Saved 99% At Publix Today, Spent $1.06

The one thing I really wanted to buy today at Publix was the Wisk Laundry Detergent that was BOGO, but they were all out. The $2 coupon and the store sale makes it $1.25 for a 50 oz container which I guess is everyone's stockup price too. I still had a couple Quattro razor rainchecks so I decided to use some of those since other fillers were out too like the FUZE deal from last week, and the TENA pads were wiped out as well. Since I did get the $2/1 Right Guard coupon early in the free Spanish paper I was able to get a couple of those too ( a small MM).

I am shocked at the price increases in produce at Publix. Two weeks ago iceberg lettuce was on sale for $1.49, then it went up to $1.69, and last week it was $1.99. Well, today was the schocker at $2.49 for a head of lettuce. If I can't pay for produce with overage, I think I'm going to start going to ALDI or the farmers market because its just too expensive at Publix.

So, we got all our salad stuff including the free Wishbone dressings and spent $1.06, Saved $77.

Here's to hoping we get a good Publix coupon in the paper on Sunday!

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