October Brag

Yesterday, I made my 5th or 6th trip of the week to Publix to use that wonderful $4 off GM store coupon to get more booty. It was totally a coupon run to either stock up or get rain checks and since it was after work my mind was still sleepy and I forgot THE GOLDEN COUPON RULE. In case you can't pull that little rule out of your already cluttered mind, the rule is make sure you have more items than coupons otherwise your transaction will require a supervisor override. Since I was stacking the $4 Q with MQ coupons and I didn't get filler items, the clerk had to call over the manager. He was cool no big deal, it was all legit (ALL my transactions are).
So its taking a little longer than normal and I was done bagging and signing, and a gentleman was behind me in line. He had seen me unpack my cart and it filled up the whole belt and then he saw the pile of coupons and then started peering over my shoulder at the total going down and down and down. When the total was final, the clerks are supposed to read you your receipt and tell you how much you saved at Publix, so she says "you saved 90.14 today" (I paid $15.15) and hands me my receipt and I walk away with all my bags. I heard the guy behind me ask the clerk in amazement, "How much did she save??". It was one of those very few times when I felt proud to coupon. Most of the time coupons are a game to me, its fun. Sometimes, they're a hassle and they make me pissy. Sometimes they make me feel smart, and sometimes they make me feel like I'm being perceived as poor. It's actually amazing how wide a range of feelings one can get from coupons.
Anyway, my main brag is to celebrate couponing for about 6 months now and my system just seems to run itself with less and less time from me - or maybe I'm just more efficient. My stockpiles are TOTALLY stocked and I have learned to pass up purchases (even if they are free after coupons) if I don't need the stuff. Our total grocery bill for the month of October was $183,  but then I returned dog food that the dog is allergic too (I had purchased in Sept) for a $81 credit, so the net total was $102. I don't have all my receipts itemized so I don't know how much I saved, but I'm sure it was a lot (maybe $700-$900??) based on how full my cupboards, freezers, fridges and spare room are!
So, there - I'm bragging and I'm proud! 

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