Fit Day Free Online Diet Journal

Whoa. I sure ate a lot this weekend. I finally weighed myself and find that my jeans are tight. I need to go on a diet. I thought it was from not biking, and that perhaps just adding biking to my daily routine would help me maintain. But I have exceeded the cushion of safety in my weight and it is time for some serious efforts here. I think part of the problem is the Eat From the Pantry Challenge and all the processed foods that we've been eating this month, but the stuff is going away from the freezer and fridge. It just landed on my fat ass. Just temporarily though.
One thing I'm going to do is start documenting everything I eat, and all my activities in a fitday online journal. It is a free tool that has helped me tremendously to lose weight in the past. When you document everything, its pretty obvious how fattening a certain food may be (like chicken wings) and how much exercise helps burn calories.
My goal is to lose 15 lbs by Easter.

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