New Publix Coupon Policy Effective 5/23/11

Here is the new Publix coupon policy that will be available on Saturday 5/14/11. Others on the forum have discussed with store management and it seems that overage will be allowed. All this is good as it is simply documenting pretty much the policy as my stores follow now - I don't see any changes. I also don't see any limits on deals which I was hoping they would implement - kind of like the raincheck limit of 10 items. However, this will not deter the S&G's who clear shelves. It will still be very competitive out there to get the deals.
  • Publix accepts manufacturers' coupons (limit one per item),
  • Publix coupons (originals only-no copies), valid Internet coupons, and coupons from nearby competitors identified by each Publix store. (Competitor names are posted at each Publix store).
  • We will accept coupons from competing pharmacies for prescriptions only.
  • We will not accept percent-off-items or percent-off-total-order coupons.
  • We will only accept coupons for identical merchandise we sell. Acceptance is subject to any restrictions on the coupon, and we reserve the right to limit quantities.
  • Manager approval is needed for individual coupons above $5.00.
  • For a buy-one-get-one free (BOGO) offer, each item is considered a separate sale. We will accept a manufacturer's coupon and either a Publix or a competitor coupon on the same item.
  • Dollars-off-total-order coupons will be limited to one Publix and one competitor coupon per order. The order total must be equal to or greater than the total purchase requirements indicated on the coupon(s) presented.
 Stores will start handing out cards with competitors listed on Saturday 5/14. The policy will be effective Monday, May 23.
Thanks to curly1534 at Slickdeals for the scoop!

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