Weekly Weigh

Actually, I haven't really been dieting, as evidenced by the evil scale - I weigh the same as I did at the beginning of the month. Still down 7 lbs overall since I started this diet, but I still have a month to go to reach my goal weight by Easter, on my birthday. I've got a big list of freebies to get on my birthday and most of them are food, so I'm definitely not dieting that day. Who can pass up free starbucks coffee, krispy creme donuts, Denny's grand slam breakfast, Qdobe burrito, and Kobe's free teppanyaki Japanese meal? Plus I aim to get my free African Safari ride to feed and photograph the wild veldt animals at Busch Gardens. Hope it's not busy there on Easter.

Anyway, my diet siderailed due to the cold frigid weather. I feel sorry for all the folks up North where they have six months of this misery. I was so excited to ride my bicycle to work today in the 65F weather, even though it was misty rolling through the clouds on the ground. It's my therapy. It makes me happy to ride my bike. The fresh air and just being outside exercising makes me more aware of my surroundings and notice details and beauty.

I also am starving now. I read this little tip in an email and realize I don't eat enough. I'm hungry all the time, right after breakfast, and every afternoon.
Physicians often advise their patients to eat six small meals if they want to lose weight or lower insulin spikes in the case of diabetics. Small meals every three hours keep you satisfied, and speeds up your metabolism, thereby helping you to lose weight. If you get hungry again in about three hours, your food portion sizes are correct. If you're hungry sooner, you didn't eat enough. Still feeling full four or five hours later? You ate too much.

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