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My Publix Trip 0.87 plus tax

My Publix shop this week is a little late because I've never been able to find the Glade Plugins. The shelves have been empty since the sale started but those trusty Publix trucks delivered fresh stock for the shelves today, at least in one of the three stores I went to. I did happen to get some of the new MomSaver booklets from the demonstration lady at one store.

I split my order to be able to use more than one $5 off $40 coupon, but my other order isn't listed here. I used a raincheck for the Glade to allow me to use the Purple Flyer Publix coupon that expired yesterday, although the LU# was still active in the register so I probably could have saved the raincheck. My order total was $3.08 and I saved $72.28, a savings of 95%.

My Publix Trip - Paid Six Cents

Just a quick trip to get salad. Broke up a raincheck for Buitoni since they only had 4, and there were no other moneymakers except the Rachel Ray dog food. Spent $0.06 and Saved $45.41.

My Profitable Publix Trip 09/12/13

My Publix Trip 09/12/13

My grocery shopping planning was busy this week. Earlier in the week I was fretting since I didn't have any of the Buitoni MQs as they weren't in the inserts our area gets, but a nice person on FB sent me a link to print the MQs on the Target Site. So I was pleasantly surprised that the store was stocked since it was so late in the day. As it turns out, I think Publix is expecting this item to be popular this week, so they have plenty in the back. So if the small display area in the store is empty, be sure to ask them to check the back. This was a nice moneymaker this week and paid for the salad fixings this week.

There is also a new coupon on the Safeway site that is for Fresh Express salad kits. The manufacturer coupon states for Safeway stores but this Publix is okay with this since its a valid MQ. Anyway, this makes for free lettuce. I also used a $10 off $50 Whole Foods coupon which I found in the local Temple Terrace News magazine, if you see it around. The USF store has started taking Whole Foods as a competitor since they built the store in Carrollwood which is kind of nearby.

If you look carefully in the picture, you'll see we got the wrong size Pillsbury products. I was sorting coupons and DH was in charge of getting 6 of the crescent rolls, but he picked up the $2 packages (8oz), rather than the one dollar packages (4 oz). We ended up exchanging them later for the correct size since this product to me is not even worth the dollar it would have been after the coupon - but for free or MM I'll use them for something.

We also picked up a $10 Gift Card to use up our remaining overage since we had all the produce we needed this trip. Hopefully, you already were aware the Seafood Publix coupon from last week was a misprint and is actually $2 off $2 like usual. The stores are aware of this and I have not had any issues using mine this week. You still have through Saturday to use them. The Shrimp skewers are a dollar a piece (5 pieces of shrimp) so that's not a bad way to go.

So in the end, it cost $1.73 for this shop, plus the $10 Gift Card, and we saved 98% ($96.64).

My Publix Trip - Gas Card Deal

my publix trip 09/06/2013

I'm really struggling with couponing these days, it is so depressing to see the same items on sale as earlier this year, but the coupons just don't get the price to where it used to be. The cat and dog treats are just not going to happen for me this week, or possibly not any time soon. I also hate just getting one or two gas cards when the deal comes along, when I used to get at least a dozen each sale last year. Oh well, time will heal.

I did find both fillers vitamins and toothbrushes this time so I am able to hold off on getting cereal and Mrs. Pauls fish fillets for my next trip. And the rest of the salad fixins we'll need. I used a raincheck for the Purina One dog food since the flavor my dog has decided she loves was out last week when it was on sale. I have one more raincheck but its a big hit to the pocket book ($30) for dog food, plus the $40 for the gas card.

I spent $61 today, and saved $60, so it was about 50% savings.

My Publix Trip Saved 90%, Spent $3.30

I'm not really in the groove of grocery shopping and couponing after our trip out of town, but did a partial salad shop today. You'll notice I didn't get any BOGO Publix sale items since the coupons just aren't that great these days. I might buy some feta cheese later this weekend, but I really wanted the Purina One dog food in the large 31 lb bags and my closest store doesn't carry that size. So, I did get some free filler stuff to get my order up to $30 to use a Winn Dixie coupon. I paid $3.30 including tax on all those personal care items, so I saved $35.67 (90%).


My Publix Trip $1.06

This week at the grocery store the special is cheap Body Wash. I don't have a picture this time but this is what I got.

8 Dial body wash BOGO $3.95
(4) $2/2 body wash mq 8/4 rp + (1) $5 off $15 pq green adv flyer

4 Sundown vitamin A $3.29
(4) $1/1 mq 8/4 rp + (1) $5/2 pq green adv flyer
$-0.84 MM

4 Brawny paper towels BOGO $1.98
(4) $0.55/1 mq 8-11 rp

2 Tena pads $5.19
(2) $5/1 mq insert

$5/30 Winn Dixie store coupon

Total spent $1.06

Publix Paid Me to Shop This Week

My Publix trip to the grocery store this week, finds there are a lot of good coupon deals. Some of the good deals are due to stacking coupons (store coupons plus manufacturer coupons) even if the item is regular price, but some of the great store specials also coincide with some coupons available. The store I shopped at today was out of all moneymaker vitamins (Sundown and Nature Made), plus they were out of Almay deodorant, Right Guard Xtreme deodorant and I thought they were out of Tena 14 ct pads because the shelf was empty. But low and behold, way down below a couple shelves, shoved in the back some previous couponer hid some Tena packages. The Tena is not a moneymaker this week, but gets your order up to a coupon threshold for low out of pocket, this week I was trying to reach $50 so I could use the Publix $10 off $50 store coupon that was in the Sunday paper last weekend.

There was plenty of Honey Bunches of Oats because it was just getting unloaded from the delivery truck, I got a few clingwraps and the Lipton Tea moneymaker was fully stocked too. There has been discussion that the cereal $3/2 PQ is not a match for this sale, and I agree the wording is ambiguous. It seems they always forget to add punctuation to coupons, so the coupon does look like it reads This flavor or that flavor or the other flavor 15-18 oz. I read it that only the last flavor needed to be 15-18 oz. Anyway, others have reached out to clarify and Publix has responded online. Publix said the coupon wasn't meant to apply to this weeks BOGO product, but in the interest of good customer service they are accepting the coupon. They just ask coupon users to be respectful and not abuse the deal.

I thought the tax would eat up any overage but my calculations were off in my Grocery Tracker app (my fault) and they ended up paying me $3.63. I saved $94.28.

Saved 99% At Publix Today, Spent $1.06

The one thing I really wanted to buy today at Publix was the Wisk Laundry Detergent that was BOGO, but they were all out. The $2 coupon and the store sale makes it $1.25 for a 50 oz container which I guess is everyone's stockup price too. I still had a couple Quattro razor rainchecks so I decided to use some of those since other fillers were out too like the FUZE deal from last week, and the TENA pads were wiped out as well. Since I did get the $2/1 Right Guard coupon early in the free Spanish paper I was able to get a couple of those too ( a small MM).

I am shocked at the price increases in produce at Publix. Two weeks ago iceberg lettuce was on sale for $1.49, then it went up to $1.69, and last week it was $1.99. Well, today was the schocker at $2.49 for a head of lettuce. If I can't pay for produce with overage, I think I'm going to start going to ALDI or the farmers market because its just too expensive at Publix.

So, we got all our salad stuff including the free Wishbone dressings and spent $1.06, Saved $77.

Here's to hoping we get a good Publix coupon in the paper on Sunday!

My Publix Trip - Gas Card Deal 7/27

I didn't have much luck getting coupons for coffee so I wasn't really sure how I could get my order up to $50 for the gas card deal. I lucked out and they had the Fuze ice tea and then I used a raincheck for some Quattro razors. Which I just realized now the cashier missed one of my $3/1 Target coupons for the razors. Anyway, I spent $39 and got a $50 gas card and all my groceries for essentially free. This shop does not compare to how great we used to have it, but I still managed to get gas for 20% off.

My Publix Trip - Paid $1.79, Saved 97%

I don't really need much as we are fully stocked and with the healthy diet we don't eat much processed food. We spent a half day in the kitchen on Sundays and make salads, fruit snacks and meals for the week.

I split up this shop into two transactions so I could use an extra $5 off $30 WD coupon. Basically, the Snausages dog treats overage and the WD coupon paid for the Mountain Dew, with some vitamins thrown in to pay the tax. Many new couponers just don't seem to grasp the concept of having to buy stuff you don't use just to gain overage, but it is essential to having low grocery bills. In addition to overage, you need to buy items to bring up your totals to the threshold needed to use a $ off $$ coupon on top of your order. I did my worksheet before my shop and can't modify it at home so it doesn't show the Prevacid which is on sale for $9.79 (w/ $6 MQ print + $3 TQ print), this is what I used to get to my threshold of $30 instead of a gallon of water.

So on both orders I spent $1.79 and saved about 97%.

On Sunday you can expect to get a $ off $2 seafood coupon for Publix, but no other inserts will be in the paper.

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Spent $2 on My Publix Trip - Saved 95%

I just did a little trip today to get some veggies. I got some Wheat thins and Morningstar patties too. Not too much interesting in this ad for me. I have lots of rainchecks for razors and dog treats that I've decided to save for the week of July 25th when rumors say we'll get another gas card deal.
We will also get the $2 off $2 Deli coupon at Publix in the Sunday paper, so I'll probably scoop up a bunch of cheese and meat next week. Small trips though. So I spent $2.09 today.
7/10/13 17   40.77 8.68 30.00 tax 2.09 18 -94.87%
Product qty price subtl B1G1 -Q 0.00 total Q# Q details
Wheat Thins BOGO 2 4.49 8.98 4.49 2.00   2.49 2 $1//2 PQ peelie + $1/2 MQ 6-9ss
Pillsbury refrig rolls 4 1.00 4.00   4.00   0.00 4 $1/2 MQ 5-19ss + $1/2 PQ ad 7/25
green pepper 1 1.28 1.28       1.28    
cucumber 1 0.65 0.65       0.65    
onions 1 0.65 0.65       0.65    
zuchinni 1 2.47 2.47       2.47    
Morningstar patties BOGO 2 4.19 8.38 4.19 3.00   1.19 3 $1/1 6-30rp + $1/2 PQ celebrate bk
Sundown Vitamin B6 4 3.59 14.36   16.00   -1.64 8 (4)$3/1 GAB PQ + (4)$1/1 MQ print 
Winn Dixie $5 off $30 1 0.00 0.00   5.00   -5.00 1 $5 off $30 In the City x12/30/13

My Publix Trip - Spent $0.87, Saved $49

I went to the store thinking it was the last day of last weeks sale, putting Al Fresco sausage and Fresh Express lettuce in my cart - just to have to pull them out of my order at the register as I noticed the prices. Just a frugal reminder, always watch your register as everything rings up.
The new ad this week doesn't have anything we need, except we did get Tostitos since I had a coupon. I did find some Snausages for my raincheck and that made it worth it. Later this week I might get a couple Ben & Jerrys ice cream but I used all my frozen food coupons already and I don't really want to pay $1 each for ice cream. So I might skip it. Anyway, I spent $0.87 and saved $49.
4-Jul 24   64.81 19.94 44.00 tax 0.87 26 -98.66%
Product qty price subtl B1G1 -Q 0.00 total Q# Q details
Snausages dog treat  (raincheck  BOGO) 10 2.99 29.90 14.95 16.00   -1.05 15 $1/1 or 1/2 MQ + $1/1 PQ paws
green pepper 1 1.19 1.19       1.19    
cucumber 1 0.65 0.65       0.65    
banana 2 0.68 1.36       1.36    
mushrooms 1 1.99 1.99       1.99    
Tostitos BOGO 2 4.99 9.98 4.99 2.00   2.99 1 $2/1 PQ donation sheet
Sundown Vitamin D or B6 6 3.29 19.74   21.00   -1.26 9 (6)$2/1 GAB PQ + (3)$3/2 MQ
Winn Dixie $5 off $30 1 0.00 0.00   5.00   -5.00 1 $5 off $30 In the City x12/30/13
I may get some rainchecks this week for razors ($3 off Schick) since they will be out of stock I'm sure. These help bring up the totals for next week when the new regional PQ comes out, $5 off $40 this Sunday!
I also got a $3 off 3 Kraft items, Sweetbay coupon in the local Spanish paper. It's a single page ad, so keep an eye out for it possibly in the Sunday paper.

My Publix Trip - Saved $121, Spent $1.24

What a great week to have the $5 off $40 PQ to go along with a sale! There are a lot of deals where I wish I would have had more newspaper coupons, but oh well - take what you have and be happy. The Mayo deal only worked Thursday because the PQ expires today. I wanted to get Snausages dog treats but there was only one lonely bag on the shelf for this BOGO deal. But a raincheck works too. And of course the elusive Seagrams Ginger Ale was nowhere to be found again. I asked my store to order it for me last time and still have not received a call. I think Coca Cola is slow on the stocking here. Plus they only have a small space for that flavor.

I had to buy some of the expensive B complex vitamins to get my order up over $70 so I could use the stacking Winn Dixie $5 off $30. Sometimes it's worth it to buy something you don't need (a filler item) to be able to buy something you want. That's a strategy that is hard for new couponers to understand and practice doing.

Anyway, I used the overage from the mayo, and the WD and PQ's to get some pork spareribs which are on sale. They are a pretty good deal, and with the BBQ sauce from last week, it makes for a cheap outdoor meal this upcoming holiday next week.

In the end it worked out to spending a little over a dollar on my Publix gift card, and saving over $121 dollars, saving over 98%.

27-Jun 35   106.60 35.23 71.00 tax 1.24 47 -98.84%
Product qty price subtl -B1G1 -Q 0.87 total Q# Q details
Pork Spareribs 1 8.82 8.82   2.00   6.82 2 $1/1 Pork MQ + 1/1 PQ fresh meat baby club
Pork Spareribs 1 8.79 8.79   1.00   7.79 1 $1/1 Pork MQ printable
cucumber 1 0.65 0.65       0.65    
Fresh Express Ceasar Salad Kit BOGO 2 3.99 7.98 3.99 4.00   -0.01 2 $2/1 MQ http://www.tonytantillo.com
Arnold Sandwich Thins bread BOGO 2 3.89 7.78 3.89 3.00   0.89 3 $1/1 MQ print + $0.50/1 TQ print
Reynolds Baking Cup 10 0.99 9.90   10.00 0.64 0.54 10 $1/1 MQ 6-23ss
Hellmans Mayo 30oz BOGO 10 4.77 47.70 23.85 30.00   -6.15 20 $2/1 PQ print + $1/1 MQ 6-23ss
Temptations Cat treats BOGO 4 1.75 7.00 3.50 4.00 0.23 -0.27 4 $1/2 TQ print + $1/2 MQ 6-16rp
Sundown B Complex vit 2 3.99 7.98   7.00   0.98 3 $2/1 PQ purple flyer + $3/2 MQ print
Publix coupon 1 0.00 0.00   5.00   -5.00 1 $5/$40 PQ 6-16 paper
Winn Dixie coupon 1 0.00 0.00   5.00 0.00 -5.00 1 $5/30 In the City booklets
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