolutely no problem honoring the "Get a $5 Target Gift Card wyb 3 Scrubbing Bubbles" items, and giving a Publix gift card. So here's my plan to get a $50 gift card tonight using moneymakers, $/$ competitors and store coupons, and the scrubbing bubbles Target gift card coupon. I'll report back Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed for Zantac and Schick razors in stock!
This shop is way off on coupon count vs items, so I'm not even going to try to get fillers, I'll just call the manager over. Notice all the product and a $50 Gift Card can be had for $3.18 (a 97.8% savings).
Its a plan anyway. Wish me luck.
Productqtypricesubtl-B1G1-QtotalQ#Q details
creamer BOGO61.9911.945.976.98-1.016(2)b2g1+(4)0.75/1MQ
yogurt Fiber One bogo22.505.002.502.000.502$1/1 print
ziploc bags (0.33 ea)41.997.963.983.000.9852-b1g1+2-$1/2 PQ +$1/2 MQ
Publix gc150.0050.0015.0035.003Get $5 Target GC w 3 scrub
scurb bubbl refill53.9919.9522.70-2.7510B1kitG1refill+$0.55/1 PQ
scrub bubbl pwr spray57.9939.9540.00-0.0510$5/1 MQ 4-11ss+$3/1 PQ
vicks nyquil dayquil, trial$1.5/1 vicks 2-21pg 1-17pg
bayer aspirin12.692.693.50-0.812$1.50/1 print + $2/1 PQ GAB
schick razors40.993.9612.00-8.044$3/1 3-21ss, $2/1 4-11ss
Zantac41.094.3610.00-5.642$2/1 1-31ss or $5/2
coupon0.000.005.00-5.001$5/$20 competitor
coupon0.000.0010.00-10.002$5/$50 Publix

P.S. It worked. I spent $3.96, saved $120.48. They didn't have any Zantac or Schick razors so I only got a $30 gift card.

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