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Small Handfuls Make a Load

One of the Irish proverbs I shared yesterday is "small handfuls make a load". We all know that to be frugal involves a lot of small activities or measures to help toward the goal of living within our budget. Being frugal may mean skipping the soda when you go out to eat a restaurant, or only getting one topping on your pizza or splitting desert. It also means stacking the extra $0.30 coupon on top of the $1 coupon to get a few more pennies off your grocery bill. Its really a lifestyle of making small adjustments to help make the "load" of money we've saved.
Well, I've been thinking of recent activities I've done to help make a load:
  • Listed a post hole digger on Craigslist, sold for $20. This was not a quick sell, it was re listed many times and after the first time I never even posted a picture (which you should always do to help make the sale).
  • Listed pet meds on Craigslist, sell for $250 - this is a pending sale to happen on Friday. My elderly dog died and I have some expensive meds to get rid of. I'm selling for 1/2 price, but its better than nothing.
  • Host a house party. I was selected for the ziploc party which is planned for this weekend. Not a score of money, but who doesn't need ziplocs and containers?
  • Secret shop for Marketforce this past week at one of my favorite burger joints, make $7, plus get $10 reimbursement for food. Involved 15 minutes on the computer to scan receipt and complete survey questions.
  • Click on a bunch of websites like Swagbucks, Mypoints, Youdata to get points towards rewards, my favorite is gift cards. I just received another $5 Amazon gift card yesterday.
  • Occasionally complete surveys that come in my email, however most of these are blocked at my work and by the time I get home I'm not into it anymore.
  • Participate in beta tests of new technology equipment, I have a new mobile computing device on the way for a beta test.
  • Sign up for free samples from blogs, slickdeals, fatwallet and emails. Just received my full sized Pantene shampoo a couple days ago.
  • I'm trying to stay away from online shopping but the free stuff sucks me in. I just ordered free prints of our kitchen remodel project and ordered some free birthday cards I need for upcoming events.
  • Print coupons (of course) and sign up for more to be sent to me.
  • I would like to say that this blog brings in some affiliate income but it is negligible, maybe someday.
What do you do for your "small handfuls"?

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