My Publix Trip 101% savings

We needed to pick up an appetizer for a party so we did one more shop to get a shrimp platter. It was on sale  but we didn't notice that on the sign so we miscalculated. DH had to run back and get one more Theraflu because the order wasn't quite $55 (to stack the $/$$ coupons), so it was a little hectic at the checkout. Then we needed numbers and then of course we needed another override to get paid at the end. I really don't like to make it so obvious with the savings, I have tons of gift cards to pay a little bit for each shop. Anyway, I was pleased with the shop and the cashier is one of our favorites so it worked out just fine.

23-Dec18 59.782.6759.001.28-0.6120-101.02%
ProductqtypricesubtlB1G1-QtaxtotalQ#Q details
cucumber10.750.75   0.75  
Shrimp platter med19.799.79   9.79  
Mrs T mixer43.5914.36 14.000.931.292$1.50/1 MQ + $2/1 PQ all the trimmngs
Zhill water 1L BOGO60.895.342.676.000.35-2.986$1/1 MQ print
Theraflu45.3921.56 20.00 1.568$3/1 MQ 12-4 MQ + $2/1 PQ pharm bk
Sundwn Vit Melatonin23.997.98 9.00 -1.022$6/2 GAB PQ + $3/2 printable
$/$$ coupon 0.000.00 5.00 -5.001$5 off $30 PQ Budget Horns book
$/$$ coupon 0.000.00 5.00 -5.001$5/$25 SAL x12/24

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