Saved 87% at Publix

Well we just got back from Publix, it took 50 minutes to shop, probably 20 of it was the cashier scrutinizing every single coupon. We got all the regular salad fixin's plus some fun stuff that will go in gift bags so I can't say what they are - but I'm sure I had over 60 coupons. Spent $27 and saved $167. But now I'm totally couponed out. I look at all my RSS feeds with more and more deals and I have to just click them away. I'm over it for now. We have enough to eat in this house for a long time, and a lot of products to clean, and candles to burn, and more than enough of everything. I guess I'm thankful for that. Anyway, with no coupons coming out the rest of the year, maybe we'll take a break from the coupon game. Hope you have a bountiful kitchen for the holidays and if you don't, try couponing.

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