Great News at Publix

Last night we went on our weekly grocery trip, and spent $4.04 to save $123.96 for a really great shop. There was the usual stacking of Publix coupons (PQ) with manufacturer (MQ) coupons with the buy one get one (BOGO) deals. But the icing on the cake is that Publix has decided to accept Walgreens issued MQ's called Register Rewards (RR). These coupons are indeed manufacturer coupons that state that on top, they have an expiration date, they have a scanable UPC code that begins with 5 (like all MQ's), and a redeem at address where they can send it to redeem for the cost plus 8 cents. I would recommend you bring your RR to Publix and confirm with the store manager that they now accept RR for purchases and you will notice the difference in your grocery bill.
So far this year we have spent $140 on groceries and household supplies to get $1073 in products.

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