Easter Flower Deal

One of my readers asked for some frugal landscaping and yard tips, so I'm working on that - but for now here's a great deal from Bulbs Direct. They have an Easter Bulbs special of 100 bulbs for $12.99, and you get another 100 bulbs FREE! Plus free shipping to boot. Also use coupon code GN1020059 for an additional 10% off. That means you get 200 flowers for $11.04, a great deal
Add color and interest to your garden this summer with this stunning Easter Special. It consists of our most popular long lasting summer bulbs, returning year after year with brilliant colour displays great for cutting or just enjoying in the garden.
  • Poppy Anemone's are gorgeously colored and well known as a favorite amongst florists.
  • Brodiaea mountain lilies have beautiful clusters of funnel shaped flowers in deep blue.
  • Gladioli bloom in warm summery hues with pleasant markings on the petals, they produce dozens of flowers on each tall graceful stem.
  • Liatris have large bottlebrush like spikes of tiny clustered purple florets and unlike other flowers they open from the top downwards.
  • Native to southern Africa Ixia blooms with a multitude of long lasting flowers in various soft colors with bright blotches in the center of each bloom.
Shipped from 02-15 thru 05-31-10

$0.79 @ Publix

Here's my latest shop, 97% savings. Cost $0.79. Sure was a pleasure.
26-Mar 20   34.23 1.99 31.45 0.79 20 -97.69%
Product qty price subtotal -BOGO -Q TOTAL Q# Q details
banana 1 0.32 0.32     0.32    
garlic clove 1 0.09 0.09     0.09    
Intl delght creamer 16 oz 4 1.50 6.00   4.20 1.80 6 0.55/1 3-07SS+$1/2 YellAdvFlyr
Kraft shredded cheese 4 1.67 6.68   4.00 2.68 2 $2/2 blinkie
strawberries 1 2.00 2.00   1.75 0.25 1 $1.75 off wyb sara lee cake PQ yellAB
sara lee pound cake 1 1.89 1.89   1.00 0.89 1 $1/1 pound cake print
cool whip bogo 2 1.99 3.98 1.99 2.00 -0.01 2 $1 off SB wyb cool whip PEELIE get 2
Tropicana OJ 64oz 2 2.00 4.00   3.00 1.00 2 BOGO print + $1/2 2-21RP
Advil, 20 ct 1 4.99 4.99   6.00 -1.01 2 free MQ+ $2/1 PQ YellAB
puffs, 60ct tissue 1 1.50 1.50   1.50 0.00 1 B2vicksG1freepuffs 2-7pg
vicks nyquil dayquil, trial  2 1.39 2.78   3.00 -0.22 2 $1.5/1 vicks 2-21pg 1-17pg
coupon   0.00 0.00   5.00 -5.00 1 $5/$20 competitor
    0.00 0.00     0.00    

Publix Reminder

Just a reminder that there is no new ad this week, the current ad runs through April 3rd. Publix is closed on Easter. The new ad will start Monday, April 5th and only run a couple days til the usual cycle Wed/Thur starts again 4/7 or 4/8, depending on your area.

Mega Swag

TGIF! Friday is mega swagbucks day and you can win to by signing up HERE. Its a great way to earn points while you search on the Internet, and the points quickly accumulate for great trade-ins like Amazon Gift cards, among other things.

Sunday Coupon Preview

Get your extra papers this weekend because there are 2 Smartsource inserts, 1 Red Plum and 1 Proctor & Gamble.

A Buckle is a Great Addition to An Old Shoe

Continuing on the Irish Proverbs theme, I especially like this one because I always like to make old things last longer and stitch them up to have them make do for a bit longer. Actually right now I have my favorite Lee jeans from high school (over 30 years old) where the patch on the knee needs to be patched because its fraying apart again, and a new area has worn through on the butt (is it because my butts too big?) that probably should be patched because you can see my underwear. Oh my, TMI.
Anyway, DH also has an old pair of NB shoes that he wears to the grocery store and around the yard. They actually aren't that old, but after what happened in the store yesterday, they are going in the old shoe pile. Even a nice shiny buckle can't save them. I'm sure you're wondering, what the heck can happen at the grocery store that could ruin your shoes?? Well let me tell you.
So we're making about our sixth or seventh trip to Publix for the week, one final time to get yet more BP gas cards for 20% off. Did I ever tell you what a great deal that is? Hope you managed to score yours. We also wanted to get a few more BOGO items like the pasta and sauce. Well, just as we're rounding the corner down the pasta sauce aisle, we come upon a large red saucy lake of Prego sauce spilled and splashed on the floor. Broken glass and sauce was splayed all the way across the aisle and the wonderful publix bagger was pouring a bag of flour on the mess and sweeping it up. Sauce also got on the products on the shelves and it was creating quite the jam. Gee, I'm glad I didn't do it. Anyway, we grabbed 4 jars and our pasta and moved on.
After a couple more items, we head to the check out lane and discover that our jars of sauce have sauce on them. Euew! DH asks for a paper towel to wipe them off and continues to empty the cart, then DH kicks out the bagger (just kidding), he politely asks if he can bag his own groceries and the dude slips away. He then gets asked by every other bagger in the area if they can help, and he replies "No thanks, I prefer to bag my own". 
Anyway, we had two transactions to run through and I was busy organizing my coupons and watching the register, when I heard a great big crash, klunk and splash. DH had been rushing to keep up and bumped the bag with the jars of sauce off the bagging area and they ALL CRASHED AND BROKE, spraying pasta sauce all over the check out area, my legs, his legs and his shoes. OMG, I felt like crawling under the counter. I was so embarrassed. DH just looked at the mess, then looked around for help. Of course all the baggers came running with their brooms, bags of flour and dust pans. My brand new reusable bag was toast and thrown away (good thing it was free) and all but one of the jars were broken. It was a huge pile of goo. White and red goo. DH's shoes were now red and white, not just white.
I just wanted to get out of there. I felt bad for the man behind us, first he was amused with the double orders and dozens of coupons for each, then we create this pasta sauce fiasco. I told DH he's not ever bagging again. He's fired.

Get Ready For Spring

Get ready for Spring with some great samples, coupons and recipes HERE. I know officially spring began this past weekend, but it sure doesn't feel like it here in Tampa. The cold, foggy mornings remind me of Christmas time. I don't think its been 80F for about 6 months. Maybe, just maybe its around the corner.
Quality Health Spring - Full Reg

Coupon Capers

How do you get your coupons? I've been struggling in my mind whether its worth it to buy a lot of newspapers to get a consistent supply of coupons. Another blogger has an offer to get the Sunday paper for 0.50 each. I already get two papers delivered to my house, but one is the crappy St Pete Times which does not distribute the Smartsource insert. But DH likes that TV guide better, otherwise I'd cancel it. Then a couple people bring me their inserts to work and I can get a couple SS inserts that way.
Then on Monday nights, I go recycling with DH and the dog. Usually I can walk about 6 blocks and pick up about 10 copies of the inserts. But in Tampa, since January when SPTimes quit carrying the SS insert, it means I only get half the usual count, about 4 or 5. I could walk around another block but I've canvased the neighborhood and its not really productive to go off my route. It also seems as though more people are cutting coupons than previously. There are houses where I always used to get the insert, and now they're not in the recycle bin. So I can get my 10 RPs, but I'm lacking in SS.
I do check the insert on Sunday mornings to see if I REALLY need a coupon in SS, but then is it worth buying a paper for $1? For example, this past weekend there is a Texas Toast crouton coupon for 0.50. These go on BOGO a couple times a year and then the coupon makes them really cheap. They also go on Advantage buy. Since we eat salads for lunch every day, we go through a bag of croutons every week, so I need to have a lot around. In fact, I need to get some this week with the new coupon. But I only have 6 copies, plus a few printables of same.
So is it better to suscribe to more papers or buy coupons? I've only bought coupons once. I got 20 of the $4 knox coupons for 0.40 each, when my supply ran out. I was hooked on that easy overage, after months of phazyme and knox - I'm going crazy now. Anyway, I'm thinking it may be better to skip getting the extra 6 papers each and every week for a cost of $156 dollars a year? Or, should I just spend a few bucks every so often when I really need some coupons? Will I spend up to $156 each year buying coupons - because that's what getting all the extra papers is essentially.
Whats a couponer to do?

It is a Long Road That Has No Turning

We spent a lot of money this weekend. But we saved a lot of money too. The BP gas card deal at Publix is a great opportunity to save gas money, but its important also to conserve gasoline by exploring ways to decrease our usage. Now that we have $500 in gas cards, I would like them to last a long time, like maybe 5 months.
I'm not even sure if we can make it that long, so lets do the math. Based on our driving last year we drive about 20,000 miles a year in all our vehicles - one car, one truck, two motorcycles and my bicycle. If we continue to commute and travel at the same rate, we will consume about $144 of gasoline each month (assuming average gas cost is $2.80 per gallon). So maybe five months is a little optimistic, but if we ride our motorcycles and I bike to work more, we can cut gas use down to $100 month.
2009 miles
The Irish proverb "it is a long road that has no turning" is a warning to add some twists and turns into your journey so that the path you are travelling does not seem long and boring. It means that when you get tired of the frugal behaviors and always cutting back, just acknowledge that you need some change. Even for a day or a weekend, give it up and splurge.
As I was saying before, we spent a lot of money this weekend and I think that was our turn in the road, to get off the frugal path - yet its planning for future needs and taking advantage of getting discounted gas.

Gassing Up

Did you get your BP gas card at Publix this week yet? I hope so, cause if you didn't you might not get one because they are scarce now in Tampa.
Yesterday was the most beautiful day of the year and we spent in motorcycling around town with my pocket full of coupons to get the $50 BP gas card for $40. That's a 20% savings on gas! The close stores in our neighborhood were out of cards on Friday, and many others we checked were also out. We did luck out and using our matchups for Buddig meat (free), Swiffer refills and starter kits (0.69), All laundry detergent (0.99), Contessa meals (1.99) we ended up getting $500 in gas cards that only cost of $400. We'll have enough gas prepaid now for many, many months.
If you are unable to find the deal, I would save some coupons from this weeks ad because the last time this fiasco happened, Publix honored the coupon for another week since they were out of stock during the sale.