Sometimes It's Not Worth It

So there's a deal now at Walgreens. They have Purex laundry soap for $5.99 and it's BOGO for a Megasaver deal good for a month. It means you get FREE Purex when you use your Purex BOGO coupon (2-24 RP). But only if the store manager and clerk understand to just ring in the price they will be getting reimbursed for the coupon. We all know that you can stack a store BOGO deal with a manufacturer BOGO coupon, and get both items free. But not at my local Walgreens in Temple Terrace. Mr Rivera the store manager insists you have to PAY for one (but the coupon doesn't count as paying). I tried to explain and asked if we could call another store so he could verify it's a valid purchase. He refused. We left. DH was fuming and plans to call 1800WALGREENS tomorrow to spout off about Mr Rivera's attitude problem. 

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