The Scoop at the Store

#Publix of course. I went last night to get my AMEX gift cards and was surprised they were out of the $50 card already, the first day of the ad. Customer Service manager was nice enough to let me get one $100 gift card ($5.95 activation) and use 2 coupons toward it, so even a better moneymaker. The Rachel Ray Just 6 dog treats were gone, and so were Hartz Crunch and Clean dog biscuits, so let the raincheck madness begin. I did get a couple boxes of the Hartz and opened one up for my aging old lady dog and she wasn't super excited for them. But there is a cute toy in the bottom of the box, kind of like a kong. Its a rubber dog biscuit shaped sleeve to put a biscuit in for your dog to chew and then scoop up the crumbs that come out of the holes.
I suspect your stores are cleared out too. I'm actually glad I can get rainchecks because I'm headed out on a cruise tomorrow and will miss my shopping. I know it sounds kind of crazy, and I probably am a bit - but I'm going conflicted about missing my deal opportunities because my sister and BIL are coming in from out of town before the cruise and I have to entertain instead of shop. Maybe they'd like to see some deals in action? NOT. My sister is so anti coupon it's stupid. She's embarrassed by me using them. Just wait til I pay for all my cruise expenses with my AMEX gift cards that I got using my publix gift cards that I got with overage.
HERE are coupon matchups to Green Advantage Buy Flyer for 2/19-3/11, thanks to Slickdeals
Watch for updates with the new ad, it may be posted on slickdeals later Friday and then I'll get it here.

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