A Buckle is a Great Addition to An Old Shoe

Continuing on the Irish Proverbs theme, I especially like this one because I always like to make old things last longer and stitch them up to have them make do for a bit longer. Actually right now I have my favorite Lee jeans from high school (over 30 years old) where the patch on the knee needs to be patched because its fraying apart again, and a new area has worn through on the butt (is it because my butts too big?) that probably should be patched because you can see my underwear. Oh my, TMI.
Anyway, DH also has an old pair of NB shoes that he wears to the grocery store and around the yard. They actually aren't that old, but after what happened in the store yesterday, they are going in the old shoe pile. Even a nice shiny buckle can't save them. I'm sure you're wondering, what the heck can happen at the grocery store that could ruin your shoes?? Well let me tell you.
So we're making about our sixth or seventh trip to Publix for the week, one final time to get yet more BP gas cards for 20% off. Did I ever tell you what a great deal that is? Hope you managed to score yours. We also wanted to get a few more BOGO items like the pasta and sauce. Well, just as we're rounding the corner down the pasta sauce aisle, we come upon a large red saucy lake of Prego sauce spilled and splashed on the floor. Broken glass and sauce was splayed all the way across the aisle and the wonderful publix bagger was pouring a bag of flour on the mess and sweeping it up. Sauce also got on the products on the shelves and it was creating quite the jam. Gee, I'm glad I didn't do it. Anyway, we grabbed 4 jars and our pasta and moved on.
After a couple more items, we head to the check out lane and discover that our jars of sauce have sauce on them. Euew! DH asks for a paper towel to wipe them off and continues to empty the cart, then DH kicks out the bagger (just kidding), he politely asks if he can bag his own groceries and the dude slips away. He then gets asked by every other bagger in the area if they can help, and he replies "No thanks, I prefer to bag my own". 
Anyway, we had two transactions to run through and I was busy organizing my coupons and watching the register, when I heard a great big crash, klunk and splash. DH had been rushing to keep up and bumped the bag with the jars of sauce off the bagging area and they ALL CRASHED AND BROKE, spraying pasta sauce all over the check out area, my legs, his legs and his shoes. OMG, I felt like crawling under the counter. I was so embarrassed. DH just looked at the mess, then looked around for help. Of course all the baggers came running with their brooms, bags of flour and dust pans. My brand new reusable bag was toast and thrown away (good thing it was free) and all but one of the jars were broken. It was a huge pile of goo. White and red goo. DH's shoes were now red and white, not just white.
I just wanted to get out of there. I felt bad for the man behind us, first he was amused with the double orders and dozens of coupons for each, then we create this pasta sauce fiasco. I told DH he's not ever bagging again. He's fired.

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