Where's the Honey

If you're following the yogurt deals lately, you probably got some cheap FAGE Greek Yogurt with your $1/1 coupon, and also some of the Yoplait Greek yogurt that was free with the Publix clickcallmail coupon. I am partial to peach and berry flavors, but another blogger bragged on how wonderful the Honey flavor Fage yogurt was, so I tried it. And it was heaven, with the side tray of thick, golden honey to stir into the greek style gelled yogurt, it mixed great and tasted better.
Well, today I tried the honey flavored Yoplait and noticed the gelled yogurt, but when I dipped to the bottom of the container I didn't find any honey. Hey. Where's the honey? I tasted a bit and could taste the honey vanilla flavor, but I was still disappointed. Greek yogurt isn't supposed to be premixed. I think I'll let them know that. Their food scientists must have been on vacation when that product was developed. 

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