My Publix Trip - Catching Mistakes

We've got a busy weekend ahead so I just couldn't convince DH to take a moment to let me take a picture of our shop. It was a big shop where we filled over 7 bags and saved $190! But, I can share my list which shows how it all happened. We went to the store near us that I would have to say is the most coupon friendly since they accept Publix coupons expired up to 30 days. I saved all my "expired" deals for this shop and there were five of them - Dasani water 1 L, Dove Deodorant, Qtips, Carefree and Voskos yogurt. All used expired stacking PQs from the past YAF and GAB flyers, plus the Qtips were from the love to shop, love to save booklet. Again, I encourage all of you to ask at your store if they will please accept expired coupons.
Anyway, we got the last of the foil pans so I think most of you will have to get rainchecks for these since only 2 varieties are on BOGO this week. I used the Beneful raincheck since the TQ expires tomorrow and I didn't want the drama of using an expired coupon with a raincheck next week. I was excited to see the new Crystal Light flavors Appletini and Mojito are included in the BOGO sale. The CL promotion is back on FB so if you can get the $2 MQ its a moneymaker this week.
As I was adjusting my spreadsheet to my actual shop, I kept getting a difference - my list is negative and my shop I ended up paying exactly $3.00. I finally found the error, they charged me for 5 Mrs Pauls fish that are BOGO this week, so my receipt has a $5.99 extra charge. I'll have to get a refund, hopefully they'll trust I didn't buy 5 when even numbers typical for BOGO deals. I don't really have any other way to prove it except tell them to look at the video. My smartphone app, Grocery Tracker was showing I should have been negative too so thats a sign to check the receipt, which of course I didn't do right away.
My DH complains when I want to take a picture and link up my shops asking what good it does. I tell him it brings traffic to my blog, but then he says so what. Well, now I have a good reason - it forces me to review my shop for errors and today I caught a mistake, a big one $5.99.
Good luck on your shops!
3-May 88   197.85 67.97 137.20 tax -2.21 97 -101.12%
Product qty price subtl B1G1 -Q 5.11 total Q# Q details
bananas 5 0.36 1.78       1.78    
cucumber 1 0.75 0.75       0.75    
green pepper 1 1.39 1.39       1.39    
lettuce iceburg 1 1.49 1.49       1.49    
limes 3 0.33 0.99       0.99    
mushrooms  1 1.69 1.69       1.69    
Beneful 3.5 dog fd BOGO RAINCHK 8 5.39 43.12 21.56 30.00 1.40 -7.04 15 $2/1 TQ print  + $2/1 MQ 4-25ss
Breakstn sour cream 8ozBOGO 2 1.45 2.90 1.45     1.45    
Tostitos Artisian Chips BOGO 2 2.50 5.00 2.50 1.00   1.50 1 $1/2 MQ 4-29pepsi
Dasani water 1L 10 1.25 12.50   12.50 0.81 0.81 10 BOGO MQ recyclebank + BOGO EXP PQ YAF
Dove Deo 2.6oz BOGO 10 2.71 27.10 13.55 15.00 0.88 -0.57 15 $1/1 MQ peelie + $1/2 EXP PQ GAB x4/20
Hefty EZ foil pan 2ct BOGO 10 1.99 19.90 9.95 10.00 0.65 0.60 10 $1/1 PQ spring gatherings
Qtips 2 1.99 3.98   2.00 0.26 2.24 4 $1/2 MQ print + $0.50/1 EXP 4/30 PQ love save
Crystal Light Drink Mix BOGO 4 3.49 13.96 6.98 8.00 0.45 -0.57 4 $2/1 MQ print
Mrs Pauls Fish  BOGO 4 5.99 23.96 11.98 11.00   0.98 8 $2/1 PQ + $0.75/1 MQ 4/15ss
Carefree pantiliners 20ct 8 1.27 10.16   16.00 0.66 -5.18 8 EXP $2/1 GAF PQ
Dannon Activia yogurt 4pk 5 2.00 10.00   5.00   5.00 5 $1/1 TQ
Voskos greek yogurt 7 1.50 10.50   12.50   -2.00 9 free MQ + $1/3 EXP PQ YAF x4/27
Egg Beaters  4 1.67 6.68   4.20   2.48 6 $0.55/1 peelie + $1/2 PQ 4-15ss
Winn Dixie $5 off $30   0.00 0.00   5.00   -5.00 1 $5 off $30 In The City Book x6/2013
Publix $5 off $30   0.00 0.00   5.00   -5.00 1 $5 off $30 Budget Horns x5/31


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your shopping trip :) I too have come home with a odd number on a BOGO LOL but Publix is so good to make it right.

  2. what was the $1/2 coupon you used for the dove?

  3. Cathy S.5/05/2012

    i earned 2 bogo coupons from facebook for crystal light. How does this work when they are already bogo off? Could you explain in more detail

  4. Do very many Publix stores accept expired PQ?

  5. The $1/2 Dove PQ was from The Happy Easter YAF that expired 4/6/12.

    When the deal is BOGO and you buy 2 and use 1 BOGO coupon, you get both free (in true bogo FL). The store pays for one with their bogo deal, and the Manufacturer pays for the other one with the coupon.

    I have asked at all my nearby Publix and 5 out of 6 accept expired Publix coupons (83%) so I would say that in Tampa, FL that a lot of stores accept expired PQs. I guess it depends on your market and we are lucky I know, but it certainly helps with the deals. There are 2 of the 6 stores that accept the expired PQs up to 30 days, and the other 3 take them for a week expired. Only one store out on the fringes of town with no competition said no to expireds.

  6. Anonymous5/06/2012

    Perhaps you can bring the new Publix policy with you. It specifically states:

    Q: A customer presents a rain check and a coupon for an item. The coupon is now expired, but was valid on the date the rain check was issued. Can the coupon still be accepted?

    A: Yes.