My Publix Trip - Paid $8.38

Finally a week where there are some cleaning supplies that are a decent deal with the BOGO sale and a coupon matchup. I stocked up on Soft Scrub and Lysol, plus some pens (for overage). Its amazing that pen sale has been going on for several weeks! Also the papermate TQ has reset with an exp date of 9/3. If you ever need an mpp of TQ's you can more than likely get them HERE. Hope this doesn't end as it seems like someone is selling TQ printables on ebay. I refuse to buy any coupons since I'm not sure these people have obtained them in an ethical manner.
Unfortunately, it seems like we all have to deal with unscrupulous couponers more often these days. My store is becoming frustrated with the number of couponers who just throw a pile of coupons at the cashier and they don't match any items they purchased, or they don't get the required amount (two items for a $1/2 coupon) and then they fuss when the coupon is handed back. The manager told my DH that they appreciate "good couponers" like us because they are increasingly having to train their staff to watch out for the scammers.
Anyway, my shop was not one of my best by a long shot but I need to remind myself I walked away with a $10 GC and all my groceries for around $8. So I came out ahead - not by much but I usually don't spend more than about $3 on a trip. I skipped the gas card deal since I'm stocked from last time, but I would encourage anyone who drives to get a few of these cards as they are a good deal.
Yesterday in my mail I got my $20 Publix GC from a storm rebate, not sure which one it was exactly, I think it was pretty recent though. I also received my $25 Publix GC in the mail the day before from Blog Spark for compensation for doing a giveaway next week (Check back on the 18th for a Publix GC giveaway). So it seems like I'm flush with Publix gift cards for a while.
58   120.02 39.65 71.99 tax 8.38 52 -93.02% savings
Product qty price subtl B1G1 -Q   total Q# Q details
lettuce 1 1.69 1.69       1.69    
banana 2 0.35 0.70       0.70    
cucumber 1 0.75 0.75       0.75    
onions 1 0.60 0.60       0.60    
McCormick Grill Mates BOGO 8 1.99 15.92 7.96 8.00   -0.04 8 $1/1 Sweet Savings Booklet
Soft Scrub W Bleach BOGO 10 3.29 32.90 16.45 15.00   1.45 10 $1.50/1 8-7rp
Voskos Greek Yogurt  4 1.00 4.00   3.00   1.00 4 $0.75/1 printable via facebook
GG froz veg spinach BOGO 2 1.79 3.58 1.79     1.79    
Soft Soap 2 1.00 2.00   2.00   0.00 2 $1/1 print x8/15
Kraft Cheese grated 8oz 4 3.00 12.00   4.00   8.00 4 $1/2 MQ print + $1/2 TQ
Lysol disinfctnt spray BOGO 10 2.69 26.90 13.45 10.00   3.45 10 $1/1 8-7ss
Athenos Feta crumbled 2 1.99 3.98   1.99   1.99 1 BOGO print x8/12
Papermate profile pen, 2 ct 10 0.50 5.00   10.00   -5.00 10 $1/1 TQ
Publix Gift Card 1 10.00 10.00   10.00   0.00 1 $10 GC wyb $50 groceries PQ
$/$$ coupon   0.00 0.00   3.00   -3.00 1 $3 off $30 PQ recyclebank
$/$$ coupon   0.00 0.00   5.00   -5.00 1 $5/$25 SAL x8/28

How To Pack For A Trip

Yesterday, I read this post on Wisebread about packing for a trip. A friend of mine always says, when you're traveling put your suitcase on the bed, take out half of what you've packed, and put twice as much money in your wallet - and you're ready to go. I always am reminded of this piece of advice when I get home from a trip and I'm unpacking all the clothes I never touched on the trip - but hauled them across the nation.
Well, since we're thinking about planning our trip to Minnesota to see our families and attend the Minnesota State Fair, the blog post was definitely an eye opener and confirmation that I was going to bring too much crap with me. So, I took the 10 tips seriously and declared my intents to DH last night. No I would not be bringing a suitcase, instead I'm packing a backpack. And yes I'm only bringing one of anything - one pair of shorts, one pair of jeans, one pair of capris, one swimsuit, one T shirt, one long sleeve shirt, one short sleeve Columbia shirt, one polo, one tank top, one sweater and one pair of shoes, but I would bring 2 pairs of socks and underwear. So I packed and it all fit in half of the backpack.
Another tip is not to bring toiletries, but here I'm minimizing and bringing only what I know I will use - deodorant, floss, toothpaste, qtips, and shampoo. I also am not bringing a gps, or books, (these are on my smartphone) or my big clunky Nikon DSLR camera. I have to break the rules and bring my Dell Duo. The only reason I'm bringing my tablet PC is because I can't be sure of reliable wireless internet everywhere we're staying and I need to update my blogs and print coupons, neither of which I can do with my smart phone. I will spring for the extra "Hotspot" service from Sprint for the trip at a cost of $1 per day to make my smartphone into a wireless hotspot which I can connect my PC through if I'm anywhere there is cell service. So into the backpack go the laptop and a pocket camera. I'm skipping the neck pillow even though I do have an inflatable one and I do really enjoy the comfort.
So far everything still fits in the backpack and I have extra room. We don't need a guidebook so skip that. And we don't really have a solid itinerary so we have flexible plans which are a lot less stressful. I'm not really into drama and I'm going to avoid any drama while we're there. A few get togethers are planned and a ride-a-long for DH with the MPLS Police, plus two days at the Fair to eat all that yummy food like Deep Fried Cheese Curds. And a day at Valleyfair amusement park with the grand kids if mom decides its okay. Whatever the weather we're not letting it keep us indoors, we also packed a poncho. And we can handle the heat if it's below 100F, since we've never had 100F in Tampa, I'm not sure what it feels like to be that hot and clammy. LOL

Publix Sneak Peek Weekly Ad 8/11/11 - 8/17/11

This upcoming week there are a few good deals if you have the coupons. There was a new coupon #Publix booklet being distributed in the store this past weekend called "Sweet Savings" and there was a coupon that will make the McCormick Grill Mates free. Keep an eye out for it. There is also a $1.50/1 Soft Scrub coupon (8-7 RP) in the recent Sunday paper which makes the Soft Scrub cleanser a good deal to stock up on. Moneymakers this week are the Papermate Pens at $0.50 using the $1/1 TQ, and the Sundown Vitamin D using the PQ and MQ. Also the $10 off $50 Gas Card wyb $25 of groceries is back again. I still have hundreds of dollars of gas cards so I'm going to skip that this week. Honeydew is on sale this week, yum!
McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning
, 2.5 to 3.5 oz bottle, save up to 1.99

Publix Deli Tea, gallon, save up to 2.59

Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers, Party Mix or Snack Mix, 9.75 to 14 oz box, save up to 3.29

General Mills Cereal Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp or Reese's Puffs, 15.6 to 18 oz box, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 21.25 oz box, save up to 4.09

Riceworks Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps Sea Salt, Salsa Fresca, Sweet Chili, or Tangy BBQ, 5.5 oz bag, save up to 2.89

Caterer's Choice Crab Rangoons, 15 oz box, save up to 7.99

Banquet Chicken Entrees, 24 oz pkg, save up to 4.99

Barber Stuffed Chicken Breasts or Seasoned Selects, 10 oz pkg, save up to 4.99

Toufayan Pita Bread, 12 oz pkg (excluding Low Carb Pita), save up to 1.29

Ken's Steak House Dressing, 24 oz bottle, save up to 3.99

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce, 18 oz bottle, save up to 2.29

Valley Fresh White Chicken in water, 12.5 oz can, save up to 2.89

Hunt's Tomato Ketchup, 24 oz bottle, save up to 1.75

Gatorade Thirst Quencher or G2, 64 oz bottle, save up to 2.50

Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail, Drink or Beverage, 6 pk, 10 oz bottles or Cranergy Juice Drink, 4 pk, 12 oz bottles, or Sparkling Beverage, 4 pk, 8.4 oz can, save up to 3.99

Crystal Light Drink Mix, 8 qt canister, or 7 or 10 ct box, save up to 2.99

Del Monte Fresh Cut Vegetables, 11 to 15.25 oz can, (excluding Specialty Vegetables and Asparagus), save up to 1.39

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal, 13 to 17 oz box, or Vanilla Clusters, 18 oz box, surprisingly low price

Bertolli Pasta Sauce, 15 or 24 oz jar, (excluding Organics), save up to 2.69

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Pasta or Garden Delight, 12 or 13.25 oz pkg, save up to 1.89

Progresso 100% Natural Broth Chicken: Regular or Reduced Sodium; or Beef Flavored, 32 oz carton, save up to 2.59

Quaker Oats Oatmeal Old Fashioned or Quick-1 MInute, 18 oz tube, save up to 2.32

Deer Park Aquapod Natural Spring Water, 8 pk, 11 oz bottle, save up to 2.49

Blue Diamond Almonds, 6 oz can, save up ot 3.19

Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies, 9.5 to 15.25 oz pkg, save up to 2.89

Entenmann's Donuts Rich Frosted, Crumb Topped, Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Variety, Variety Pack or Frosted Devil's Food, 8 ct, 15 to 17.5 oz box, save up to 4.79

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn, 12 to 19.8 oz box, or 30 oz jar, save up to 4.89

Planters Peanuts Cocktail, Redskin Spanish, Lightly Salted or Honey Roasted, 12 or 12.5 oz can, save up to 3.19

Arnold Bread, 24 oz loaf, save up to 4.29

Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt, 4 pk, 4 oz cup, save up to 2.79

Smart Balance Spread, 13 or 15 oz, or 2-pk, 7.5 oz tub or Spray, 8 oz bottle, (excluding Organic), save up to 2.63

Freschetta Pizza, 14.62 to 28.01 oz box, save up to 7.33

Pepperidge Farm Three Layer Cake, 19 or 19.6 oz box, save up to 4.19

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables, 7 to 10 oz pkg (excluding Asparagus Cuts), save up to 1.79

Ben & Jerry's or Starbucks Ice Cream, or Ben & Jerry's Frozen Yogurt, 1 pint carton, save up to 4.79

Kraft Bagel-fuls, 10 oz box, save up to 2.50

Sterilite Clearview Latch Box, 66 qt, save up to 11.99

Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats, 2.1 or 3 oz pouch, save up to 1.50

Cesar Canine Cuisine Softies Treats Filet Mignon or Grilled Chicken Flavor, 6.7 oz pouch, save up to 3.79

Fab Laundry Detergent, Powder 3.41 lb box, or Liquid 50 oz bottle, save up ot 3.99

Soft Scrub Cleanser, 24 to 28.6 oz bottle, save up to 3.29

Lyson Disinfectant Trigger Spray Cleaner All Purpose 4 in 1: Lemon Breeze, Pacific Fresh Scent or with Bleach, 32 oz bottle, or Citrus Scent Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner, 22 oz bottle, save up to 2.69

Right Guard Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Total Defense 5, 2, 2.6, 3 or 4 oz pkg, save up to 3.19

Earth's Best Organice Baby Food, 6 months and up, 4 oz jar, save up to 0.85

Paper Mate Clearpoint Starter Kit, save up to 5.99

Pilot G2 Gel Ink Rolling Ball Pens, 2 ct pkg, save up to2.99

Scotch 5" Scissors, pointed or blunt tip, 1 ct, save up to 1.99

Sharpie Accent Highlighters, 4 ct (excluding Mini Highlighters), save up to 2.99

Assorted Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, 8 ct, save up to 6.99

Multigrain Bread, 16 oz loaf, 2.99
Italian Five Grain Bread, Wheat or White, 16 oz loaf, 2.89
Water Rolls, 12 ct, 14 oz pkg, 3.29
Tuscan Boule Loaf, 18 oz loaf, (select locations), 3.99
Small Creme Cake Lemon, Vanilla, Marble or Chocolate, 16 oz, 2.99
New York Style Cheesecake, 6 inch, 32 oz, 9.99
Bagels, 2/$1
Muffins, 4 ct, 2.99
Brownies, 8 ct, 3.99

Voskos Greek Yogurt, 4.6 or 5.3 oz cup, 10/$10
Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough or Brownie Dough, 16 or 16.5 oz pkg, 2/$5
Horizon Organic Milk, half gallon, 2/$7
Kraft Grated Cheese Parmesan, Reduced Fat Parmesan Style, Parmesan & Romano, Romano or Three Cheese Blend, 8 oz canister, 2/$5
Publix Milk, Whole, 1%, 2%, or Fat Free, gallon, 2.99
Kraft Shredded Cheese or Chunk or Singles, 7 to 12 oz pkg, 2/$6
Publix Cheese Slices, 16 oz pkg, 4.99

Publix Deli Fresh Chilled Rotisserie Chicken, 4.99, Hot, 5.99
Publix Deli Macaroni and Cheese, 2.49/lb
Publix Deli Parmigiano Reggiano, 16.99/lb
Boar's Head Jerk Turkey and Gouda Half Sub, 4.99
Boar's Head Maple Honey Ham, 8.49/lb
Boar's Head American Cheese, White or Yellow (excluding Low Sodium Yellow and White Cheeses), 7.69/lb

MorningStar Farms Entrees, 5.25 to 14.5 oz box, 2/$7
Publix GreenWise Market Organic Pizza, 12 or 12.4 oz box, 3.99
Phillips Crab Cakes, 6 oz, 6.99
Publix Frozen Fruit, 12 to 20 oz bag, 2/$5
Weight Watchers or T.G.I.Friday's Entrees, 4.45 to 12 oz pkg, 4/$10
Publix Premium Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt or Sherbet, half gallon, including Light and Homemade, 2/$7

Udi's Gluten Free Bread, 12 oz pkg, or Plain Bagels, 4 ct, 14 oz pkg, 2/$7
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Beverage, 32 oz box, 1.99
Starbucks Coffee, 11 or 12 oz bag, 6.99
Pure Wesson Oil Vegetable, Canola, Corn or Best Blend, 48 oz bottle, 2/$6
Minute Maid Coolers or Just 10 Fruit Puch or Fruit Falls Water, 10 pk, 6.75 oz box, (excluding 100% Juice Items), 3/$5
Publix Toaster Pastries, 8 ct, 14.7 oz box, 1.79
Pepsi Products, 8 pk, 12 oz bottles, 3/$10
Coca-Cola Products, 12 pk, 12 oz can, 3/$13
Publix Soft Drinks or Seltzer Water, 2L, 2/$1
Lay's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, 8.5 oz bag, 2/$5
M&M's Chocolate Candies, 15.4 to 19.2 oz bag, 3.99

Health & Beauty:
Herbal Essence Hair Care Products, 6.24 to 12 oz pkg, or Aussie Products, 6 to 14 oz pkg, 2/$5
Herbal Essence 23.7 oz bottle, or Aussie 20.2 oz bottle, 4.99
St. Ives Facial Scrub, 6 or 10 oz pkg, 2/$6
Aquafresh Iso-Active Flouride Toothgel Whitening: Lasting, Deep or Fresh Impact, 4.3 oz can, 2.99
Disney Vitamin Gummies, 60 ct bottle, 2/$10
Excedrin Pain Medicine, 80 or 100 ct box (look for 25% more free boxes), 6.99
Claritin Allergy Medicine 10 ct box, or 4 oz bottle (excluding Claritin-D), (look for $1 off Qs on box), 7.99
Neosporin Ointment, Cream or Spray, 0.26 or 0.5 oz pkg, or Lip Health Care, 0.3 or 0.35 oz pkg, 4.99
Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer, 20 mg, 42 ct box, 24.99
Boost Nutritional Energy Drink, 4 pk, 8.25 oz pkg, 6 or 12 pk, 8 oz pkg or 17.7 oz can, 25% off
Huggies Diapers, Snug & Dry or Supreme, 48 to 96 ct box, GoodNites, 26 or 33 ct, or Pull-Ups, 44 to 58 ct pkg, 19.99

Duracell Coppertop Alkaline Batteries, AA or AAA, 20 pk, 10.99
Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Food Containers, 3 to 5 ct pkg, (excluding TakeAlongs Rectangle or Serving Bowl, 2 ct), 2/$4
Puffs White Facial Tissues, Ultra Soft & Strong Non-Lotion or Plus Lotion, 4 pk box, 3.99
Dixie Value Pack Plates Soak Proof Shield Plates: 8 1/2 Inch or Ultra 10 1/16 inch, 40 or 100 ct pkg, or 16 oz Plastic Party Cups, 68 ct, 3.59
Publix Resealable Sandwich Bags, 200 ct, 3.99
Kleenex Viva Paper Towels, Choose-A-Size: Mega or Regular, 4 or 8 roll pkg, or White 8 roll, 6.99
Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper Regular, Ultra or Aloe & E, Double Roll, 12 roll pkg, 6.49
Glad Drawstring Bags, Tall Kitchen: Regular or ForceFlex, 13 gal, 65 or 78 ct pkg, or Extra Strong ForceFlex Large Trash Bags, 30 gal, 40 ct, 9.99
Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent, 60.5 to 68.75 oz bottle, 3.99
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Refills, 2 ct box, or Glade Automatic Spray Refill, 6.2 oz canister, 3.99
Finish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Fresh Scent All in 1 Powerball Tabs, or Orange gelpacs, 20 ct box, or Quantum Powerball Capsules, 10 ct box, 2.99
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, 6 or 7.5 oz bottle, 10/$10

Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks, 7.99/lb
Pork Loin Back Ribs, 4.49/lb
Publix Mild or Hot Italian Sausage, 3.69/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast, 3.69/lb, Steaks, 3.99/lb
Publix GreenWise Market New York Strip Steaks, 10.99/lb
Smithfield Smoked Ham, Center Slices, 3.49/lb
Ground Chuck, 3.29/lb, Patties, 3.59/lb
Boston Butt Roast, 2.39/lb, Steaks, 2.69/lb
Publix Regular Sliced Lunch Meats Ham: Cooked or Honey; or Smoked or Roasted Turkey Breast, 10 oz pkg, 2/$5
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch Meats Oven Roasted or Smoked Turkey Breast, Honey or Mesquite Turkey Family Pack, Honey Ham or Rotisserie Chicken Breast, 16 oz pkg, 4.99
Butterball Turkey Smoked Sausage, Polska Kielbasa, Bacon-Smoked Cured, or Variety Pack, 12 or 14 oz pkg, 2/$5
Boneless Chuck Pot Roast, 3.69/lb, Steaks, 3.99
Perdue Whole Chicken, 1.19/lb
Smithfield Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon, Regular or Thick-Sliced, 16 oz pkg, 3.99
Ball Park Angus Beef Franks Regular, Bun Size, or Lower Fat, or Deli Beef Bun Length, 15 or 16 oz pkg, 2/$7
Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, 2.99/lb
Publix GreenWise Market Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, 3.49/lb

Publix Dog Food, 4 or 4.4 lb bag, 2/$7
Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, 3 oz can, 10/$5.50
Purina Mighty Dog Dog Food, 12 ct, 4.4 oz can, 6.99

Baking Potatoes, 5 lb bag, 2.99
Honeydew, 2.99
Cantaloupe, 2/$5
Northwest Cherries, 2.99/lb
California Plums, Red, Black or Purple, 1.29/lb
Pluots: Dinosaur Egg, Flavor Grenade, or Flavor Heart, 1.89/lb
Publix Premium Orange Juice or Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, 59 oz, 2/$6
California Peaches, 1.99/lb
Nectarines, 2.49/lb
Navel Oranges, 1.49/lb
Buddy Fruits Pure Blended Fruit or Blended Fruit & Milk, 3.2 oz pouch, or Fruit Bites, 1 oz pouch, B3G1F
California Red Seedless Grapes, 1.89/lb
Fresh Attitude Salad, 5 oz pkg, 2/$5
Asparagus, 2.99/lb
Fruit Salad, 2.99/lb
Tomatoes on the Vine, 1.69/lb
Publix Whole or Sliced Mushrooms, 8 oz pkg, 1.69
Salad Peppers, 2 lb bag, 2.99
Yellow or Zucchini Squash, 1.49/lb

Fresh Salmon Fillets, 7.99/lb
Small Shrimp Ring, 6 oz shrimp, 4 oz sauce, 2/$10
Extra Large White Shrimp, 21 to 25 per pound, 7.99/lb
Jumbo, Peeled and Deveined, 21 to 30 per pound, 8.99/lb
Fresh Flounder Fillets, 9.99/lb

Back to School:
Crayola Crayons, 24 ct, 3/$1
Dixon No. 2 Pencils, 10 ct pkg, 3/$1
Elmer's Glue, 4 oz bottle, 3/$1
Top Flight 79 sheet Notebook, College or Wide Rule, 3/$1
Bic Mechanical Pencils, 10 ct bag, limit three deals, 3/$3
Paper Mate Pens Profile 2 ct, or Ball Point Write Bros Pens, 10 ct, 2/$1
Top Flight Flourescent Marble Wide Rule Composition Book, 2/$1
Arizona Blue Backpack, Sling Bag, or Zak, Thermos, or California Innovations Lunch Kits, 25% off

In Ad Qs:
$10 off the purchase of one $50 Gas Card (excluding Pix Cards) with a Grocery Purchase of $25 or More. Coupon required for each deal. Only one deal and coupon accepted for each $25 grocery purchase.
$3 off any Huggies Diapers Supreme, 48 to 84 ct, Snug & dry 60 to 156 ct, Pull-Ups 44 or 58 ct, or GoodNites Boxers, 26 or 33 ct
$5 the purchase of two Similac Infant Formula Powder, select types
Check back at for coupon matchups. Thanks to TN_native for typing the ad.

Sales Tax Holidays by State 2011

Save money on back-to-school costs during the annual sales tax holidays. Use this list to see which states are participating, which items are eligible and state-by-state guidelines you need to know before you go shopping. Most states only have a weekend to take advantage of this opportunity, and for many it is this upcoming weekend!
Click the state link to see any exclusions - one I know is computer paper is excluded in FL.
Items and Max Cost (Per Item)
2011 Dates
More Information
clothing – $100
Fri-Sun August 5-7
computers – $750
school supplies – $50
books – $30
clothing and footwear – $100
Sat + Sun August 6-7
Clothing accessories – $50
school supplies, art supplies, school instructional material
clothing and footwear – $300
Sun-Sat August 21-27
school supplies – $15
Fri-Sun August 12-14
books, clothing $75 (excludes computer paper)
clothing – $100
Fri + Sat August 5-6
all TPP – $2,500
Fri + Sat August 5-6
hurricane preparedness items – $1,500
clothing and footwear – $100
Sun- Sat August 14-20
clothing – $100
Fri-Sun August 5-7
computers – $3,500
school supplies – $50
New Mexico
clothing – $100
Fri-Sun August 5-7
computers – $1,000
school supplies – $15
North Carolina
clothing – $100
Fri-Sun August 5-7
school supples – $100
instructional material – $300
computers – $3,500
other comp. – $250
sports equip – $50
clothing – $100
Fri-Sun August 5-7
South Carolina
Fri-Sun August 5-7
school supplies
other (Check SC site for explicit items' exemptions)
clothing – $100
Fri-Sun August 5-7
school supplies – $100
computers – $1,500
clothing, backpacks, and school supplies – $100
Fri-Sun August 19-21
clothing – $100
Fri-Sun August 5-7

school supplies – $20
chart via

8/7 Coupon Inserts Preview

There will be a Smartsource, Redplum, General Mills and Target insert this weekend. Hang on to your Skippy MQ from 7/31 and combine it with the 8/7 TQ at either Target or Publix (on bogo this week).

8/7 Smartsource
Activia $1/1 12-pack (9/10/11)
Activia $1/3 Selects (9/10/11)
Alpine Lace $1/1 1lb of deli cheese (9/30/11)
Alpine Lace $1/2 packages of deli cheese (9/30/11)
Avery $1/1 heavy duty binder (9/30/11)
Ban $.40/1 1.5oz+ product (10/9/11)
Ban $1/1 solid (10/9/11)
Bissell $1/1 carpet cleaning powder or carpet cleaning foam (9/30/11)
Blue Diamond $.55/1 carton of Almondmilk (11/30/11)
Clairol $2/1 hair color (9/30/11)
Command $.75/1 product (9/11/11)
Dole $.50/1 canned juice 46oz or 6oz 6-pack (11/30/11)
Fancy Feast $1.25/30 3oz cans any variety (11/6/11)
Fancy Feast B3G1 free on 3oz cans of Gravy Lovers up to $.80 (11/6/11)
G.U.M $1/2 oral care products (10/31/11)
Hormel $.55/1 Compleats microwave meal (10/10/11)
Joint Juice $1/1 (10/7/11)
Kotex $1.50/2 Liners 33ct+ (9/17/11)
Kotex $1.50/2 security tampons (9/17/11)
Kotex $2/2 pads (9/17/11)
L'Oreal $.75/1 Vive Pro shampoo or conditioner (10/2/11)
L'Oreal $1/1 Studio Line styling product or Vive Pro Glossy style product (10/2/11)
Lysol $1/1 disinfectant spray 12oz+ (9/6/11)
Lysol $1/1 Neutra Air fabric mist or aerosol can (9/6/11)
Lysol $1/2 bathroom or all purpose cleaners (9/6/11)
Lysol $1/2 disinfecting wipes (9/6/11)
Lysol $1/2 toilet bowl cleaners or no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaners (9/6/11)
Lysol $3/1 no-touch hand soap system (9/6/11)
Lysol B2G1 free mail in rebate for Lysol products
Mariani $.75/1 dried fruit snack 3oz+ (10/31/11)
Nabisco $.75/2 cookies or crackers (9/5/11) dnd
Old El Paso $.50/1 product excluding refrigerated, frozen or soup products (10/1/11)
Oscar Mayer $1/1 Carving board meat (9/18/11)
Pam $.35/1 cooking spray (9/18/11)
Paseo $1/1 12-roll bath or 8-roll paper towel (11/30/11)
Philadelphia $.50/1 Minis 4-pack (9/9/11)
Philips Sonicare $10/1 rechargeable toothbrush excluding Xtreme battery (11/30/11
Philips Sonicare $15/1 DiamondClean, FlexCare+ or FlexCare rechargeable toothbrush(11/30/11)
Philips Sonicare $5/1 multi-pack brush heads or Xtreme battery toothbrush (11/30/11)
Purina $1/1 Beneful snackin slices any size (11/7/11)
Purina $2/1 Beneful Healthy Fiesta any size (11/1/11)
Purina B4G2 free on Beneful Prepared Meals tubs any variety up to $4.58 (11/1/11)
Schick $.75/1 Hydro shave gel (9/18/11)
Schick $2/1 Hydro razor (9/18/11)
Schick $2/1 Hydro refill (9/18/11)
Scotch $.50/1 packaging tape (12/31/11)
Scotch $1/2 Magic Greener tape products (11/18/11)
Scotch $1/2 Pop-Up tape products (12/31/11)
Scotch $1/3 Magic tape products (11/18/11)
Scotch $1/3 Magic tape rolls (12/31/11)
Scotch $2/1 Easy-Grip packaging tap dispenser (12/31/11)
SunnyD $.25/1 (11/30/11)
The Laughing Cow $1/2 cheese wedges or Mini Babybel cheese (10/31/11)
Trident/Stride/Dentyne $1/3 multipacks or bottles (10/2/11)
Twizzlers $.75/1 candy 10oz+ (10/31/11)
Tyson $1/1 Any'tizers snacks (11/13/11)
Tyson $1/1 Any'tizers snacks (11/13/11)
V8 $.50/1 100% vegetable juice 46oz+ (9/18/11)
V8 $.50/1 V-Fusion 46oz juice variety (9/18/11)
V8 $1.50/1 100% vegetable juice 5.5oz or 11.5oz can 6-pack (9/18/11)
V8 $1/1 V-Fusion 46oz tea or 8oz 6-pack cans (9/18/11)
Weight Watchers $1/10 Smart Ones (4/30/12)
Weight Watchers $1/2 Smart Ones Satisfying Selections (4/30/12)
Woolite $1/1 detergent 50oz+ (9/18/11)
Zegerid OTC $3/1 (10/2/11)
Zegerid OTC $6/1 42 count (10/2/11)
Ziploc $1.50/1 containers (9/17/11)
Ziploc $1/2 bags (9/17/11)

General Mills 8/7

Betty Crocker $.40/1 17.5oz+ cookie mix (10/1/11)
Betty Crocker $.50/2 Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Gushers or Fruit Roll-Ups (10/1/11)
Betty Crocker $.75 off both SuperMoist cake mix and Ready to Spread frosting (10/1/11)
Betty Crocker $.75/2 Supreme Brownie or Dessert Bar mixes (10/1/11)
Bisquick $.50/1 20oz+ Original or Heart Smart baking mix or 10.6oz Shake 'n Pour pancake mix(10/1/11)
Cereal $1/3 19 listed Cheerios, Kix, Fiber One, Total, etc (9/17/11)
Chex Mix $.50/2 4.5oz+ any flavor or Chex 100 Calorie Snack (10/1/11)
Fiber One $.40/1 Chewy Bars, 90 Calorie Chewy Bars or 90 Calorie Brownies (10/1/11)
Fiber One $.75/1 90 Calorie Brownies (10/1/11)
Hamburger Helper $1/5 Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper skillet meals (10/1/11) 2 coupons
Nature Valley $.75/1 Granola Thins (10/1/11)
Nature Valley $.75/2 Granola Bars 6ct+ or Granola Nut Clusters (10/1/11)
Old El Paso $1/1 tortilla stuffers microwavable meal (10/1/11)
Pillsbury $.30/2 refrigerated Grands biscuits (10/29/11)
Pillsbury $.40/1 refrigerated pizza crust when you buy any breadsticks, loaves or dinner rolls (10/29/11)
Pillsbury $.40/2 Crescent dinner rolls (10/20/11)
Pillsbury $.50/2 Sweet Rolls or Grands Sweet Rolls (10/29/11)
Pillsbury $.75/2 refrigerated cookie dough (10/29/11)
Pillsbury $1/1 Sweet Moments refrigerated desserts (10/29/11)
Pillsbury $50/2 Toaster Strudel or Toaster Scrambles Pastires or pancakes (10/29/11)
Progresso $1/4 soups (10/1/11)
Totino's $.35/1 Rolls snacks (10/29/11)
Totino's $50/2 Crisp Crust Party Pizza (10/29/11)
Treats $.50/1 Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams or Chex mix treats or Milk 'n Cereal bars(10/1/11)
Yoplait $.50/1 yogurt multipack (10/1/11)
Yoplait $.50/1 Yoplait original or light 4-pack (10/1/11)
Yoplait $.75/1 frozen smoothie (10/1/11)
Yoplait $.75/1 Light Parfait yogurt (10/1/11)
Yoplait $.75/2 Go-Gurt, Kids Cups, Trix multipack or Splitz (10/1/11) 2 coupons
Yoplait $1/10 yogurt cups (10/1/11)

8/7 Redplum
Ball Park $.75/1 angus beef franks (9/2/11) dnd
Ball Park $.75/2 franks (9/2/11) dnd
Ball Park $1/2 buns (9/2/11) dnd
Cesar $1/1 treats (9/18/11)
Cesar B3G1 free canine cuisine entrees up to $1.19 (10/30/11)
Cramp 911 $1/1 4.5ml (7/31/12)
Cramp 911 $3/1 21ml (7/31/12)
DermaSilk $10/1 five minute face lift or 90 second eye lift (8/31/11)
Dial $.35/1 bar or liquid hand soap (8/30/11)
Dial $1/2 body wash ets (8/30/11)
Emerald $1/1 Breakfast on the go 7.5oz+ (10/2/11) dnd
Five Star $1/2 products (9/30/11)
Five Star $2/1 binder (9/30/11)
Garnier $2/1 moisturizer (9/18/11)
Garnier $2/1 Nutrisse shade or multi-lights kit (9/17/11)
Garnier $3/1 Herbashine (9/17/11)
Herbal Essences/Aussie $1/1 ets (9/30/11)
i-cool $2/1 for menopause or i-cool+D for menopause + bone cooling (10/31/11)
IHOP $1/1 At Home frozen breakfast item (10/7/11)
Kettle $1/1 4oz bag potato chips (10/1/11)
Kettle $1/1 5oz+ bag potato chips (10/1/11)
Loctite $1/1 Control super glue (9/10/11)
L'Oreal $1/1 Paris lip product (10/2/11)
L'Oreal $1/1 skincare product (10/2/11)
L'Oreal $2/1 Paris infallible lip product (10/2/11)
L'Oreal $3/2 skincare products (10/2/11)
Maybelline $1/1 New York eyeshadow or eye liner (10/17/11)
Maybelline $1/1 New York mascara (10/17/11)
MET-Rx $2/2 Big 100 bars (9/17/11)
MET-Rx $2/2 Protein Plus bars (9/17/11)
Pedigree $1/1 dry dog food 3.15lb+ (9/11/11)
Pedigree $1/1 little champions pouch variety packs 8 or 12ct or 6 single pouches or 13.2oz cans 9/11/11)
Pedigree $1/1 treats for dogs (9/11/11)
Purex $.50/1 50oz+ laundry detergent (8/20/11)
Renuzit B2G1 free adjustables air fresheners up to $4.17 (8/21/11)
Sara Lee $1/1 Sweet Goods product (10/31/11)
Soft Scrub $1.50/1 (9/14/11)
Zyrtec $4/1 24ct+ (8/14/11)
Zyrtec $6/1 24ct+ (8/14/11)

Target 8/7 (Expire 9/3)

All $1/1 laundry detergent ets
Bertolli $.75/1 15oz+ pasta sauce
Bertolli $1.50/1 21.7 24oz frozen meal
Dove $1/1 hair care item: shampoo, conditioner, or hairspray ets
Dove $1/1 Ultimate deodorant ets
Kleenex $1/1 4 or 6 pack facial tissue excludes pocket packs
POND'S $1.50/1 facial care item ets
Q-tips $1/1 285ct+ cotton swabs
SC Johnson Free 4ct Ziploc medium square container with purchase of 3 SC Johnson items: 40 or 46ct Ziploc freezer bags, Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning products or Windex cleaning products ets
Skippy $.75/1 15oz+ peanut butter
Snuggle $1/1 fabric softener liquid or sheets ets
Surf $1/1 powder laundry detergent
Viva $1.50/1 8-pk+ paper towels
Wish-Bone $1.50/2 7oz+ dressings
Wisk $1/1 liquid laundry detergent ets

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How Ready Are You For A Hurricane?

The weather news is starting to feature Tropical Updates since we've turned the corner into a busier time for storms. Emily is stirring down in the Caribbean now and has Florida solidly in the forecast cone. While this system has not been declared a tropical storm or hurricane, it is still a good time to get ready for what ever the rest of the season brings us. Are you ready for a hurricane to happen now? Here are some checklist items to help you prepare for a storm -
  • Do you have plenty of cash in small bills stashed in the event there is no power, or you need to barter to get things you need during a disaster? Most ATM's will run out of cash, businesses may not be open and your best bet to buy stuff will be from people hawking stuff on the corner - for cash.
  • Do you have plenty of dry food (cans, dry mixes, dry milk, beverage mixes, pet food), enough for a weeks worth of meals? Make sure you have an old fashioned manual can opener too, or be sure all your cans are pop tops.
  • Do you have water or drinks enough for 3 days (at least a gallon a day per person)? This doesn't include bathing or cooking water, so a clean source of water for that is important too - fill your tub or sink for cleaning.
  • Do you have a bug out bag in case you need to leave your home - a change of clothes, cash, medications, sturdy shoes (not just sandals), silverware,etc.
  • Do you have a weapon to protect your life and/or property in the event of a disaster and there are no police services?
  • Do you have your automobile's full of gasoline, a spare 5 gallon can of gas, a full canister of propane for your grill?
  • Do you have flashlights and batteries that work? First Aid kit?
  • Do you have some basica tools, keys, portable Radio and Telephones?
  • Are your important documents secured in a waterproof safe or in a safety deposit box at the bank? Can you scan them and take the data device with you?
HERE is an excellent article outlining more detailed preparedness for a disaster.
I sure hope we manage to avoid the big one this year, and as I write this list I realize I'm not quite prepared. But I will be. Will you?

New August Coupons!

It's the beginning of a new month and that means lots of new coupons available to print. I see them at zip 90210.
  • Food Coupons$0.50 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
  • $0.75 off any Chex cereal
  • $0.75 off Cocoa Puffs cereal
  • $1.00 off any 3 General Mills Divisional cereals
  • $1.00 off 2 Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breast